Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Aksha is shocked as to how hanuman is thwarting his every attempt. Hanuman is amazed at his grand bravery, and says that he doesnt feel like killing this demon at all but he has to stop him, or else his work stands stopped. aksha decides to use more powerful weapon, while hanuman makes a mad dash for him, while ht eground vibrates with every step. he then takes flight, and approaches him, but aksha tries to thwart his progression with his weapons. hanuman tells him that he cant stop him, and asks aksha to refrain back.

Meanwhile, Raavan is sure that his brave son shall defeat hanuman and kill him, and avenge the death of warriors. mandodari however is concerned for the safety of her son. In solitude, she is apalled wondering what

shall happen now.

The rest of the monkeys of hanuman’s team, start getting impatient, and wonder whether he is in such danger that he isnt able to return back. but jaamvant says that he is sure that he has finished the work by now.

meanwhile aksh confronts hanuman, and says that its been enough and he knows that he stands great love and affection for that woman, due to whom he has come to lanka, and says that he shall use her only now as his defence. showing him a weapon, says that this is directed at him, and if he manages to stop it, then he shall go to that lady and himself see that she meets her doom. hanuman stands tensedly. aksha says that now he shall see, who he tries to stop, his weapon or his progression towards the lady. hanuman is enraged as he hears this, and thinks that its his fault, and he should think of this fellow as a demon, and not as a young chap. aksha fires the weapon, and challenges hanuman and rushes away. hanuman is boggled what to do now, to save sita. akasha continues to instigate him. hanuman gets in his flight, and then finds both of them approaching sita with great speed, as he is running out of time. he decides to use do something fast. Meanwhile, hanuman uses aksha’s wepon on him only, and he winces in pain. hanuman confronts him and asks how dare he even think about hurting sita, and by committing such a heinous crime, he stands for punishment. hanuman says that by trying to hurt sita, he has made himself liable to his attack. aksha reprimands him too, and vehemently proclaims that he shall kill him as well as sita. hanuman says that he invited his own ire, and that now he shall be killed. hanuman takes him a whirlwind and finally kills him. as one by one his metal pieces start falling, mandodari watches his mannequin, and understands the inevitable. hanuman is in deep rage, as he kills him off. his screams reverberate off, while aksha’s screams reach raavan’s ears and is apalled. hanuman wonders if any of his eapons reached sita, and is relieved to see her safe. and is oerwhelmed that due to the lord’s blesings, she is safe. he begs for her blessings, so that he can finish his task, and then return back to ram, to give her mssage. she senses him and then finding him, she blesses him. hanuman says that all is okay now, and that he shall have to face other demons with full power.

As raavan and his family watch the dead body apalled, the weather gets turbulent. the commander says that the monkey with great cruelty, broke him into pieces, and some of his organs are still missing. mandodari comes to eye the dead body. she screams out seeing aksha like that, and starts callously reprimanding raavan and his false ego. aditi asks her to control herself, as whats her plight today shall be hers tomorrow too. they are all apalled and distraught. they both in grief reach out to him, and ask him how does he stand the grief and explain it too. raavan asks the commander to arrange for the final rites.

While everyone is in grief, Raavan does the final rites, and mandodari and aditi try to talk sense into him, and beg him to still rectify the situation, and think before he does anything else. raavan complies, and says that now he shall rectify his mistake. mandodari asks if this means he shall free sita. raavan denies and proclaims that now he shall send his son, Meghnad to defeat and get the cruel hanuman. aditi and mandodari are shocked. The screen freezes on ravan’s, meghnad’s and hnuman’s faces.


Precap: hanuman tries to face this new demon that raavan has sent, but due to invisibility, as meghnad comes in a gush of wind, hanuman is taken aback. he hollers at the demon to expose himself, and face him like a true warior. Meghnad finally shows himsef. hanuman is tensed to see him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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