Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman happily feeds ladoo to Ram. Everyone smiles seeing their bond. Devi Kaushalya remarks that it feels as if the entire world got happy by their unison. Kaikayi is also touched by their love and devotion. Hanuman looks at the Gods standing around him. He smiles upon recognizing them. He greets them all quietly. He can also see Mahadev and Mata Parvati. He says Ram once again. He notices his mother in Devi Kaushalya. She is like my mother. He recalls all that happened since he was calmed down by Mahadev. Where am I? One of Ram’s brother shares that it is Ayodhya. Mahadev too says the same. Ram asks Hanuman to say his name once again. Hanuman happily does so. The word echoes everywhere. Devi Kaushalya remembers Ram’s words about someone calling out for him. She says maybe

this only was the voice which had made Ram restless. Mata Saraswati says this lovely unison has brought happiness to everyone’s lives. Ram’s brothers say we tried everything to make bhaiya happy. you did what we couldn’t do. Thank you very much. You made him happy like before. Everyone is happy to see him happy. Hanuman greets Raja Dashrath and Devi Kaushalya. She hugs her son and then kisses on Hanuman’s forehead. Hanuman smiles. She thanks him for bringing a smile on Ram’s face. You relieved all of us. She next thanks Mahadev / Vaid. It was as if God came here in reality. We humbly thank you. The other 2 Rani’s too join their hands. My Ram is happy once again since your arrival. Mahadev says Hanuman has calmed down as well after seeing Ram. He should be thanked as well. Hanuman is once again normal. Kartikeya says I feel like touching your feet. You did a fab job / treatment. Mahadev says that isn’t needed. I only did what was destined. I was only a medium. Raja Dashrath thanks him for helping them on time. The yagya wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

The blood thirsty vampires and hungry ghosts look at Ayodhya palace. The leader (Maha Pishach) tells his army to be ready. We will find loads of pure flesh here. Create disturbance in the yagya. We have to abduct the eldest son of Raja Dashrath and take him to Lanka. They move towards the palace but cannot attack it. An invisible aura surrounds the palace. Maha Pishach says it is impossible to stop us. We will do our work by any means!

Raja Dashrath tells Vaid / Mahadev he has done a great favour on entire Ayodhya. Ram’s way to become a prince now is clear. Devi Kaushalya adds that whatever they shall give in return will be less. How can we pay you back? Manthra is confused to see Ram alright. What if they ask for everything? Maharaj will not step back. Kaikayi replies that no one else could do what he did. He does deserve a prize. Manthra is taken aback. How is she speaking in Ram’s favour? Devi Kaushalya requests Mata Parvati to ask Vaid / Mahadev what he wants. Mahadev says he will ask when the right time comes. Right now, you should complete the yagya and celebrate as your son is fine again. I will ask whatever I wish in future. We shall leave now. Hanuman says Ram once again. Mahadev asks Hanuman to come. It is time for us to leave. Mata Parvati says they still did not have enough of each other. They continue to look at one another. Raja Dashrath remarks that maybe they are connected by some invisible door. Mahadev asks Hanuman to come.

Manthra notices Ram’s sad face. This means the treatment was momentary. Nothing will change now. Ram will be sad again. The Vaid will not get anything and neither will the yagya complete! Hanuman too is teary eyed to part from Ram. Devi Kaushalya requests them to stop. Ram turned sad as soon as he saw Hanuman leaving. Is it not possible that Hanuman can stay here with us? I will pay for it. Mahadev scolds him for being blind in her love / pride and selfishness for money and son. This isn’t a thing to be valued! He too is someone’s son. Mahadev asks Devi Kaushalya for her son. I will pay whatever amount you will ask for! You can even give me your other sons too. I will pay you very nicely I return. Tell me how will you estimate their worth? Do you realise one is actually committing a sin by even thinking to take someone else’s child! One has to pay back for even thinking that ways one day!

Precap: Ram tells his mother Vaid ji is right. How can you stop Hanuman like that? Let us ask Hanuman what he wants. If he wants to go to his mother or stay here with us. He asks his friend Hanuman what he wishes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. with all due respect, I had never read or heard of any Milan of ramji and hanumanji in childhood, the first time they met was in the forest, not that I was there, but curious to know more…is this the serial makers edition, or is there any anecdote or myth of them meeting as children?
    want to learn

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