Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shatanand gaining power and then vibhishan says lord ram please wait and don’t attack shatanand. Vibhishan says lord I want to go and convince my elder brother once and even my brother ravana got his chance to think and my brother shatanand should get one too, I want to convince him as I don’t want the last of my family dead too. Vibhishan says lord ram give me the chance to go and convince him. Lord ram attacks the arrow yama astra. Vibhishan is shocked. The arrow goes and hits a mountain and not shatanand. Vibhishan smiles. Vibhishan says thank you lord ram. Angad says but vibhishan if you go I will come with you for your protection as shatanand may also attack. Lord ram says yes angad you shall go. Vibhishan goes with angad.
There mayasur has

made a volley of his most dangerous weapons and they stay in a circle around hanuman. Hanuman thinks I destroyed such a volley when I was a child and I can try to do that now but this will destroy this lok as well as earth too. Mayasur then starts rotating the weapons and attacking them on the walls of his lok. Hanuman breaks his ties and flies around the weapons to stop them, he says mayasur don’t do this, you are destroying your lok too. Mayasur says my lok is very dear to me but most importantly is my revenge and I will take that first even if my lok is destroyed with all other loks and earth too. My weapons have the power to destroy all the loks and earth and that will happen today here. Hanuman thinks what should he do? How shall he stop these weapons. There all the loks are shaking from an earthquake and the kings of those loks say what earthquake is trying to destroy our lok and we need help. Laxman and sita are on earth and earth is trembling. Laxman says what is this?
There vibhishan and angad go in shatanand’s palace. Vibhishan calls brother shatanand!! He calls him again. Vibhishan and angad go walking to shatanand’s throne. Shatanand is sitting and then he stops gaining his power and looks at vibhishan. Shatanand remembers the death of ravana and how he was killed by lord ram. He laughs and says come in you traitor and you are a fool to come here. I will kill you now. Vibhishan says brother I have come here to make you understand that don’t extend this war as I don’t want to lose my last brother. Shatanand gets angry and gets up, he says how dare you try to come here and convince me. I will kill you now. Shatanand removes his weapons, vibhishan says brother I have only you left and please you have time, lord ram forgives his enemies too. Shatanand comes to attack vibhishan and walks ahead, suddenly the light of the 9 gods comes there and shatanand gets hurt by the light. He throws the weapon and thinks this light is harmful and destructing, shatanand walks behind. He thinks I cannot go near vibhishan, I have to somehow call him near me.
There hanuman thinks he should change the direction of the weapons before they destroy the earth. Hanuman alters the direction and then with all the weapons, he make the letter ram and then the weapons turn golden and stop making the word RAM. In heaven, lord Shankar is impressed and he tells parvati that hanuman once again used his intelligence and saved earth and all the loks. Parvati smiles.
Mayasur is shocked but says even though you stopped the weapons, but you cannot stop me. Hanuman says see mayasur, the weapons turned golden in the name of lord ram and even you let go of your anger and take the name of lord ram, he will forgive you and the war will be over. Mayasur says I am not scared of you ram and I and shatanand will kill him with our power as he is just a cheap human with some powers. Hanuman says you insulted lord ram and now I wont tell you again.

Precap: mayasur says to hanuman that if you are successful in proving thar ram is the form of lord Vishnu then I will myself allow you to cross this lok and reach the other lok. Hanuman smiles.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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