Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Saraswati tells hanuman that the king’s anger and ego led to his doom. she explains how the king killed everyone, and the mother screamed for parshu. As parshu comes and sees the dead bodies of his family, while the mother remains behind to lament on it all, he swears to kill kantiverya and avenge the death of his family. he goes and unsettles the atmosphere in the king’s court. he fights off and kills all of his men and his son too. the king boasts of his arms, but yet parshu doesnt get tired of cutting off all of his arms, and finally beheads him with the parshu. he screams out avenging out his revenge, and swears that he shall kill all torturous people. the lord bow down to this avatar of the

vishnu. hanuman and saraswatoo chant in his respect. saraswati explains how parshu killed all torture and atrocity from this world. he understands. she asks what he learnt. he talks about the generous and noble nature of the king being a pre-requisite. she tells him that its time for him to start his devotion too. he isnt able to understand. she says that he shall understand when she talks of the seventh avatar, thats already born. he gets impatient and demands to know about it. she says that its Lord Ram’s avatar. he is overwhelmed and lost, as he chants the name in utter devotion, while tears stream down his cheeks. she too is overwhelmed to see him in such a state, at having merely heard the mention of the lord ram, while he explains that he is going through a surge of inexplicable happiness. she laments tyhinking that he might have forgotten his first meeting with lord ram, but he would surely be prepared for his next meeting soon. she thinks that lord ram exists in every breath of hanuman. he asks her to tell why he is so deeply attracted to this name, as he explains that he feels that devotional worship for his lord, is surging out through tears. she says that he is bound to feel that too. he is overwhelmed even at the prospect of serving lord rama once, but asks how can he do this, being an ordinary child. she says that he shall know with time. she explains the reason for parshu’s avatar, and then explains that later in time, humans again started becoming full of vices, and they started becoming evil. She explains that such demons were raavan and kumbhkaran, who were incarnations of the cursed jai and vijay. he understands that it was a part of their curse. she explains what all limits they went to in inhumanity. she says that raavan, being of demonic origin, from maternal side, and hence resorted to demonic practises too. she says that to stop and curb him down, lord vishnu had to reincarnate. he asks how eagerly. she asks him to be patient, as she shall tell him everything. she then starts talking about the grand yagya that Dashrath had organised for attainment of a child, being childless so far, wherein all the lords were invited too. Dashrath along with his wives, and the lords, continue the yagna. indra complains about raavan to brahma, who asks him to be assured as for that, lord vishnu shall himself incarnate in another avatar. Lord Vishnu appears just then, and greets them, and says that after the completion of the yagna, he shall be born to Dashrath as his eldest son, Lord Rama. saying so, he disapparates, and then the fire lord appears and he grants dashrath his wish. they are all ecstatic and overjoyed. the screen freezes on hanuman’s intent face.


Precap: Lord Vishnu appears and tells hanuman that he shall in times to come, set the milestone, due to his devotion to lord rama, and be worshipped as the lord himself too. Hanuman takes his adult form finally.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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