Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman telling ram that but I couldn’t save vibhishan and laxman from being injured and I am sorry. Laxman says hanuman being injured is just a ritual in war times and vibhishan says actually hanuman was the one who saved our lives. Ram smiles and then looks at hanuman vibhishan and laxman and in his eyes he sees everything and every detail of the war that hanuman vibhishan and laxman encountered against ravana and vibhishan.
There all sages are sitting and lankas high sage sits and he tells ravana to put all their favorite food of meghnad in this plate with his hands. Ravana does and is still crying and the other sage says your son died and ravana says its so hard for a dad to live with his sons death.
There ram hanuman laxman and everyone

are sitting in their camp. Vibhishan says we have to prepare as if ravana doesn’t become good even after his sons death then I wont be amazed as he is a cruel human.
Ravana wears his white clothes and is in the cave under his palace. He is angry and punches the rock and its breaks. Ravana then sees a diya still burning and says this seems a lifeline diya from my family and who is that person who is hiding from this war and from me. Advisor comes and says he is your own son.
There ram asks hanuman that what is troubling you? Hanuman says nothing and it seems something is coming towards us. Suddenly an orange lightning heads towards the camp. It lands and it is rishi agastya. Ram gets up with happiness and says rishi agastya. Everyone say Namaste. Hanuman remembers that agastya had met him and said he will guide him through his tour. Ram remembers agastya giving him a magic stone pillar that will protect ram against all odds. Agastya says that ram I came here to give you a warning and something big is about to come. Ram says come in rishi. Agastya says no I have to go and he goes. Ram is smiling. Hanuman says I am worried after what rishi agastya said.
There ravana says now I know that son and don’t take his name and he was born a demon so I buried him alive and he should be dead. Advisor says I have to take his name and haniram your son was born a devil but you told your wife to bury him alive even when she was crying. Ravana says then why didn’t he die? Advisor says because he is your son lankesh and he dug through the earth and landed in hell palace in hell and there asura mata was praying to goddess mata. She took him as son and made him a boy and he prayed with her too. Later asura mata left and your son got a wish from the goddess for his faith in her that he would be the most powerful demon ever. Your son then wanted to play with the kids in hells palace but they all pushed him for being a demon but the princess of hells palace(patal lok) made him brother and she played with him and her parents who were king and queen grew him up. Ravana says so he will fight for me now. Ravanas wife comes and says I knew you would know about this and please don’t do this for your ego and you have already lost everything. Ravana says you shut up and if my son cant fight for me then what is his use? Wife cries and tells advior to convince ravana. Advisor is sad and looks down. Wife says if you die let at least one hand be there to light fire for your funeral. Ravana says no if my son is alive then he will protect me so that I don’t die.
There hanuman says I and sakha will make a protective shield for you lord ram and protect you. Hanuman says I am worried by the message of rishi agastya and you don’t look worried my lord as ram is smiling.

Precap: ravanas son is praying in hell to goddess. Hanuman says I am drawing a safe protection line.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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