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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram walks forward toward Hanuman. Hanuman touches his feet. Ram helps him get up. Everyone looks on teary eyed, with surprise. Ram envelops Hanuman in a hug. Hanuman is touched. A big halo surrounds them. All the Gods witness Ram and Hanuman in their original avatar. They come together in halves as well. The world shines brightly. People on earth are surprised.

Ravan’s Asuras (blood thirsty vampires and scary ghosts) are on their way to Ayodhya. They talk about their mission. We have to abduct Ram and take him to Lanka. We have to drink Hanuman’s blood. They are blinded by the light that is coming out from Ayodhya’s palace. They hide in a cave for their safety. This was certainly the aura of a very powerful Shakti!

Anjana too notices the bright aura in the air

/ sky. Nani is curious about the light. The world is lit up. Anjana too feels that a ray of hope has come out. It is hinting that Hanuman is fine. Nani prays for Hanuman’s well being.

Manthra comes out of trance. I actually forgot for a while that I came here to create a problem for the yagya! I must hurry up. She fails in doing so as the light blinds her vision. She drops the potli in a bowl of water kept before her.

The bright light reaches Lanka too. Ravan is taken aback. What did I do! I got thousands of innocent kids killed. Why am I so cruel? He comes out of his trance. What happened to me? I am Ravan. I can leave the earth bereft of any kids if I have to, in my search for that Narayan’s Nar Avatar. He gets lost in the aura once again. Why do I have to kill so many kids for finding one kid? They were not my enemies. Why should I be scared of them? Kalnemi greets him. Ravan cannot understand why his thoughts are changing. It is our tradition to kill people and spread terror. The dharma of Asuras is violence. Kalnemi can see that the bright aura is affecting Ravan. Ravan talks about following the path of truth and dharma. The light goes away as Kalnemi covers the area with curtains. Kalnemi says this light is affecting your thoughts. You are not an ordinary King. Nothing can affect you. How can you go against our dharma? How can you think against Mata Kaikasi’s ideals? Ravan says I know this light was the illusion created by that Narayan. He is plotting against me. I will never go against Rajmata and Asuras’ ideals! I am Ravan. Now I will set an empire of fear using violence only!

The bright light emanating from Hanuman and Ram’s unison is the light which takes every human being on the right path of truth and dharma. One such moment comes in everyone’s life. It depends on the person what he chooses. Such lights don’t affect people with wrong mindsets at all. People who use this light to alter their lives course for the right path gain benefit from it.

Raja Dashrath and Devi Kaushalya are glad to see their son happy finally. Bharat too is happy to see his brother happy. Raja Dashrath folds his hands before Vaid / Mahadev. The happiness of heart is above everything. We will give you whatever you want. Mahadev says the treatment is still incomplete. He thinks Hanuman’s treatment still needs to be done. A devotee should get his due. Mata Parvati holds a laddoo. She offers it to Ram. The Gods love the aroma of laddoos. It is as if Mata Annapurna has made them on her own. Mahadev replies that all the wives are Annapurna only. Think of these laddoos to be made by Mata Annapurna only. Ram feeds the laddoo to Hanuman with his own hands. Hanuman compliments it. Vayu Dev remarks that the devotee ate Prasad from God’s hands. Hanuman is treated now. Ram asks Hanuman how he is. Hanuman is glad that he met him. I got everything. Hanuman calls him Prabhu. Ram asks him to call him his friend. Hanuman smiles.

Mata Parvati offers a laddoo to Hanuman as well, so he can feed Ram too. Hanuman does so.

Precap: Mahadev asks Hanuman to come. It is time for us to leave. Devi Kaushalya stops them. Ram is upset as soon as he saw Hanuman leaving. Is it not possible that Hanuman can stay here with us? I will pay for it. Mahadev scolds him for being blind in love of money.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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