Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman thinks to hurry up as the Kaal-Kumbha has become active. The flag throws away fire balls at him. He wards them off using his shield. Gav too is doing the same thing with his spear’s help. Vayu Dev calls is wrong. Gav’s spear is ending the fireballs whereas Hanuman’s shield is not doing the same thing to them. Varun Dev says it is a personal choice. Gav chose a spear like a brave person. Hanuman chose shield. A spear can end your enemies but the shield cannot! Gav screams in pain as he gets hurt. Varun Dev gets worried for him. The length of the spear will save you from the fireballs. Gav thinks he doesn’t want such an education which can risk his life. I should get out from here. The soldiers stand ready to attack him from outside. What should I do now?


Dev points out that Hanuman took care of the soldiers first after which he went inside the Kaal-Kumbha. Varun Dev is unable to see anything. Vayu Dev calls out for Hanuman. Hurry up son. Your Kaal-Kumbha is about to close.

Nandi wonders why Hanuman is being tested like this. His time is going waste by this task. Mata Parvati says no one can immediately understand the importance of the tasks given to them. We should wait to understand them.

Hanuman remembers his father’s teachings. I am using the shield just like you taught me father! He twists the positions of the fireballs. It is following my directions. It will hurt itself now. Vayu Dev yet again asks Hanuman to speed up.

Nani requests Anjana not to do this. You have already given up water. Anjana says I am his mother. A mother can even sacrifice her life for her son. I wont feel bad to lose the eyes through which I saw that terrible dream. I will do Animesh Yagya for my son. Nani looks on helplessly. ANjana prays to Surya Dev. I am starting the Animesh Yagya now. Please take care of my son. Now I will not move my eyes away from Surya till the problem that has come on my son goes away. She begins praying as she looks at the sun, Om Suryaya Namaha!

It is painful to look at Surya Dev without blinking their eyes. One can even lose their eyesight. No one should do it. But no one can understand a mother’s heart. For her, her kid’s safety is before everything else. She is the force that is above everything in the world. Mahabali Sankat Mochan’s mother was ready to do anything for her son. A mother’s blessing and tap has lots of power.

Hanuman is successful in ending the Suraksha Chakra of the flag.

Gav uses the ring again thinking it will help him. He falls as he gets attacked by one of the fireballs. Varun Dev gets concerned for him. Gav calls out for his father. Please save me. Varun Dev thinks if Gav yet again tried to use the ring given by Ravan. Gav calls out for help. Varun Dev tries to enter inside. Surya Dev says you and I cannot do anything. One cannot enter inside the limits of Kaal-Kumbha till both the petals are closed. I too am helpless. Hanuman hears Gav calling out his name. He must be in some trouble. Hanuman flies up. He is still holding the flag in his hands. The Gods are taken aback.

Hanuman stands before Gav to shield him off from the fireballs. Varun Dev is sad to think his son can be caught inside Kaal-Kumbha if it gets closed. Vayu Dev assures him Hanuman will take care of Gav. This problem came because of Gav only yet he went to help him.

Gav apologizes to Hanuman for getting him in this problem. Hanuman says you equally deserve to gain education like me. Gav is touched. You are a great person. Hanuman assures him he will take him outside. We have to hurry up as the Kaal-Kumbha is about to close down. Gav requests him to save him. I cannot even walk. I am badly hurt. Hanuman tells him to be positive. Hold me and get up. Gav manages to get up as he leans on Hanuman. You got the flag. Your competition is complete. Why did you come here? Hanuman saves him from another attack. Saving you is more important for me than winning this competition. Just like my mother, your mother too must be waiting for you. My competition will complete when I will get you out of here safely. He thinks to end the source of fireballs exactly like he did in the previous Kaal-Kumbha.

Blood streams down Anjana’s face as she continues praying to Surya Dev. Nani prays that her daughter stays strong.

Narad ji remarks that Hanuman is in a big trouble at the moment. If he does not get out of there asap then he and Gav will be locked inside the Kaal-Kumbah for forever like others!

Hanuman manages to hurt the soldiers who stand outside ready to attack them. He next observes 2 chakras coming to each of his and Gav’s way. He turns them towards the soldiers only. Surya Dev applauds Hanuman’s bravery. Agni Dev too supports him. Vayu Dev points out that the danger has increased now. Get out asap! Hanuman cannot get out of the Kaal-Kumbha without ending the source of the fireballs. He turns them towards the pointed petals only. Everyone looks on tensed.

Precap: Gav tells Hanuman he got stuck inside the Kaal-Kumbha because of him. Hanuman expands himself in size. Varun Dev is crying outside. The Gods are having a tough time controlling him. Hanuman will get Gav out safely. Varun Dev says he himself got stuck there. How will he do it?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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