Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman trying to fly but there is a shield that keeps him down. Pushkar says do you have any other solution hanuman ji? Hanuman says yes this shield is protected by gandharv’s power, it can be broken by their attacks only. Hanuman then says divyhasta I don’t think you can do anything to me. Hanuman says we are protected by the bhakti of lord ram. Divyhast gets angry and says protection from that raghuvanshi? No one can protect you now. divyhast attacks on hanuman. hanuman dodges and the shield Is hit by the weapon, it weakens. As hanuman dodges, divyhasta attacks and weakens the shield. Hanuman then says divyhasta you truly don’t have any power as your attacks are slow. Divyahasta is angry and attacks a fast attack which hits the dome, it breaks. Pushkar

says the plan worked hanuman ji! Hanuman says yes pushkar, sometimes you have to use intelligence rather than strength. Hanuman and pushkar fly out. Divyhasta and all gandharva are angry. Divyhasta says no! follow them everyone. Pushkar shouts, divyhasta sometimes use your brains too!
There lord ram says yamraj tell me the message straight, why are you taking trouble? Don’t worry, tell me what it is. Yamraj says shree ram, like your other forms, your purpose on earth is over and you have been called back by brahma dev to vaikunth. All the gods are shocked and sad. Lord ram looks at the statue of sita and looks at yamraj and smiles. Yamraj says brahma dev sent me to give you this message.
There hanuman feels something as he and pushkar land beside everyone. Luv and kush give pushkar his bow and arrow. As the demons come, bharat says stay alert, the gandharva have come. Everyone see the demons and hanuman says warriors you have to attack your arrows on these demons to stop them. Everyone remove their divya arrows and attack, shatrugan attacks chandrakavach astra and it creates a shield around them to protect them from the weapons of gandharva. Divyahasta tells his demons to attack, they all together attack weapons and spears. These weapons hit the shield and try to push the shield and make it weak. Mama shree is sad and says if they lose, it will be on my head, because of me lord ram’s army will have to face defeat. Hanuman says we will defeat the gandharva today. Hanuman flies near the shield, he holds the shield so that it doesn’t close. Divyhasta sees and says demons attack more weapons so the shield will be destroyed. Hanuman tells bharat that the shield will be destroyed so if the rest of your arrows go through, then make place for your divya arrow to go from the hole between one spear, it will hit tamukh. Bharat says yes.
There laxman is waiting outside and now durvasha rishi comes and sees laxman. He says laxman why is lord ram’s door closed? Is it closed for me? In heaven, varun dev says no0w durvasha rishi will play his part. Durvasha says laxman go and tell lord ram that I have come to meet him, now! laxman says but rishi lord ram is busy in another work. Durvasha says angrily that so now a rishi will be told to stop in ayodhya? Don’t you know my anger laxman? Durvasha thinks I am sorry lord ram and laxman, but I have to do this as told by param pita brahma dev. Laxman says no rishi. Laxman thinks durvasha rishi is known for his anger, if he curses us all, then ayodhya and everyone will be in trouble. Durvasha says loudly laxman! Laxman is scared.
There the shield breaks and hanuman says now brother bharat. Bharat attacks his arrows and the previous arrows hit the weapons, bharats arrows goes through a spear and hits tamukh, he dies. The other arrows hit all the gandharva demons and they are killed too. Divyhasta is shocked and says no! what is there so much in you earth people, how could you kill my soldiers? Hanuman says divyhasta, this is the power of lord ram, lord ram forgives the evil and you have a chance to ask for forgiveness. Divyahasta thinks no! I will not say sorry, I am alone capable to kill you all.
There laxman thinks it is better for me to accept the death sentence, I will go in. laxman thinks it is better to die than to put everyone else in danger. Laxman opens the door as yamraj is telling lord ram that your time is over shree ram. Lord ram and yamraj see laxman. Laxman is shocked to see yamraj. Lod ram is shocked. lord ram says laxman what have you done? Laxman is about to tell about durvasha but yamraj says laxman don’t you know what promise lord ram gave me? Why did you come in before I finished what I had to say! why did you come in before I allowed anyone inside. Yamraj says prabhu shree ram, you have to do what has to be done now, you have to give death sentence to laxman. Laxman looks down and lord ram is sad.

Precap: durvasha rishi says this death sentence can be avoided if food made by devi sita is given to everyone. Laxman says how can mata sita’s handmade food be brought when she is not here? hanuman comes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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