Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The little kid remembers maruti’s words. He starts playing the Damru. Chakrasur is affected by the sound of the Damru. He becomes frail. Maruti observes this keenly. Chakrasur tells the kid to stop playing this Damru. It is disturbing me. Stop it! Everyone is surprised to see him so boggled by hearing Damru’s voice. Maruti thinks of the situation. It is rightly said that Damru’s voice shoos away all the evils. The villagers cheer for Mahadev. Maruti comes down where the villagers are. The head of the villager offers to drop him back to the palace. You have done so much for us. You must return to the palace to your mother. Chakrasur left for now but he can return anytime soon. Maruti nods. I cannot leave you in this situation. You will be free of this only when Chakrasur dies.

We all will have to work together for this. Dhawalmukh (the kid) asks Maruti if Chakrasur will die. Maruti nods. You will be the reason behind it. Everyone is confused. Maruti shares that all of them can kill Chakrasur. Being united is a very good strength. We can kill him if we join hands together. Chakrasur is very strong and mayavi but he has a weakness. He holds the Damru in his hand. Did you see how affected Chakrasur was by hearing the sound of one drum? He was forced to run away. If we play lots of Damrus together then Chakrasur will become frail. We can kill him easy then. Till when will be live in fear? Fear makes us weak. The one who wins over their fears can win. The head of the village says it isn’t about fear. The thing is that we will get into trouble if we attack someone who is stronger than us. Maruti reasons that they will not come to any conclusion till they try. God helps those who help themselves. The wife of the head goes and stands with Maruti. Everyone joins them one by one. They stand united for one goal. The wife of the head compliment Maruti for his goodness and Anjana who is blessed with such a noble soul.

Ma Parvati is surprised at how both Maruti and Anjana don’t know that they are working towards the same goal. She is also concerned about the people who are in trouble. Lord Shiva reasons that everyone has to struggle to understand the various facets of life. Maruti is getting everyone together to fight against Chakrasur.

Dhawalmukh says our other Damrus have been destroyed. The head adds that they don’t have ample materials to build Damrus. There are not many trees around. How will we get the wood? The head’s wife talks about a place near the river where the trees were intact. They decide to go there but Maruti stops them. It will be a waste of time if we all go there. I will bring the woods. You can start with whatever little resources you have for the time being. They agree.

Chakrasur is irked as that vanar kid got out of his Chakra. I too had to run away from there! Has he realized my weakness? Atibal says it might be. That vanar kid is very smart and strong. He had killed Vrikshasur. Chakrasur says I am not a simple Asura Vrikshasur that I will die by the hands of a vanar kid. I will kill him next time I see him. The Gods, who have their special blessings on the vanar kid, too wont be able to save him this time. He finds the powers declining. I will have to take something inside me to increase it. He too notices the same place which the head’s wife was talking about. There is water and trees around.

Atibal thinks of how such a small vanar kid gave tension to someone like Chakrasur! He looks as small as me but he is doing such great tasks. Chakrasur is not at peace with what all he is getting. What if he eats me too! He runs to a safe place and notices Maruti there. I have to find out which God is behind this vanar kid and inform Lankesh. Maruti is tensed as Chakrasur has drunk the entire river. What if he swallows all the trees now? How will I get wood to make Damrus? He thinks of an idea. He calls out for Chakrasur. Maruti asks Chakrasur why he ran away from there after hearing the sound of Damru. Chakrasur is not happy to see him again. This time you wont be able to get out of my Chakra. Maruti replies that he wont be able to do anything. Atibal is amazed at his daring acts. Chakrasur loses track of Maruti. Atibal decides to find Maruti. Maruti is hiding in the same pit from where he had rescued Dhawalmukh and Atibal. Chakrasur passes by while looking for him. MAruti flies out of the pit as he can easily get trees now.

The villagers are waiting anxiously for Maruti. Just then Maruti comes there holding wooden logs in his hands. He drops them on the ground one by one. Make Damrus with all of them. Maruti too comes down and everyone gets down making Damrus. Everyone makes a Damru each. Head asks Maruti as to how will they attack on Chakrasur now. Maruti tells them the plan in mute. Atibal reaches there (outside) and tries to overhear their plan. Maruti tells the villagers that they don’t need this safety (of the iron gates around them). Atibal thinks of telling Chakrasur as it means danger for him.

Precap: All the villagers are praying to Narayana. Chakrasur overhears them and is irked. Anjana has finished her prayers and is walking in the corridor. Please Lord, help everyone. Chakrasur reaches where the villagers are.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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