Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman and Jitantak are looking for Bhushan.

Kesari comes in courtroom. Everyone gets up to welcome him. Vali asks Sugriv to sit in his place. Sugriv obliges. Vali welcomes Kesari while sitting on the throne. I welcome you in Maharaj Vali’s Mahasabha. Kesari says you don’t welcome elders like this. Someone has cast an evil eye on your behaviour. Why are you taking a wrong path? Vali is irked. I wont hear anyone’s lectures anymore. You can tell them to Hanuman. You are anyways old now. It isn’t the time for you oldies to sit on the throne but younger people like me. Sugriv tries to say something but Vali shouts at him to be quiet. Don’t dare to counter your Maharaj! Kesari is shocked.

The Naag’s drag Bhushan to another corner when Hanuman and Jitantak

come there. Bhushan struggles to free himself. Jitantak says I heard something again. he notices a shadow on the ground. There is someone behind us. Hanuman turns and finds Jatayu there along with his soldiers. Hanuman and Jitantak greet him. Jatayu asks about Bhushan. Hanuman shares that he went to get some fruits but is still not back. We are looking for him only. The Naag’s try to pull Bhushan towards a cave. They hide as she see some shadow. Chitraketu notices someone’s hand (Bhushan). Naag’s are in Garud area? On the other hand, Jatayu assures Hanuman that Bhushan is their guest. We will find him safely. Chitraketu joins them. I saw Bhushan near a tree a moment back. Hanuman says we already checked there but couldn’t find him. Jatayu is pleasantly surprised to see Chitraketu. I thought you dislike Hanuman. Chitraketu says I have nothing against him personally. I only said what I felt was right for our state. It is my duty to look after our guests. He sends his few soldiers in another direction to search for Bhushan. Hanuman takes their leave. Jatayu orders the soldiers to find Bhushan.

Bhushan frees himself and runs away. The Naag’s chase him. Chitraketu finds Bhushan. Bhushan requests him to save him. Some Naag’s were trying to forcibly take me with them. Chitraketu says where they are. The Naag’s come there just then. Chitraketu scolds them for not taking care of even a little kid. Bhushan is taken aback. Chitraketu hands him back to the Naag’s. The Naag’s apologize. He was using extra energy. Chitraketu tells them to go away asap as soldiers are looking for him. I will also be penalised if anyone sees him here. Meghasur will be glad to see him. Tell him I wait for my prize. Bhushan realises that Chitraketu is on Meghasur’s side.

Flashback shows Meghasur asking Chitraketu to help him. I will make you the Maharaj of Garud’s. Chitraketu agrees. Kalnemi guides him what is to be done. Flashback ends.

Chitraketu tells Bhushan to go with the Naag’s peacefully if he wants his father. They hear Hanuman calling out for Hanuman. Bhushan goes with them. chitraketu thinks if Hanuman would have seen him covering the cave then it would have been a problem. Hanuman and Jitantak come there. They ask about Bhushan. Chitraketu suggests him to rest. I will bring him to you. Hanuman refuses to rest without his friend. He continues his search. Chitraketu thinks how he will find out the one here who is not here at all.

Jitantak is sure his friend Bhushan is in some problem. Hanuman says the one with a pure heart, and the one who is eager to help everyone all the time will be saved by God. Chitraketu pretends to keep looking around for Bhushan.

Jatayu says Bhushan cannot go out. he must be here only. Hanuman is sure Bhushan is in some problem. Jatayu shares how he has the boon to look till 100 yojan (miles). I will fly to find out about Bhushan.

Kalnemi tells Meghasur that they cannot stay here for long. Jatayu can fly till 100 yojan. If he sees us here then it will be a problem. Meghasur is sure no one can see them under earth now. Meghasur is happy to see Bhushan appear there. Bhushan thinks Meghasur and Chitraketu are together in this.

Jatayu flies in air but cannot see Bhushan anywhere. Hanuman feels bad. If I wouldn’t have let him go alone at night then he would have been here with us.

Meghasur tells Kalnemi to stop worrying now. Panchfann’s son is here now. Not Jatayu but Kalnemi kidnapped your father as per the plan. He is my captive. Do you want him? Bhushan nods. what do you have against my father? Please free him. Meghasur agrees. He says something in Bhushan’s ears (inaudible). Bhushan is shocked. Impossible! I cannot cheat my friend Hanuman. Meghasur says what kind of son you are. You cannot cheat your friend for your father? Hanuman brought his father back from Kaal Loka. Meghasur warns Bhushan to listen to him or he will see his father dead tomorrow. Bhushan denies. Hanuman saved my life. I cannot cheat him like this. Please say something else. Meghasur wonders how he can be so faithful to a vanar instead of his father. You finalised your father’s death by refusing my proposal. He asks Kalnemi to sacrifice Panchfann. Do tell him how his son refused to help him. bhushan kneels down before him. Please free my father. Don’t kill him. meghasur helps him stand. Listen to me and free your father. Bhushan sadly leaves with the Naag’s.

Meghasur says if it was not destiny that only a little kid can move that wing from its place then I would have killed Panchfann and his son long ago. They can be a danger to me anytime. I will fulfil this task as soon as I get hold of that wing.

A few soldiers drag that Acharya (protector of the wing). I cannot use that mantra for any other species than Garud’s. He asks Chitraketu to protect him. Chitraketu calls himself as would be Maharaj. Go with the Naag’s now and help them. Acharya rebukes him. You will also be punished along with the Naag’s. They again hear Hanuman and Jitantak calling out for Bhushan.

Precap: Chitraketu speaks against Bhushan. Jatayu and everyone check the cage. Neither the special wing, nor Acharya is there. Chitraketu doubts Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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