Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari is looking for a letter. Maruti’s tail gives it to him. Kesari looks at Maruti with surprise. Looks like you have become friends with your tail. Maruti says I had come to share this only. Just like Maruti listens to you, my tail has started listening to me. He goes out to share the good news with his friends. Kesari calls him naughty.

The kids are playing a game. Neel wins. The other kids applaud him. You are best in everything. Neel confidently boasts about his talents. Another round of game starts. Nal ducks to avoid getting hit by the ball. It is about to hit Maruti but his tail catches the ball in time. Everyone looks on in amazement. Maruti signals his tail. It throws the ball. The ball hits a big stone and it breaks. It comes back to where it had started from.

Vrikshasur decides to teach a lesson to Maruti. I will soon make him realise what power is! Neel again boasts about himself. You listened to me, right! Maruti gives credit to his father. Now my tail is my best friend. My father has solution for every problem. Maruti too wants to play. The kids agree and resume the game. Neel signals Maruti to throw the ball. Maruti throws the ball. Neel ducks but poor Nal gets hit again. He sits down on the ground holding his head. Maruti and all the kids rush to his side. Maruti offers him his hand. Nal takes it. Maruti apologizes to his friend. Nal says it is nothing new to get hurt while playing. You dint hit me intentionally so don’t say sorry. No sorry or thank you in friendship. Maruti hugs Nal. All the kids have a smile on their face.

Anjana is sewing something for Maruti. Kesari asks for Maruti. The day is incomplete without seeing his naughty antics.

One kid is studying. The other kids hide and look on from a distance. Maruti asks them about it but the kids signal him to be quiet.

Anjana tells Kesari about Maruti’s new friends. He wants to go to school now. Kesari thinks that Maruti is still very young. We have to enjoy his innocence. He has grown up in body but his mind is still that of a kid. Anjana nods.

One of the kids (Sushil) put a rope in the back of alongside the tail of that kid (Gandhmadan) who is studying. Maruti is getting anxious. Nal calls out for Gandhmadan on the pretext of showing something. Gandhmadan closes his books.

Anjana agrees with Kesari. I too want Maruti to enjoy his childhood. He will be surely learning something new / positive while spending time with his friends from school.

Gandhmadan starts walking but he hears some strange noise. He stops to check but cannot see anything unusual. He turns round and round and find what’s been attached next to his tail. Nal explains to Maruti that they are vanar putra’s, friends. They are bound to enjoy together. Maruti talks to his Sakha (tail) about it. Let’s do something.

Maruti notices a soldier closing the gates of the palace. He opens it with the help of his Sakha as soon as the soldier goes away. Kesari has been watching it with surprise. Maruti’s tail is as unusual as him. It extends as per Maruti’s wish and enjoys just like Maruti. Maruti jumps with joy. Kesari says Hey Mahadev, it is becoming impossible for me to understand my son’s act just like your leela’s. Maruti turns and finds his father standing there. He looks down. Commander scolds the guard for leaving the door open. Why isn’t it locked? Kesari comes and stands next to Maruti. Maruti thinks that he will be scolded now. Kesari tells the commander not to be upset. He tells the guard to be more alert. There is a naughty kid in the house now. Commander leaves. Kesari kneels down. You were troubling them. Maruti says I was only playing with my Sakha. I wont do it if you say so. Kesari explains that he is not against play. But such fun which brings anger for someone is not good. Maruti agrees not to do it again. Kesari lovingly cups his son’s face.

Maruti asks for milk. Anjana is waiting for the milkman to bring milk. It is time for Maruti to drink milk. She is anxiously looking out of the window. Maruti waits patiently. A daasi keeps water on the bedside table. Maruti extends his tail and picks up the jug. He keeps it beside the washed clothes. His Sakha keeps the clothes somewhere else. Kesari has been watching him from far. Maruti calls out for his Ma. I am thirsty. Please give me water. She goes to get it but doesn’t find it there. Next, fruits disappear from a fruit basket that the daasi has been carrying. Maruti is about to eat it. Kesari reminds him that he cannot eat anything except milk before Anna-Prashan. He instead sits down to eat all those fruits. Poor Maruti looks on sadly.

Anjana comes there with daasi’s. She asks about the fruits. Who brought them here? She turns to the other side sadly. She looks in the mirror. The father and son are talking. Kesari calls Maruti naughty. Who will bear your mom’s anger now? Maruti takes his name. Anjana turns towards them. Now I understand everything. You both were in this together. The son is exactly like a father. You knew about your son’s antics? Kesari nods. Anjana feels bad. I thought I was having some problem in seeing things. You both have troubled me. It wasn’t right. She leaves with tears in her eyes. Maruti holds her hand. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. I wont repeat it. Please forgive me and my Sakha. Kesari too says sorry. Maruti is a kid. He is innocent. I shouldn’t have behaved this way with you though. Maruti and Kesari call it a prank. I too became a kid with Maruti. Please smile once. Forgive us both. Anjana walks away and they both follow her.

Kesari and Maruti sing a song to make her smile (such a cute one!). ANjana finally gives in. She too starts singing with them. They share a family hug.

Precap: Kesari and Maruti hold their ears. Now we both will never make this mistake again. Anjana explains that the fun should be in a limit. It can hurt otherwise. Vali says Vrikshasur and my enemy is same. I have to take that Markat in Vrikshasur’s limit.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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