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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sumeru
Vishnu asks them to be prepared for the salvation and get ready for their time in heaven. Anjani says that she doesnt need that salvation, and that enjoyment, where her hanuman isnt there. hkesri says that they can leave heaven for hanuman, but not the vice versa. brahma asks what do they want, that hanuman be distracted from his ulterior motive. she says that she doesnt want to be a hindrance. he says that their love for their son, shall never come in the way of his work, and that shall be strong enough and stay away from him, but wont go anywhere else, leaving him here on the mortal earth. she says that when the work for lord rama comes, she shall not stop him, but they shall be alive in the hope that one day, he shall come to meet them. the goddesses

comply, with the parents, saying that what worse thing could a father’s love for his son and a mother’s motherly affection, stand in the way of his motive and asks the lords how can they strip the parents of this love. Shiva agrees with the goddess’s request. he comments that they cant go against it. they are relieved. vishnu requests them that they may live on earth, but when the time comes, they shall have to relieve him for Lord Rama’s motives. they hurriedly promise, that for lord rama’s work, their love for their son wont stand in the way. she epreses her deep felt gratitude towards them and their kind consideration. they bless his parents and apparate. the parents are relieved. he is tensed that she is scared of hanuman being cursed, and asks her not to worry, as the lords are with them and hanuman shall soon return.

Scene 2:
Location: In the sky
Hanuman continues to keep trying to keep birds and animals away from ganga’s way. narad is appreciative of hanuman’s work, but hopes that noone gets enraged because of this. unfazed and undisturbed, he continues saving people. MEanwhile, he finds a rishi’s kutiya in the way too, and he picks it up too disturbing him. the rishi is enraged as to who did it, and says that whoever did it, is responsible for his curse. he finds hanuman, and decides that he shall be punished. but then, he finds strong water current which means that hanuman saved his life, and thanks him galore, and blesses him profusely.

Scene 3:
Location: Sumeru
Sumeru grounds start rattling, due to the arrival of the heavy current of ganga. one of the fellows comments that hanuman is back with ganga maa. all are relieved, while the rishi is shocked himself. they all gather outside to await his return, while his mother thinks that her son made the impossible happen, as they find the heavy waters of ganga streaming through ssumeru. she is tensed thinking that one current is going towards Rishi Saamvrat’s Jan Kalyan Yagna’s venue. hanuman thanks ganga maa, who says that her mission is completed. she says that the entire area is pious. he thanks her for her co-operation and begs her to keep blessing him. she asks him to get to his motive. hanuman thinks that Rishi Angiras must be waiting for him. and starts to search around, wondering how to take it back. then he gets an idea.

Meanwhile, at a near distance, where the Jan Kalyan Yagna is being conducted RIshi Saamvrat is oblivious that the heavy current of Ganga is heading towards them. they are rattled as a strong wave sweeps through and douses the fire of the yagna. he considers it as a bad omen, and is baffled wondering how is this possible. he says that this is done by someone intentionally, and gets enraged wondering who did it. he spots hanuman with his vessel at a distance, and wonders if he did this. but before he can holler for him, hanuman flies off. Rishi is angry thinking that hanuman didnt even listen and wonders if he is misusing his powers. he finds out what hanuma is upto, and thinks that this is done by him only, and swears that he shall definitely be punished for it.

Finally, hanuman enters the palace, with the waters of the ganga, as all eye him appreciatively and filled with gratitude, in a make shift vessel by leaves. he comes upto the Rishi, while the parents bless him. Rishi stands boggled and shocked. hanuman gives it to him, and narrates what happened. Rishi says that its right, but he delayed a lot, as he was waiting for a long time. he hurriedly complies. then the Rishi takes the waters and pours them over the idol. but they are all shocked, as the entire idol turns to black, and hanuman and rishi are petrified, while anjani and kesri, are all in devotion with their eyes closed. Rishi is aghast and apalled as she retreats back. Rishi’s screams force them to open their eyes, and they are shocked too. Rishi rperimands hanuman that his devotion and his worship is all a farce, and that evn Ganga waters turned impure with his touch. Hanuman is boggled as to what he did wrong. rishi expresses his vengenace at him, and says that he shall be cursed now definitely. his parents are shocked and aghast and hope that he doesnt get hurt. But just then, a voice comes in asking him to stop, as he is about to curse him. they find the sound coming from the idol. He is told that the purity should not only b in the waters, but in the devotee’s mind and thoughts too and that hanuman or ganga waters arent to be blamed, but his impure heart is to be blamed for it. rishi is flustered and rushes to the lord, asking how can he say that. he says that only pure devotion gets reqarded, and jealousy, vengeance and competition dont stand a chace, but he resorted to that, and that too with hanuman. rishi realises his mistake, and apologises. he is preeached to have devotion on his own, rather than doubt others. all hear on intently, as the idol glows. he asks rishi to get the Tilak done by hanuman. Rishi silently complies, while anjani and kesri are overwhelmed. Rishi eyes the waters saying that only a few drops of it is left. he then takes it to hanuman, who wipes his tears and accepts it graciously from him. he then walks up the stairs, and walks upto the idol, while all watch overwhelmingly. Angiras stands embarassed and mortified. hanuman does the tilak, and the idol shines back to gold as earlier. all are happy. hanuman descends down and takes blessings from Rishi Angiras, who apologises profusely, to hanuman and to others for having corrupted his emotions, by doing things that are beneath him. but just then, the hall resonates, with the enraged screams of Rishi Saamvrat. Rishi Saamvrat curses Hanuman, as he is in his giant like avatar, saying that his supernatural powers have made him arrogant, and that he curses him that he shall be stripped of it all and that he shall lose all of those powers rightaway. Hanuman becomes a mere ordinary mortal yet again, coming back to normal size. All watch apalled. he throws the cursed waters at him. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As hanuman weakens up and goes on the ground, anjani asks the rishi what wrong did her innocent son do to face this severe punishment. rishi Angiras too talks to Sammvrat saying that he doesnt realise what he just did.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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