Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Shukracharya appears in miniature form in the kamandal, to stop the flow of the blessed waters. bali expresses his dilemma to the brahmachari. he says that he shall resolve it instantly. Bal Brahmacharya picks up a straw and tries to probe through the funnel mouth of the Kamandal, but shukracharya faces every move and ducks it, until once it hits him in the eye, and he disappears. the kamandal is clean, and bali promises with the blessed waters exactly what the bal brahmachari wanted him to. shukracharya appears in mortal form just then, with his pricked eye, and baali is shocked to see this. shukracharya is enraged that bali didnt listen to his gur, and curses him that he shall have to relinquish all powers

and be stripped of all his name, fame and powers. he is tensed. Shukracharya vanishes. Hanuman asks what did he want in three feet and asks what happened, that enraged shukracharya so much so. she says that this is god’s weird tale, as to how he got shukracharya to get enraged, so that in his hatred, he curses baali like that. hanuman understands and then is eager to know what happened next. she says that she shall narrate and tells about how shukracharya vanished, after cursing. bali accepts the curse silently and turns towards the vaaman avatar. he apologises for any delay in the daan due to shukracharya. he begs him to ask for his three feet daan. The child brahmachari takes up a grand form, while bali is aghast. all the lords bow down to him. bali is overwhelmed to have been the part of his blessed tale. with the first step, he takes the earth and the second, he takes up the universe and all of space, and then continues to ask baali, what should he place his third feet on. bali is stunned and shell shocked. he says that he doesnt have anything else left, but to keep his promise, he presents his head for him to keep the third feet on. he complies. all watch in amazement. he places his feet on him and thrusts him into pataal lok, and there Vaaman appears in the form of lord vishnu. vishnu tells bali that his genrosity shall be told for years to come. he proclaims him that he shall always be the master of the pataal lok, till the end of time, and soemtime, he shall also ascend the throne of heaven. After completing this tale, saraswati asks what he mearnt. hanuman says that the lord never does injustice to bali, and secondly, one should never deny the guru’s orders, and finally, the person who gives, gains a lot too, just like Bali too. she says that in one manner, bali himself got the lord. he says that the knowledge that he gets makes him humble towards the lord, and is highly thankful to goddess saraswati. he talks about the 6th avatar. she says that this time, he appeared as an aggressive and great warriror. he begs to know about it more. she says that he was born in treta yug, in the reign of King Kartiverya, who had powers, that got his to become proud and egoist, as he had the power of 1000 arms. he is served fruits and other delicacies, while he gets angry that this isnt the right time to come and punishes them for coming in his personal intimate time, with his wives. hanuman is apalled to hear of such inhuman behaviour. she says that the kings then were always atrocious and cruel on their people, and for that itself, vishnu appeared as the fifth son, of Renuka and Jamdavini. hanuman asks how he became a great warrior, and who perfected him in his battle skills. she says that shiva himself gave this skill to him, and not only skills, but also powerful weapons. Parshuram practises with shiva, who is impressed with his skills, and his way of handling weaponry. he bows down to the lord, and gives the credit to his teaching. shiva likes his humility, and says that he has been bestowed with many weapons, but for the successful completion of his training, he shall provide him with the weapon that noone has held till now. he gives him the Parsa, which earned him the name, Parshuram. shiva says that this shall mark his name. hanuman hears intently. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Saraswati tells hanuman that Renuka was famous for her devout devotion to her husband, and the rituals to be performed therein. he finds a gandharva playing with ladies in the water, and starts dreaming that she wont ever get a time like that. when she returns back, her husband is enraged anfd furious at her, and instructs his son to kill his mother for this act of shamelessness and infidelity. parshu complies.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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