Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman asks everyone to stop as soon as he notices the shadow closing in on them. Everyone looks at him confused. He feels the earth shaking. They all try to stand together. Anjana says maybe some disaster is going to happen. The kids shout for help. The mountain begins to break and pieces begin to fall down on them. They stand by the edge of the put holding hands. They all try to duck so as to save themselves. Hanuman hears some strange sound. Lightning strikes. Kesari moves ahead to check but Hanuman tells him and everyone to stick to their place. Landslide is happening as well. Kesari tells everyone to be careful.

Kaal Dev thinks Kaal is doing its work. My Yamduts will soon bring Kesari to him. Yam is by rules only.

Hanuman asks everyone not to even move from their

place. They stand on a piece of mountain. Hanuman’s friends ask Hanuman to help. All the mountain range disappears in minutes. They end up standing on one piece of mountain only. The rest of it is gone. They stand on a mountain peak and find it difficult to stay upright. Anjana says anything can happen anytime. Hanuman says you only taught me not to give up hopes till the end time. Hanuman keeps his fist on the centre. They are able to maintain balance because of the same. Kesari applauds him. The one who tries succeeds. Do it fast. Hanuman tells everyone to stick to their place come what may. He worriedly says Ma. Anjana tells him not to worry about her. I am fine. Do something about this problem. Marjarika prays to Mahadev. Take my life if some unknown danger is lurking on Hanuman’s family. He has called me Ma too. Keep his family safe please. Hanuman’s friends ask him to place a stone in his place and try flying up. Hanuman knows the mountain will not stay stable then. I have to think of a solution fast.

Kaal Dev says no one can find any way to save themselves when Kaal is angry. This is the punishment of Kaal.

Hanuman’s friends request him to do something. Anjana too tells Hanuman to do something. I haven’t taught you not to help others. He agrees. He recalls his Gurudev’s teaching to him. He closes his eyes to concentrate so as to look for a solution to the problem. He gets up and makes Sakha hold the piece of mountain. He tells everyone to hold onto their place. He flies up in air with them. Everyone looks relieved.

Kaal Dev gets angry. Hanuman saved his family again! But Kaal’s hands are too long. It is impossible to escape them. I will attack again. You wont be able to save your father then. Everyone will have to follow rules.

Everyone cheers for Sankat Mochan Hanuman as he brings them to a safer place. Hanuman still looks worried. He hugs his parents one by one sadly. Kesari thinks Hanuman saw the bad dream first. The flag was about to fall on me only. Is it happening because of me? He asks Hanuman what happened. The problem is over now. Hanuman wonders what if it was still there. You all have come here because of me only. What if something had gone wrong? Everyone’s life was in danger. His friends say you are not at fault. You helped us. Kesari knows Hanuman is thinking about the dream. I too thought of it for once but Earthquake is natural. We must not give it too much thought. Anjana says even if it’s happening because of some reason then it will all end after completing the puja only. Hanuman agrees. We should resume our journey now. Kesari tells everyone against it. No one will go ahead. I will complete the journey alone. You all will head back from here. Anjana says Swami but he stays put. I cannot risk everyone’s life because of me. I will go alone from here. Nani and Anjana speak against it but Kesari says this is my order. I am the King. Follow my order.

Kaal Dev smiles. Kesari is intelligent. He has chosen to save his family and sacrifice his life. It is the duty of the head of the family. You should do your duty and I will do mine! You have made it easy for me.

Hanuman says it is your pitr-dharma and raj dharma to save everyone. You taught me the same thing. Should I not follow my putr-dharma then? How can I go away from you even after sensing the problem which can come on you?

Anjana says your problem is mine as well. I have to follow the dharma of our relation. The kids points out that citizens are also family of the King. We have to be with you too just like you stay with us all the time. Hanuman asks his father if he would have left him alone in the middle of a problem too. Kesari looks helplessly at them. Let anything happen to me but I wont be able to see all of you in pain because of me. Anjana says everyone stands with you in happier times but those who stick by our side in times of trouble are our well wishers only. Pain goes away when it gets divided. Hanuman says father only taught us that strength is in unity. We will face it together. Kesari does not want to put anyone’s life in risk. Hanuman says I am your son. I cannot leave you alone even if you punish me to not following your order. Kesari gets emotion. You are my everything son. Punishing you would be like punishing myself. Hanuma requests him to allow them to accompany him. Kesari agrees. We will all go together and face any problem together. Hanuman thinks to be extra careful now to take care of everyone.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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