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Kesari agrees. We will all go together and face any problem together. Hanuman thinks to be extra careful now to take care of everyone. A guy informs them that entire foods and grains got wasted when the mountain broke. Kesari says it’s ok. We will eat whatever we can find in here. We will manage without the things for now. Hanuman thinks to be his father’s shield in every problem.

Kaal Dev wants to make Hanuman go away from Kesari as he is acting as his father’s shield. Chitragupta ji asks him what he is planning to do. Kaal Dev says I can order any helping Tatvas of Nature for the same. He thinks of Agni Devi. Send him my message. Tell him I want to meet him in the morning. Chitragupta ji agrees.

At night, Kesari asks Anjana to rest for a while. She lies down finally.

Hanuman stays awake so as to protect them. He sits down near his father and eyes him sadly. Rishi Matang’s words echo in his head. Hanuman will stay alert. I wont let any problem come on him. He too falls asleep.

Next morning, everyone wakes up. Hanuman hopes nothing goes wrong. I will stay alert every second. Nani, Anjana are having trouble because of the heat (sun). Hanuman prays that he gets all the problems. Hope no harm comes to my family. They reach near another big mountain. Nani asks a soldier to bring water. Hanuman notices Nani and Marjarika Massi thirsty. Soldier shares that water got over in the morning only. Hanuman’s friends are also thirsty. Hanuman offers to bring it. Kesari says this is Vashkalya Raj. I am well aware of this place. The King of this place is Vashkalya. He is the same Asura whose brothers Hanuman defeated when they tried to abduct Anjana. We will have to be very careful. The sooner we get out of here the better. Hanuman reasons that everyone is thirsty. I will have to bring water. Kesari suggests crossing this particular mountain first. There is enough water on the other side. We will have to stay strong and cross this path asap.

Agni Dev says I am not against Hanuman but the one who goes against the laws fo nature should be punished. Everyone should follow the rules diligently. Kaal Dev says just like kids bear the results of their parents’ deeds, at times it goes the other way round too. The perfect punishment for Hanuman will be his father’s death. I need your help for the same. Agni Dev knows about Hanuman’s powers. He will save his father anyhow. Kaal Dev has a plan already. We will have to separate Hanuman from Kesari.

Kesari and everyone are shocked to reach the other side of the mountain. The land is completely barren. It turns out to be Agni Dev and Kaal Dev’s joint work.

The area is extremely hot and humid. Everyone is thirsty but they still continue ahead so they can reach their destination on time. Hanuman notices Kaalduts coming their way. He asks everyone to stop. I can sense something wrong. A storm comes. Kesari asks everyone to be careful. They wonder what to do now.

Kaal Dev remarks that these storms are made by Kaal. They will take everyone under the earth with it.

Hanuman cannot understand what to do. No one is able to see anything
Hanuman blames himself for whatever he is happening. I risked everyone’s life. They have to bear all the problems because of me only. I brought them here. I will have to protect them. small pits begin to form. The storm envelops Nani. She is almost deep down in a pit. Hanuman flies down to her
He notices many more pits appearing in earth. He asks Sakha for help so that no one goes down. He extends Sakha towards them. Hold onto Sakha. You will all be safe then. Kesari refuses to do so. Its all happening because of me. I will have to move ahead to save everyone. Everyone requests him but in vain. He falls down in a pit.

Anjana rushes towards Kesari. Hanuman is in a fix. Who to save first? Anjana holds Kesari’s hands and tries to pull him out of the pit. Hanuman thinks everyone would have been safe if father had held onto Sakha. What to do now? Anjana asks Kesari to try harded. Pull yourself out. He says he is trying his best. There is some power which is pulling me to it. He tells her to let it be. Vanars don’t stand anywhere before Gods’s powers. Their hands separate. Kesari disappears in earth.

Kaal Dev says I will see how Hanuman saves Kesari now!

Hanuman wonders what happened because of him. Father disappeared inside earth.

Precap: Hanuman refuses to leave father like this. He goes down under earth. Kaal Dev is hell bent on killing Kesari. Mahadev opens his eyes. Anjana prays to Mahadev to save her family.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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