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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev / Vaid ji tells Devi Kaushalya do you realise one is actually committing a sin by even thinking to take someone else’s child! One has to pay back for even thinking that ways one day! Devi Kaushalya apologizes to him. You are right. It is wrong to measure the worth of anyone’s kid. I take my words back. Hope you will forgive me for this. Mahadev / Vaid ji says you are a mother. Hanuman’s mother too must be waiting for him.

Anjana and Nani meet Matang Rishi. She says I see darkness all around me. My empty aanchal is calling for Hanuman. I am yearning for him. please tell me a way to bring my son back. Matang Rishi tells her to calm down. She says it will happen only when I get my son back. I can do anything for him, even it means doing something bigger than Animesh

Vrat. He says I wont be able to do anything. It is a work of Gods. It can get risky for Hanuman if we interfere in it. She says sorry to him. I want nothing else but my son. Please fill my emptiness somehow. He can understand her pain, but you should remember that you have donated your son. One should not expect to get the donations back. You should pray for Hanuman’s well being. Whatever happens now, will happen as per Mahadev / Vaid ji’s wish. He goes from there. Hanuman looks at Mata’s idol.

Mahadev / Vaid ji gives Hanuman’s intro to everyone. Ram says all my mothers’ make the same mistake when it comes to me. I apologize to you on their behalf. Ram tells his mother Vaid ji is right. You are only thinking about me. How can you stop Hanuman like that? Let us ask Hanuman what he wants. If he wants to go to his mother or stay here with us. He holds his friend Hanuman’s hand to ask him what he wishes. Do you want to stay back here with me or wish to go back to your mother? Hanuman is teary eyed and in dilemma. He thinks of his mother. Ma had taught me to fulfil my duty. She also said that the mission of my education is to meet my Aradhya. That is my duty. Ma will be pained if I sway from my path of duty. I too am feeling sad to hear about leaving you. You only should make a decision. I will accept it open heartedly. Mahadev / Vaid ji says no one has to say anything. I have understood it from your expressions, what is necessary to be done. He tells Ram Hanuman will stay here with him till the time he returns. Hanuman cries out of happiness. Ram too smiles broadly. They share a hug. Mahadev / Vaid ji tells Hanuman not to worry for his mother. I will give her a message from your behalf. I will tell her you are fine. He leaves with Mata Parvati. All the other Gods leave as well. Hanuman thinks he will get enough time to speak his heart out with his Ram. Ram’s brothers take Ram with him to play. Hanuman too follows them.

Anjana steps inside the temple. She prays to Maa. Nothing is hidden from you. My heart will yearn for my son. I request you to keep my son happy wherever he is. Save him from every pain. She cries.

Hanuman quietly observes Ram telling his sister about his favourite food. He goes to bring it. Manthra is irked to see him running around. She thinks she wont let him enjoy here for long. Hanuman returns but gets sad to see Ram’s sister already feeding him his favourite food. I lost the chance to make Ram ji happy. He hides the bowl behind his back when Ram looks at him.

The kids decide to go to temple. Hanuman runs to bring flowers to be offered to God. By the time he returns, Bharat already has flowers with him. Hanuman thinks this way he wont be able to do anything for Ram ji. I wont be able to even talk to him. Everyone is around him all the time. Ram turns to invite him to join them for the puja. Hanuman joins them. They all offer flowers to God together. Hanuman thinks of something. Before he can say anything to Ram, another brother takes him to some place to show something he has made for him. Ram goes with him. Hanuman wonders what to do to meet or talk to Ram ji.

The brothers have made a Rangoli for Ram. Hanuman looks intently at it. Bharat bhaiya has made them it with flowers. Ram appreciates them. Hanuman tries to find out from Ram ji what all he likes. Bharat replies that they already know what Ram BHaiya likes. He shows Ram what he has made especially for him. Hanuman looks confused. Bharat and Shatrughana take Ram with him. Hanuman is perplexed how to meet Ram ji. I can find no occasion.

Hanuman meets Manthra on his way. She looks pointedly at him. Ram got happy seeing you, a vanar! I will see how you live with a human being. I will make arrangements to send you away soon. Hanuman goes after Ram ji.

The brothers ask Hanuman to move aside. We are taking Ram BHaiya to show what we have made for him on our own. Hanuman sadly moves aside. Everyone has done something to make Ram ji happy. I too should make something. He flies up in the sky.

Precap: Manthra screams. Hanuman took away my favourite son Ram with him. Someone stop him. Hanuman has taken Ram on his shoulder. Everyone there was doing something to make you happy. I too have done something for you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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