Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman attacking spell from his power, this spell counters divyahastas attack and kills him too. Hanuman comes back on ground. Everyone say sankatmochan mahabali hanuman ki jai. Suddenly divyhasta and all his soldiers and tamukh come dressed in crowns and good dresses. They says sankatmochan hanuman, thank you for freeing us gandharv from iniquity, we will forever be indebted to you. hanuman says thank lord ram not me, it is because of his blessings. Divyahasta says shree ram ki jai, divyhasta says we return shree yudhjeets kingdom to him and our 2 kingdoms of gandharva, we give it to shree bharat and his son pushkar. Bharat says thank you divyahasta. They all go.
Hanuman is worried and bharat asks what happened hanuman ji? You look worried. Hanuman says

my heart feels something bad is happening in ayodhya, we have to go soon. Bharat says yes hanuman ji. They all get in pushpak viamn as hanuman flies.
There yamraj tells lord ram that he is a raghuvanshi so he has to fulfill his promise, now he will go as his work is over, yamraj goes. Lord ram has tears and thinks so this was planned by all gods so that I give death sentence to laxman and once he goes, I wont have any work on earth, which is why even I would go. lord ram thinks how will I execute my own brother? Laxman tells he came there to tell him about durvasha rishi who came to meet him. lord ram and laxman go out and durvasha rishi says angrily, you took so much time to come shree ram? You know my anger, right? I could give you a curse for keeping me waiting. Durvasha says I cursed indra dev and he was kept away from heaven forever. Lord ram says rishi durvasha who doesn’t know your parakram rishi? I would not mind if you gave me a curse but first let me serve you rishi, allow me to serve you as you are tired from years of meditation. Durvasha smiles and says shree ram, you are the lord of everyone, you are the reason we all live. Lord ram smiles and says rishi it is because of great rishi’s like you that I exist. Lord ram and laxman take rishi durvasha and wash his feet. Rishi says shree ram, I am hungry, for years I did not eat anything, that is why I have come here. rishi says bring me food shree ram, lord ram says yes rishi. Rishi says but remember I will eat food that is made by daughter sita only. Lord ram and laxman are shocked. rishi says only her handmade food fills my stomach and will make me happy. Lord ram thinks what has rishi asked? Rishi says what happened laxman and shree ram? Why do you look shocked? did I ask something impossible? Tell me! Rishi says why are you both quiet? Tell me! Laxman says rishivar how can your wish be fulfilled when mata sita is not here? rishi gets up and says angrily and shocked, what? Laxman tells the entire story. Rishi says angrily if I would have been there, I would have cursed that person who doubted daughter sita’s pureness and would have had him burn and die in the fire of my anger. Rishi says but shree ram, once what is said cannot be taken back and I want sita’s handmade food only. Lord ram thinks I have to give a death sentence to my own brother before hanuman comes and then I have to lave this world toom but another problem has come, how will all of this be done? Hanuman comes. Hanuman thinks so this is what was troubling me? This is the problem. Hanuman says rishi, pranam! Rishi says hanuman! lord ram thinks hanuman has come, now how will I complete my task? Hanuman comes and says pranam to everyone and takes blessings of lord ram.
Hanuman says rishi durvasha, I promise that you will get the food made by mata sita only. Rishi durvasha says alright hanuman, but know this I will give time of only 1 hour, otherwise you will have to live my cruse. Lord ram thinks hanuman knows rishi durvasha’s anger, how will he do this? Laxman says hanuman ji, you have to know if this is all possible. Hanuman says how can someone die when it was never born? Mata sita lives in this world, in the earth, I know she will come when I call her, she will come to help her son.
Hanuman goes in the kitchen and tells the cooks to go. hanuman then sits in front of the statue of mata sita and says mata, help your son, we need you today to save the respect of raghukul and to save us all from rishi durvasha’s curse and anger. Hanuman sings a song for sita to impress her.
Bharat and everyone in the pushpak viman, bharat says it seems hanuman ji is singing, calling for mata sita.

Precap: rishi durvasha says it is about to be an hour. Where is hanuman? he promised to bring the food made by sita. Hanuman has tears and says to sita’s statue, that mata you have to come and help me, it is about to get time.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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