Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali throws a mountain at Hanuman who breaks it with his hands. The pieces fly in air. Hanuman worries for everyone while Vali looks happy. Hanuman looks at the pieces of the mountains which begin to fall down. I have to make sure no one gets hurt. He extends Sakha to take care of it. I will have to think of something else. He gathers them all together using his powers. Vali thinks it is impossible. This Markat was not at all affected when the mountain hit him. He even gathered the stones. Hanuman is sure Vali will again try to attack in some way which can create problems for others. I will have to change the place of action. I will stop this Asura using these stones and take Vali BHaiya in galaxy. Marich is approaching them. Hanuman throws the stones at him. Marich falls down and is

badly injured.

Hanuman runs towards Vali and stands facing him. He thumps his feet in the ground because of which it shakes. Vali tries to manage his balance. The piece of land on which he was standing breaks apart and flies in air. Vali is completely puzzled. What did that MArkat do! Where am I going? Everyone looks up in confusion. Hanuman changes his size to normal.

Ravan doubts Vali’s calibre. I doubt if he will be able to stand before that vanar kid or not! Even Marich could not! He orders Mayavi to trap Hanuman in such a way that he is no more. Mayavi nods and leaves to oblige the order.

The piece of land stops at a point in air. Vali thinks Markat is wrong to think he will be safe from fighting with me by sending me here. He is wrong. He is about to jump down when Hanuman calls out his name. Where are you going leaving the fight? Vali replies that he is not the kind of people who leave fight in between. He takes many forms at once. Hanuman’s vision blurs. How did he grow in number suddenly? Even I don’t have this power.

Ravan says this is Asuri Shakti. Vali will become more powerful now. Hanuman’s problem will only increase with it now. Plus the necklace around Vali’s necklace will only help Vali in gaining an upper hand on Hanuman.

Gods are tensed. Narad ji says if these Mayavi Asuras succeed in diverting Hanuman then the real Vali will attack Hanuman in no time. That attack will be more powerful. Hanuman has already lost half of his powers. His life will be in risk then. Even Tridevs are worried.

The five avatars of Vali surround Hanuman from all the sides. Hanuman wonders who is the real out of them. Who to attack? What if I attack real Vali Bhaiya and hurt him in some way? I don’t want to hurt him. I have to also fulfil the promise I made to his mother. He looks at them all in confusion. Hanuman thinks of Sugriv in the mirror. How do I figure out which one is real? They begin to hit him while he tries to ward it off. I cannot attack till I know which one is real.

Anjana is still curious as to why Maharani ji is still not worried in such a serious situation. Both her sons’ life is in danger. Why isn’t she worried at all? Maharani notices Anjana looking at her and looks down.

Vali’s other avatars manage to hit him once or twice. Vali gets thinking. Hanuman’s attention is diverted. This is the perfect time to attack him using the necklace given to me by Devraj. Hanuman sees the necklace around his neck. He looks at the other avatars but their neck is bare. Vali tries to attack Hanuman but he ducks down to avoid it. Hanuman understands that the others are Mayavi Asuras. Only the one wearing that necklace is real Vali BHaiya. Vali thinks to end the fight with Hanuman’s death. He holds his necklace and invokes his powers (Amogh Shakti). Hanuman hits the Asuras as they try to attack him. They all disappear with his attack. Vali looks on in shock. He invokes Amogh Shakti.

Varun Dev says this is super dangerous. Vayu Dev adds that Hanuman has already lost half of his powers to Vali. How will Hanuman face him now? Narad ji is also worried for Hanuman.

Vali says this will end you Hanuman. You wont be able to face it with half of your powers. Hanuman thinks he will have to face it to respect Indra Dev if Vali Bhaiya uses this power. It will be good if I stop him before he uses it. He thumps on the land. The land tilts. Vali loses the necklace as he loses balance. Both Hanuman and Vali begin to fall. Vali’s crown falls down.

Anjana can still see no lines of worry on Maharani’s face. I cannot understand her behaviour at all.

Ravan is irked with Vali. You wont be able to do anything before that smart vanar kid!

Sugriv thinks how his brother has lost his head in cheating and treachery. Plus Hanuman has lost half of his powers to him yet he is all calm. God, please protect Hanuman as he always follow the path of truth and justice.

Vali and Hanuman touch down on earth. Vali has lost his necklace in the process. He gets angry with Hanuman for it. I wont spare you Markat! I will kill you using half of the powers which I have gained from you only. Hanuman shares that he is helpless to do it all for Sugriv Bhaiya’s safety. Vali angrily tries to attack him but Hanuman holds his hand and throws him in air. Vali falls down. Hanuman says I have to save Sugriv Bhaiya. He begins to hit Vali.

Ravan gets angry. What’s happening? Where did that Great Vali go who defeated me! Hanuman is playing with Vali just like lion plays with deer before hunt.

Kesari is pained to see a young son hitting his elder son. They all are sad. Maharani is worried for Vali now. Please be slow Hanuman. Your every attack is hurting me. Remember the promise that you gave to a mother. Anjana observes her carefully. I don’t understand on what side she is – right or wrong!

Ravan thinks if Vali is defeated on Day 1 itself then his planning will fail. I wont let it happen. Kalnemi feels that the fight is not going to last till the sunset even. Ravan denies. You have to create Mayavi clouds to hide Sun before Vali loses. Everyone’s focus will be in fight. They will easily believe it and stop the fight. Go now. Kalnemi agrees.

Hanuman lifts Vali in the air. People ask Hanuman to end Vali. He has disrespected and cheated his parents, brother and relatives. Maharani ji is tensed to hear it. They all want to kill Vali. Hanuman thinks of how Maharaj Riksharaj and his father were disrespected by Vali.

Precap: VAli tells Kokat he would have killed this Markat today itself if he had not lost that necklace given by Devraj Indra. They see Hanuman coming towards their tent. Kokat blocks his way.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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