Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra Dev’s wives tell him about the dispute between Chandra Dev and Shani Dev. Hanuman thinks his mother’s fast will not be completed if Shani Dev casts a full glance on Chandra Dev. Hanuman says why can Shani Dev not look at anyone directly. They tell him that his wife only cursed him. He is surprised. Chandra Devs wife tells him the incident.

A flashback is shown. One day, Shani Dev’s wife was getting ready. She asks her Daasi’s to make her look extra beautiful today. She is indeed looking very beautiful. The Daasi’s tease her. Shani Dev’s wife gets happy. Swami will be smitten if he sees me thus. A Daasi informs her that he just went to his room. Shani Dev;s wife goes in Shani Dev’s room. He is doing puja. A Daasi advises her to make sound from her

anklets. She does so. He is busy in puja. She thinks to stand in front of him. He wont be able to take his eyes off me today! Shani Dev’s wife comes before Shani Dev. He is still looking straight in full concentration. All her attempts to catch his attention fail. She swirls before him but in vain. She says I got especially ready for you. Please look at me once. Where are you lost? She is getting impatient as her Swami is not reacting at all. I got ready for you. Look at me once. Can you not hear me? You did not look at me once. You are disrespecting my beauty. Your eyes are waste that you cannot even look at anyone. From now on you wont be able to see see directly at not just me but anyone. I curse you. Whoever you look directly at from now on will be destroyed! Shani Dev has been praying to Narayan. Flashback ends.

Hanuman says it was wrong. Chandra Dev’s wife says the effect of SHani Dev’s glance is very dangerous. Chandra Dev is already under its effect partially.

Husband and wife run the chariot of life together. They should not do anything that can create problems for anyone. They should always think good of each other.

They hear some sound. Hanuman is sure it is some Asura who is headed their way. They tell him about the danger on Amrit. He assures them no one can even touch Amrit till he is here. He takes their leave.

The Asuras reach the place where Amrit has been kept. The guards warn them not to step forward but the Asuras know no one can kill them. They kill all the guards. The Asuras are happy thinking no one can stop them now. Hanuman reaches there just then. I will stop you! They are unhappy to see Hanuman there. Hanuman says I am death of Asuras like you. Wherever Asuras will be, I will also be there. They tell him that he cannot do any harm to them. Only Narayan’s Nar Avatar can kill us. The leader tells other Asuras to pick up the Amrit Kalash. Chandra Dev’s wives request Hanuman to stop the Asuras from getting hold on Amrit. Hanuman assures them of the same.

Chandra Dev feels that SHani Dev is following him. I should reach some place where he cannot see or reach me. Shani Dev calls out after him to stop but Chandra Dev increases the speed of his chariot. Shani Dev tells him to stop. It doesn’t suit a God to run like this. The meteors blast because of Shani Dev’s anger.

Narad ji is worried as neither of the Gods is thinking about the world. Both the Gods know that no one can escape whatever is bound to happen. Chandra Dev is under Shani Dev’s effect but Shani Dev must understand it. Chandra Dev increases the pace of his chariot.

Shani Dev has forgotten the language of justice and injustice in his anger. He is neither worried about the world nor Amrit. He only wants to punish Chandra Dev. Justice does not only mean punishing someone but is also means forgiving someone.

Anjana is worried for Hanuman. Something wrong is going on up in the sky. They hear the sound of blasts. Kesari feels helpless. Nani prays for Hanuman’s well being.

Narad ji greets Shani Dev. What you are doing is wrong. Shani Dev asks him if it suits a God to run away like this. Narad ji reasons that Chandra Dev is doing this as he is under your effect. You are well aware of this fact. It will be a disaster if Asuras make use of this fight. They can steal the Amrit. Shani Dev blames Chandra Dev for it. He should understand it better. He is responsible for all this. No one can save him from my anger now. He leaves. Narad ji thinks to do something.

Hanuman tells Mata Rohini he wont let the Asuras go towards Amrit. He stands in between the Asuras and Amrit. He beats the Asuras. He even cuts the head of one Asura but the Asura is still alive. The Asuras do get hut when Hanuman hits them but don’t die. They tell him that he is not capable to kill them. No one will be able to do anything to me. Hanuman is in thoughts. Chandra Dev’s wives are worried.

Anjana prays to Mahadev. My son went up there to complete my fast. Protect him. hope no problem befalls him. Kesari assures him he will be fine. he has overcome bigger problems in past.

The Asuras advise Hanuman not to waste time. Hanuman is in a fix. These Asuras are not dying and Chandra Dev is also not here. How will my mother complete her fast this way?

Precap: Hanuman has been chained by the Asuras. He cannot increase or decrease his size. The Asuras tell him not try in vain. This darkness gives us immense powers. Till the time the moon rises, no one will be able to do anything to us. The Asura heads towards the Amrit Kalash. Hanuman looks determined.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

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      meri aashiqui tumse hi? I only watch the shows I write…i do watch a few episodes of the serials when a new twist is going on. i dont regularly follow any though

  3. Hanuman is so cute, so much worried for his mother ♡♡♡ 🙂 Anjanaputra. ♥

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