Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vayu Dev asks Yogagni to free him from this sad life. I couldn’t get Maruti his life back. Free me from this guilty life.

All the Gods request Tridev to do something to stop Vayu Dev. Indra Dev accepts his mistake. It is happening because of me. I have made a very big mistake. Please forgive me. I committed a crime by hitting a kid with an astra. Please forgive me and return Maruti his life.
If changes are necessary for world’s welfare then it should be done asap. I too change the rules for forever. No little kid will be given death sentence ever in life. Whoever does so will be a sinner and will be severely punished! I have realised my folly and also that rules should be flexible. I have also come to understand that every power fails before a mother. Brahma Dev appreciates

him for his act. But you will have to meet Vayu Dev for the same. You will have to be real quick though or any further delay might bring destruction. Indra Dev agrees to apologize to Vayu Dev.

Vayu Dev does not want to live anymore. Finish me. Yogagni surrounds him from all the sides. Just then all the Gods appear there. Mahadev sadly looks at his ansh. Indra Dev asks Vayu Dev not to do this. Vayu Dev says you started it now I will end it.

Anjana falls from the stairs while dancing. Kesari rushes to her side. Kesari tries to shake Anjana but she isn’t responding. Kesari looks at the Shivlinga.

Indra Dev apologizes to Vayu Dev. I accept my mistake. I lost my senses under Rahu’s influence. Plus I was arrogant about my position. I am telling the truth. I am so angry with myself for hitting a little kid with Vajra! A kid is a kid. They all are Gods. Their hearts are very pure. Their naughty / playful antics attract people.

I mistook Maruti’s act as discourteousness. I forgot the reason of his birth. Now I too am bearing the brunt of it. You are ready to kill yourself for Maruti, who is someone else’s kid, while I am dying here every minute seeing my son in a near death situation. Vayu Dev says you came too late. Now you don’t need forgiveness or a second chance. He yet again asks Yogagni to free him from this pain, this life, this world. Indra Dev turns to Tridev. Please do something fast or everything will be finished.

Mahadev says I am the chief of all the Panch-Tatvas but if we force Vayu dev to go against his decision then it will be wrong. It will be wrong with Vayu Dev. It will be better if Maruti himself does it. Brahma Dev nods. Maruti should get his life back so the world starts to function once again. The atmosphere changes as Brahma Dev chants some mantras silently. The lotus flower caresses Maruti’s face. His heart starts beating once again. Maruti opens his eyes. A smile immediately spreads across his face. All the Gods and Goddesses smile to see him healthy. Maruti touches his chin. It is perfectly alright. The blood or pain is gone. He notices a beautiful lotus kept there. He turns and finds all the God standing there. He greets all of them with respect. Indra Dev wonders what Maruti will say after noticing him. Maruti is happy to see Devraj Indra there too. He asks about Airavat. Indra Dev has tears in his eyes. Please forgive me. Maruti tells him against it. Elders don’t ask for forgiveness. This is what my mother has taught me. Indra Dev says one who commits mistake has to apologize. I did wrong by not understanding your bal-leela. The world is bearing its consequences. Maruti repeats his words. I am younger so I should apologize to you. Forgive me if I made any mistake. Why do you look so worried?

Maruti notices Vayu Dev thus. What happened to him? What is he doing while sitting amidst Agni? Mahadev shares that Vayu Dev is troubled. Maruti thinks what he should do. He walks closer to Yogagni and calls out for Vayu Dev. Please don’t be sad. Who will teach me if you are sad? Give up anger. It costs no good. Indra Dev got angry and I got hurt. World is getting affected by your anger. He jumps inside the Yogagni and hugs his Gurudev lovingly. Vayu Dev covers him with his cloth so he does not get hurt. The Yogagni goes away. Vayu Dev touches Maruti with surprise. Am I seeing a dream? Mahadev denies. It is reality. Vayu dev hugs Maruti again. Maruti wipes his tears. Maruti tells Bhole Baba that Vayu Dev is not angry anymore. All the Gods smile hearing his words.

Precap: Mahadev blesses Maruti. You will be Chiranjeevi (immortal). No weapon will ever hurt you. All the Gods give him a new name – Mahabali Hanuman!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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