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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The world runs because of Panch Tatva – earth, air, water, fire and sky. If any of the elements stop then the world will be misbalanced.

Lankesh is boggled at the turn of events. Something very important is happening in the world or how can something go so wrong. The Asuras are having trouble breathing. It starts showing an effect on Lankesh too. He calls out for Gurudev Shukracharya. Dashanan needs you. Be here soon please. Guru Shukracharya appears there. Everyone greets him. Lankesh asks him what’s happening. Guru Shukracharya says you were too engrossed in your celebrations. You overlooked the situation. Lankesh accepts his mistake. But what is actually happening? Why has everything gone so weird? Guru Shukracharya says all the Gods want to revive that same vanar

kid whose death you are celebrating here. Nature and future clashed. This is the result of that only. Lankesh screams in denial. This cannot happen! Gods will have to pay for it.

Indra Dev is tensed to see all the Gods breathing heavily. Surely Vayu Dev is behind it! You cannot do it. Narad ji appears there. Vayu Dev is already doing it. He has called back all his tatvas. The world is heading to destruction. There is lack of air. Even the Gods are affected by it. Its all happening because of you. There is still time. Give Maruti his life back or things will get worse. Devraj Indra refuses to budge from his decision. Other Gods request him not to act stubborn. Narad ji tells Indra Dev to think once again. Your son too has to bear the pain of the injustice done by you. Indra Dev rushes to his son as he has a fainting spell. We are immortal. Nothing can happen to us. Narad ji hints that it can lead to doom.

Vayu Dev proved it to Devraj that he cannot run the world without Vayu. No one is less in the world. Everyone is best suited at his place. We should never think low of anyone or underestimate anyone.

Vayu Dev challenges Indra Dev. I too am a God. How will you save the world now? You should realise it by now that this is the result of your injustice only.

Devraj Indra’s son is almost on the point of choking. Indra Dev sticks to his decision. Narad ji points out that they are immortal so they wont die. But they will live a worse life by yearning to breathe every second of life. Indra Dev’s wife advises her husband not to take a mother’s curse. Agree before everything is destroyed! All the Gods are upset because of your act. You should realise it by now that it is all happening because of your arrogant! Indra Dev’s son tells his father that he can save his son yet he is acting all stubborn. I will end my life as such a life is of no use. Indra Dev is taken aback by his son’s words. His wife adds that he is a Devraj. Other Gods under him are like his son for him too. You have to take care of them and not punish them for any reason. No one else has broken any of your rules. They will have to lose their lives because of your one wrong decision! Indra Dev’s son faints. I wont let this happen. My son will have to get up! He invokes Vajra. Narad ji wonders who Indra Dev is going to hurt now. Indra Dev disappears from there.

Kesari prays for Anjana. Please send the son of a mother back.

Mother earth tells Indra Dev if he still acts stubborn then she will finish everything. My anger will not stop. Indra Dev realises that everything is happening because of Mother Earth.

Narad ji and other Gods request Tridev to do something. Indra Dev’s stubbornness has brought death for us.

Indra Dev orders Mother Earth to stop it. She refuses to follow his orders even if he ends her. Your Indra Loka is safe, your family is safe. He shares that his son is in pain. He cannot breathe. She relates it to Anjana’s son. Vajra is a dangerous weapon. You should have thought well before using it. You killed that Maruti who was born to help Shree Rama in his pious acts. Dint you think of it even once before using the Vajra? Dint your hands shake once when you hit him? Vajra disappears. He requests her to calm down now but she wants him to rectify his mistake first. Don’t increase my anger. Go away!

Indra Dev next requests Tridevis to help him. My son is in pain. Please do something. Ma Saraswati says you son’s pain brought you here. Don’t you understand what some other mother must be going through? Indra Dev apologizes to them for he has realised Anjana’s pain now. Ma Lakshmi says the best king is the one who can see all the kids as his own. He nods. I am feeling very bad. Ma Parvati says we are mothers too. It is unbearable for us to see any kid dying or getting separated from his or her family. Your act has separated one little kid from his mother. That mother’s anger has deeply stirred every mother’s grief / anger. The world is in a mess because of that only. Your son is also paying for it. You still have time to correct your mistake or!

Vayu Dev says sorry to Mahadev. I could not get your ansh his life back. I couldn’t give Anjana her son back. Now I will end myself. All my Marut-gan too will end in the Agni with me. He looks tearfully at Maruti. He bows down before Shivlinga once and then chants Mantras to invoke Yogagni. Yogagni appears. Vayu Dev says the one who cannot fulfil their said promises has no right to live. I too failed in my promise. I have no right to live.

Precap: Vayu Dev asks Yogagni to free him from this sad life. Anjana faints. Kesari rushes to her side. All the Gods appear in the cave including Indra Dev. Vayu Dev says you started it now I will end it. Kesari tries to shake Anjana but she isn’t responding. Kesari looks at the Shivlinga.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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