Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun Dev praises Gav’s movements before Surya Dev. Your disciple ventured straight ahead. See how he has fallen down now. My son is moving ahead after planning his every move. Vayu Dev reminds him light spreads when light burns itself. Hanuman gets up. It will be right to fight with them and then enter inside otherwise they will again fight when I will be coming out. Gav thinks to enter inside somehow first. If there comes any problem then I will use this mayavi ring. I will make every soldier unconscious and get inside. He touches that ring. The soldiers disappear. One can use it only when they see their opponent. I will have to wait for the right time.

Anjana comes to Matang Rishi’s ashram. She has come to seek his help. Anjana saw a bad dream. Nani, Marjarika and

Anjana request him to meditate. Please tell us if Hanuman is alright. Matang Rishi meditates. He gets to know about the competition that is being held right now between Hanuman and Gav. He shares that there has come an obstacle in Hanuman’s education. Hanuman has to give another test because of Varun Dev’s outlook. It is not at all an easy one. Anjana wants to know if Hanuman will fall in any problem. Matang Rishi affirms the fact. They all worry for Hanuman. He is all alone there. There must be some way to save him. Matang Rishi suggests Anjana to do some strong puja. Only then can the problem go away.

Hanuman tries to enter inside once again but falls down. Surya Dev and Vayu Dev feel bad for him. Hanuman has understood that there are 4 fighters here.

Mahadev is meditating. Nandi thinks it is wrong to put that little kid in such a big problem. Both Prabhu and Mata are meditating. How do I ask them about the injustice that is happening with Hanuman? He has only his own powers other than the ones bestowed to him by Gods. What if something happens to him? Along with the son of a God, he is being sent to a place / for a test in which his life can be at risk.

Surya Dev thinks everything will be finished if Hanuman loses today. He will have to win for the reason for which he has come here. Hanuman gets up once again. 4 fighters! They are visible only when they attack or their and their weapons come in contact with my body. Surya Dev smiles thinking Hanuman has understood the secret of the fighters’ disappearance. He will soon go past them.

Anjana decides to give up water as because of him (Varun Dev) a mother’s kid is in problem. Nani tells her against it. Hanuman’s training might take days. Matang Rishi advises ANjana to do Animesh fast.

Vayu Dev wishes Hanuman should not fall again. Varun Dev remarks that it will certainly happen. Hanuman manages to overtake one of the soldiers. He beats him and challenges the others to attack at him now.

Anjana has to look at Surya Dev without even blinking her eyes. This fast is really tough. Anjana can even lose her eyesight this way. Matang Rishi says Anjana will have to do this to protect her son. Anjana does not mind losing her eyesight. I will see my world through my son’s eyes if he is fine. I will keep Animesh fast. I will also keep Nirjala fast as well.

All the Gods are happy to see Hanuman fighting with the soldiers. Varun Dev is tensed. Hanuman should not get inside the Kaal-Kumbha before Gav. He encourages Gav to hurry up. Gav notices Hanuman being surrounded with the soldiers. I have understood the main point here because of you (Hanuman). They become visible when you hold their weapons. I will see them now. He too holds the spear of one of the soldiers. I will see how you become invisible now. Gav notices everyone looking at Hanuman. This is the right time to put Lankesh’s power to use. He presses the button on the ring. The soldiers fall at a distance at once. I should not engage in any sort of the fight with the soldiers. I should get the flag. I wont get such a chance again.

Narad ji says Gav and Hanuman are attacking as per their traits. Gav is aggressive which is why he chose the spear. Hanuman is home of immense strength. He lacks arrogance or ego and is full of good values. This is why he chose the shield. We should see who wins now.

Hanuman continues to fight with the soldiers. He finally manages to get up. I will have to get these soldiers out of the line if I have to defeat them. Gav uses the spear to jump inside the Kaal-Kumbha. Now I only will win. He looks around curiously. He recalls Surya Dev’s warning to them. The petals of lotus will start closing as soon as you go near it. Gav realises that the same has already begun. I will have to hurry up. Varun dev praises his son. Hanuman is still stuck with the soldiers while my son has already entered inside the Kaal-Kumbha. This is a combination of strength and smartness. Devguru too has the same concern that Surya Dev had. Hanuman makes all the soldiers lose to him one by one. Hanuman asks the remaining soldiers to get out of his way.

Gav decides to get out of the lotus asap along with the flag. Hanuman succeeds in the fight with the soldiers. All the Gods are relieved. Hanuman flies up to where the flag is kept. The petals start closing in. Gav looks at the ring in his hand. Now my win is sure. Thank you Lankesh for bringing me till here! He has to duck immediately to avoid coming in contact with fire rings. My spear will save me from this trouble. Varun Dev smiles. Hanuman thinks to rush.

Precap: Gav uses the ring again thinking it will help him. He falls this time. Varun Dev gets concerned for him. Gav calls out for his father. Please save me. Hanuman hears his voice. He must be in some trouble. Hanuman flies up. He is still holding the flag in his hands. The Gods are taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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