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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chakrasur blows sand at Maruti but he sticks firmly to his place. Maruti is finally pulled towards it. Commander is sad that Chakrasur took Maruti in his clutches. I had tried to stop the prince but he dint listen to me. What will happen now? What will I say to the queen! He demands for Maruti from Chakrasur or he will die. Chakrasur laughs at him. The soldiers shoot at Chakrasur again and this time too fall prey to his storm. Maruti notices them all. He shouts at Chakrasur to leave everyone. Chakrasur instead welcomes Maruti to Chakranagar. No one is killed here. Pity is shown. I will pity on you too. You will become my favourite little sand toy. Maruti replies that he might become a toy in the process. It will be better if you leave everyone! Chakrasur is impressed by him. You are

different than everyone else or you too would have turned into stone by now. Your powers wont stand for long though. You too will become a stone soon.

Anjana is praying to Lord Shiva for everyone’s safety.

Maruti is still engulfed in the storm. There must be a way out of this. These are mayavi. There is no end point or beginning of it. He observes everyone else who is caught in the storm. They have turned into stone. Don’t worry. I will free all of you once I find a way out of this! He heads higher as he notices one end of the storm. Chakrasur is in no mood to let go of him. You will the most distinguished and my free sand toy.

Ma Parvati is worried for Maruti. He has to help everyone else but he himself is stuck in a problem. You should help him. Lord Shiva replies that Maruti has to learn the experiences of life from life itself. He has to live through those problems so he can help others in future. It is his test. He will have to pass it on his own. Inexperienced gain experience through such instances only!

Maruti is not able to find any way out of Chakrasur’s Chakra. It took him out of earth instead. I still cannot see an exit. Chakrasur says you can try as much as you want to but you will only end up getting more caught up in my Chakra.

Anjana continues praying.

Maruti thinks of his words of promise to the villagers. He thinks of all the instances. He gets an idea. He also recalls Vayu Dev’s words. One must concentrate. He closes his eyes and motivates himself. Go in the opposite direction. He starts going downwards. Chakrasur is surprised at his powers. I have to stop him. Maruti lands on the ground and forms a deep pit. He escapes from Chakrasur’s storm this way. Atibal and Chakrasur are taken aback. Vayu Dev blesses Maruti. Chakrasur is still in no mood to spare Maruti. Atibal is amazed at the kid’s abilities.

Chakrasur is heading towards Maruti again but Maruti knows that this time he wont lose.

The villagers know that this iron fencing wont be enough to save them. They pray to God to save them. No one is around us to save us. The kid points out that he will play Damru when Chakrasur will come towards them. Our Prince will come to save us as he is strong enough. They notice Maruti flying high in the air. Chakrasur is right behind him. This vanar kid is flying really high. It isn’t so easy to get him in my grip. Maruti realises where he has flown to. Chakrasur wont spare these villagers if he sees them here. I have to go. Chakrasur notices them all and gets glad. He starts heading towards them. Maruti thinks of stopping him. Chakrasur spreads the storm towards where the villagers are. The little kid remembers maruti’s words. I will intimate prince through this. He starts playing the Damru. Chakrasur is affected by the sound of the Damru. He becomes frail. Maruti observes this keenly.

Precap: Atibal talks to Chakrasur about Maruti. Chakrasur is sure no one can kill him. I am not a simple Asura like Vrikshasur whom anyone can kill. Meanwhile, the villagers get down make more Damrus. Maruti calls out for Chakrasur. Atibal hides. Maruti and Chakrasur challenge each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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