Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chitra and Rohini greet Chandra Dev. It is time for you to rise. Do it right away or there will be a big problem. He nods.

Hanuman continuously looks up at the sky.

The clouds begin to part. Light can be seen behind the clouds. Hanuman thinks to go up in the sky to check. He flies away. Hanuman pushes away the clouds on his way up. Chandra Dev becomes visible now. Everyone in the palace is happy. his friends cheer for him. Hanuman joins them once again. Anjana chants a mantra. Kesari says Hanuman can do anything for his mother. Nani asks Anjana to get her puja thaal. Anjana nods.

Rohini feels something is wrong with Swami. What did Tridev say? He shares that Tridev refused to help. They said that it is impossible to undo Shani Dev’s glance. When no one can

do anything about it then why should I also bother! Rohini has never seen her husband this angry. Is this the effect of Shani Dev’s glance? Chitra replies that this is just partial effect of Shani Dev. What if he casts a full glance upon Chandra Dev? Chandra Dev is angry to think about Tridev’s words. I got a little late in Devsabha and Shani Dev pointed fingers at me. Everyone sat there quietly while Shani Dev insulted me. No one asked me the reason behind the delay. His wives speak about what all he does for the world. He feels no one did anything for him. Someone could have stopped Shani Dev. Now I will show everyone what I am capable of! He retracts his light from the world. His wives are taken aback. They request him not to do it but in vain.

Anjana brings her puja thaal but by the time the moon is all dark. Hanuman is also boggled. Kesari says it looks like an untimely eclipse. How did it happen? All the people on earth notice it as well. Everyone is wondering why the light of moon got low.

Brahma Dev wonders what what Chandra Dev is doing. Mata Saraswati points out that his wives will also lose their powers in lack of moonlight. The world will be doomed. Narad ji remarks this will only give rise to evil and negative powers. What did Chandra Dev do!

Ravan and Guru Shukracharya also see the moon. Guru Shukracharya points out that this was not meant to happen today. Ravan does not mind it. Darkness is our power! My Asuras will be reaching Chandra Loka in no time. Amrit will come to me soon! He laughs evilly.

Ravan’s Asuras are on their way to Chandra Loka. This darkness is a good sign for us. Our powers have doubled. No one can stop us from taking the Amrit now.

Kesari finds this a sign of something destructive. Something is about to go wrong. Hanuman is worried for his mother. Anjana says no one knows what’s happening in the sky. Chandra Dev might come out in a while. Hanuman reasons that maybe Chandra Dev is in some problem. Marjarika fears it to be the effect of Shani Dev’s glance on Chandra Dev. Narad ji said it was about to happen. Anjana says there is still time for that. Something else has happened.

Shani Dev thinks I casted a partial glance on you in Devsabha. No one can stop you from falling in problems when I will look at you!

Chandra Dev’s wives tell Chandra Dev he dint do right. He replies that he very well knows what’s right or wrong. He notices Shani Dev almost near Chandra Loka. He advises his wives to protect Amrit. I am going underground. What will Shani Dev do when he will not find me? His wife tells him to face the problem but he wants to hide away. That is a better solution. He leaves on his chariot.

Chandra Dev got affected partially by Shani Dev on Devsabha. Everyone gets diverted because of Shani Dev’s glance. No one can escape it.

Hanuman asks his mother if she will continue to stay hungry if Chandra Dev does not come out. I will go up and check what’s happening. He flies up before Anjana or anyone can say anything to him.

Chandra Dev’s wives decide to be cautious regarding the Amrit in their Swami’s absence.

Hanuman wonders what’s happening in Chandra Loka. I will have to find a solution soon if there is indeed a problem. Till when will my mother stay hungry? Everyone at the palace is worried.

Shani Dev is pretty much near Chandra Loka. He casts his glance at Chandra Loka. A few blasts happen because of the same. Rohini and Chitra are tensed. Shani Dev calls out for Chandra Dev. Where are you hiding? I am here. You cannot escape me now. Shani Dev asks Chitra and Rohini about SHani Dev. They request him to calm down. We apologize to you in case our Swami has done something wrong. It wont do any good to you to destroy Chandra Loka. It does not suit you. you are known for doing justice. He tells them not to apologize. Just tell me where Chandra Dev is. They have no clue. This angers Shani Dev all the more. He turns to go. I will see till when you will escape me. no one could escape me ever. You too know this Chandra Dev!

The Asuras decide to increase their pace. On the other hand, Hanuman is also on his way to Chandra Loka. Chitra and Rohini ask the soldiers to be alert. It can be some Asura also. Hanuman greets them just then and introduces himself. I want to meet Chandra Dev. Is he not here? They tell him about the dispute between Chandra Dev and Shani Dev. Hanuman thinks his mother’s fast will not be completed if Shani Dev casts a full glance on Chandra Dev.

Precap: The Asuras reach Chandra Loka. They are unhappy to see Hanuman there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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