Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman having tears. Hanuman says mata please keep the respect of your family, of your husband and everyone of raghukul today. Hanuman says if you don’t come then I will not be able to do what I promised to you. hanuman looks down and suddenly from his chest a bright light comes and goes inside the statue. Hanuman says what is this light coming from my chest? Hanuman sees up and sita has come back. hanuman says mata sita! You have come back. hanuman smiles. Sita smiles and blesses hanuman and says when did I ever go hanuman? Sita then gets up and starts making the food as hanuman sees and smiles. After the food is made, hanuman says mata sita, I will always be grateful for this, I thank you a lot. Sita says don’t thank a mother hanuman, after you give food

to rishi durvasha, serve everyone and you eat it too. Hanuman says yes. Sita goes back and turns statue.
There durvasha says where is hanuman? the time is about to be over and where is the food hanuman promised? Hanuman comes and says rishi don’t worry, I have brought the food I promised. Lord ram thinks hanuman never lies, but how is this possible that sita made the food? Rishi is served the food and he says remember hanuman, what I said. Hanuman says yes. Rishi eats the food and in one bite he says, just one bite has made me happy hanuman, this is truly the food made by sita. Rishi eats his fill and then blesses hanuman. hanuman serves everyone food now and sits to eat. Everyone eat and lord ram thinks this is food made by sita, It is my luck to get to eat sita’s handmade food before I left this world. Everyone finish food and lord ram says hanuman only you could have called sita back here. lord ram says I thank you a lot for that. rishi says hanuman you are sankatmochan hanuman, I knew that sita had left this world but it was my wish to eat food made from her hands and you stood true on your promise, rishi says hanuman I give you a wish that you will always be happy. Lord ram says hanuman I give you a wish that all that you want will come true. Hanuman says thank you. rishi says I will go now. lord ram and everyone say we would be more sad rishi. Rishi then departs to go. lord ram thinks now he has to fulfill his promise but hanuman cant be around. Lord ram says hanuman go and stop rishi, he is tired after doing meditation so his legs will hurt if he walks to the ashram, you go and leave rishi to his ashram. Hanuman says yes my lord and goes to rishi durvasha, he says rishi durvasha let me take you to your ashram as you are tired after years of meditation. Rishi says that is right hanuman. hanuman becomes huge and rishi steps on his hand, hanuman flies to leave rishi to his ashram.
There lord ram tells laxman, laxman now I have promised and I have to fulfill it by giving you death sentence. Bharat and shatrugan are shocked. inside the palace, lord ram says once you are gone laxman, I have to leave this world too. Lord ram says but if hanuman comes back he wont allow me to do that so we cannot tell hanuman about this brothers. Bharat and shatrugan have tears and says brother not hanuman, but we only wont let you do this. You both cannot leave us. Bharat says brother ram, when you went for exile, I listened to you and stayed in an ashram but now I will not listen to you, I will go against your orders. Shatrugan says yes brother even I will go against your orders.
There hanuman leaves rishi and becomes normal. Rishi says hanuman only one thing I shall say, never let your bhakti of lord ram come in between your task and work and what you are supposed to do. Hanuman says yes rishi. Rishi goes. Hanuman flies to come back to ayodhya. Hanuman says why did rishi tell me this? Is my bhakti of lord ram going to clash against my work? But I shall take the knowledge given by rishi durvasha.

Precap: bharat and shatrugan say brother ram, if you and laxman go we both will not be able to take care of the people of ayodhya and the kingdom. Bharat and shatrugan say, instead punish us for going against your order and like brother laxman give us death sentence too as we will have no work in this world. Hanuman comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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