Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahiravana saying that i will sacrifice those 2 men. Ravana says yes thats right what i am saying. Mahiravana says i am not doing this for you but for me and looks at goddess maya and says i will do it for you mata. Ravana smiles and thinks my game worked and he will do what i want. Mahiravana says so you doubt my powers and see now, mahiravan with his powers makes a see through portal through which everything that is happening can be seen in any corner of the unvierse. Mahiravana says from here we can see where ram and laxman are. Mahiravana sees everyone resting and see hanuman who has made a mountain with his tail. Mahiravana ays where are they? Ravana says see this monkey and points at hanuman and says he is a very powerful monkey and they both are protected

inside his mountain of his tail. Mahiravana says i know this cheap monkey and he burnt lanka and freed those 9 gods because of which meghnad died. Mahiravana says you go father and i will bring those men. Ravana goes. Mahiravana calls piplika who is the queen of killer ants, she comes and mahiravana tells i want those men so bring them. Piplika says its an easy task and my killer ants will bring them. Killer ants go from ground and enter the protective mountain of tail where ram and laxman are safe. Hanuman thinks that he should sing lord rams song and starts singing raghupati raghav raja ram. The ants who entered the mountain go back in, mahiravana says what is this and how did they come back? Piplika is shocked. The ants come m out and face hanuman and start dancing in the sweet song. Piplika says dont worry mahiravana and i will go as hanuman can not take me in control of his song. Piplika says i will go and goes as a flying killer ant, she goes and removes her horn and mahiravana there says i will throw my fire bolt from which no one can escape. Mahiravana throws through the portal, in heaven lord shankar and gods are seeing and smiling as hanuman sings the song and from heaven flowers fall on him. Piplika attacks hanumans mountain of tail but her hron breaks, mahiravana says hanuman did not even feel the attack and how is that possible? Piplika attacks again but in attacking the tail she dies and disappears and her ants disappear too. Hanuman is singing song and did not even know that his tail was attacked. Mahiravana is shocked, mahiravanas fire bolt goes and mahiravana says this will kill him and laughs, the fire bolt hits but is stopped by another shield that is protecting hanuman and ram and laxman. Mahiravana is shocked and says my 2 monster pashabhedisura and aragasta will kill hanuman, the 2 monsters come from the ground and are walking towards hanuman from his back. Laxman calls hanuman, hanuman picks his mountain of tail and says yes lasman brother, laxman says the song was very sweet hanuman, hanuman says i did not have work so i sang in the name of lord ram and his name alone brings me happiness. Hanuman keeps back the tail. Mahiravanas monsters are heading towards hanuman from the back, hanuman says why do i feel like something is heading towards me and its danger. Mahiravana is shocked and says no one ever knows when my monsters come and attack but how did he even know something is about to come? There the monsters come towards hanuman from back and one attacks, mahiravana laughs and says yes the tail will cut, the monster pashabhedi comes and attacks hanumans tail but instantly dies and disappears. Mahiravana says what did this happen and he died and nothing happened to hanuman. Hanuman thinks something is happening and what is that? Then he says no it must be something else. The other monster aragasta becomes big and attacks hanuman stailnfrom back 2 times but he dies top and disappears. Hanuman says something is there and then says no that was nothing and i just felt something let it be. Mahiravana is shocked and says ravana was right and hanuman is dangerous but now i myself will go and bring those 2 men and sacrifice them.

Precap: mahiravana goes and he releases a green gas from which entire army and commanders all fall unconscious. Mahiravana says now hanuman will fall unconscious too and i will take ram and laxman with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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