Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali says his mind dint work as he is old. He wasn’t listening to me. one should listen to youngsters, right? Kesari says there is still time. Kneel down before your father and apologize to him. I will request him to forgive you. Vali laughs. What did you just say? I need forgiveness? You are giving yourself too much importance. I know why. Your son can do some tricks. You love my father very much. Sugriv asks him what he means. Kesari tells him to let it be. It is the duty of elders to bring the kids on right path when they lose their path. He challenges Vali for a fight. Prove your merit by defeating me. Sugriv hopes nothing goes wrong.

Hanuman and Jitantak are looking for Bhushan. Chitraketu hears them and sends Bhushan away with the Naag’s. Bhushan mentally apologizes

to his father. I have to cheat so you can be free. Please forgive me. The Naag’s drag Acharya away.

Vali pretends to be scared in front of Kesari but then thinks Kesari will lose in a second. I will defeat your son once I get hold of that special feather. He comes down. Sugriv realises how Kesari is unaware of Bhaiya’s boon.

Hanuman feels bad. This wouldn’t have happened if I had not let Bhushan go out alone at night. It is all my fault. Chitraketu calls it a plan. Bhushan left on his own or we would have found him easily. No one trusted me when I spoke against him. where did he go if there was no meaning of his coming here?

Kesari loses half of his powers as soon as he stands face to face with Vali. He gets thinking. Vali thinks Kaka Kesari wont be able to save himself here and on the other hand, Hanuman will not be able to save that special feather from

jatayu tells Chitraketu not to blame anyone falsely. Chitraketu speaks of their security. No one can gain entrance in our area or leave without my permission. Where did Bhushan disappear then? It is all a plan. Jatayu tells him to be quiet but Chitraketu keeps talking against Naag’s. What do we have that distinguishes us from Naag’s? Garud’s say our power to fly is our secret. Naag’s want to get hold of it.

Kesari attacks Vali but all his attempts go in vain. Kesari gets thinking. What did he gain in boon after all? Vali orders Sugriv to put Kesari in jail. Kesari says my plan succeeded. I will get to meet my friend Riksharaj now just the way I wanted it to happen.

Jatayu tells CHitraketu not to misguide everyone. Let us find the truth first and then come to any conclusion. Chitraketu reasons that Jatayu cannot look inside a mountain. We will have to personally go to check if the special feather is safe or not. Garud’s second Chitraketu.

Riksharaj says I was so proud of my son. He got so many boons from his tapasya’s. Someone surely misguided him or my son cannot make me his captive. Kesari says I love Vali like Hanuman but he has lost his way. It is our duty to bring him back on the right path. Riksharaj is in tears. If it was someone else in my son’s place then I would have severely punished him. How can I punish the son I love more than my life? Kesari says when bad thoughts make way in the heart of our kids then it is our duty to show him the right path with love and care. We will have to get out of here for the same. Riksharaj declines. I wont go out till the time Vali gets me out of here or people will think him to be weak. I cannot do this to my son. Kesari reasons that they have no other option to bring about a positive change in him.

Kids often lose their way owing to greed for money, fame, etc. It is the duty of parents to become a kid’s idol by their acts. If needed, then do use Saam, Daam, Danda, Bheda. It is very important for parents to be alert about the same.

Hanuman follows Jatayu and Garud’s to the cave. They find the door open and the soldiers dead. Chitraketu notices the marks of Naag on the head of soldiers. Bhushan’s stuff is also lying here. It is clear that he only came here. Hanuman is shocked to realise the same. Chitraketu asks them if they still have a doubt that Bhushan is involved. Garud’s shout that they don’t have any doubt anymore. Hanuman thinks Bhushan can never do this but who plotted all this. where is Bhushan? Chitraketu says our family has been protecting the special wings since decades. Why should I live now? Hanuman and Jatayu stop him. Jatayu says it isn’t the time to mourn. We should check if the wing is safe or not. They all go inside. The wing is not there which shocks everyone. Chitraketu says not just the wing but the mantra and Acharya are also missing. Do you trust me now? We brought Bhushan here on Hanuman’s insistence who took Bhushan’s responsibility. Bhushan cheated us. Garud’s demand and answer from Hanuman. Jatayu wonders if Bhushan can do it all alone. But this door is opened by my feather. How did he get it then? Chitraketu says Bhushan had ample time to steal it. Flashback shows Chitraketu stealing Jatayu’s feather when he was looking away. Hanuman is sure Bhushan cannot do such a thing. it is surely someone else’s ploy. Chitraketu says no one else but you are behind this! You misguided us by saying Bhushan is in problem while he was busy in fulfilling his motives. Jatayu says doubting a blessed Hanuman will be like doubting ourselves. He tells Hanuman it is a problem for them if they lose the feather. It is only Sankat Mochan Hanuman who can save you now. Hanuman says everything is against me yet you trust me. I will not let it break. Chitraketu says we will begin to lose our power to fly in the absence of the feather.

A Garud falls down. He screams for help from Maharaj. Everyone goes to him. Garud tells them how they lost the power to fly. It is hurting a lot in our feathers. Please save us. Chitraketu adds fuel to fire. I was talking about this only. It cannot be possible without Hanuman. Hanuman thinks to prove himself correct.

Precap: Jatayu asks Hanuman to help them. Hanuman agrees and flies away. Chitraketu says we will lose the power to fly if Hanuman is not back by tomorrow morning.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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