Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Parvati tensedly comments to Lord Shiva, that the earth is vibrating and trembling tremendously, and hence everything is getting unsettled, but still it feels as if something noble and pious is happening. Shiva tells her that what has just now started, Is SUNDERKAAND. he explains the importance of sunderkand. parvanti complies that rama’s name is taken for benefit, and if that is coupled with hanuman’s bravery and calibre, then it shall be momentous for the world. he says that when anyone is in trouble, then the Sunder Kaand Paath shall be done, to get releived of that. she finds it a wonder, and asks what has to be done. he says that sunderkaand, witnessed by anyone in any form, they all shall be troubles, and shall seek salvation.

he says that the mere option of having a sunderkaand, shall free people from all vices, troubles and guilts. he says that it also prevents a person for imminent death. she hears tensedly. he declares that hanuman’s journey starts this Sunderkaand. he watches as the earth starts rattling, by the flight of shree hanuman, and he places his feet on the ground, to create an antieffect, to hanuman’s ripples, that sets the earth straight and continues to counter hanuman’s insurge. all eye hanuman appreciatively. he starts and then he is blessed by the lord of the oceans, as he breezes through. angad and his team cheer for him, thinking that only he would be able to do it. jaamwant says that this shall be his ultimate duty to lord rama. they all wait for him to return back, and hope he gets no troubles. hanuman eyes a giant mountain standing ahead, while jaamvant says that nothing can prevent him. he breezes through it, changing directions. but after sometime, he spots another again, and he swears that he wont let anything come in the way, of SriRama’s task. then he spots another mountain, and leaves past it. but he spots it again, and is enraged. but the mountain lord, asks him not to get angry, as he isnt an enemy, but a servant, and asks him not to misunderstand. he extends his gratitude at having known him, and begs him to take some rest, so that he can be refilled with energy. but hanuman says that he doesnt need rest, and asks why should he rest, on him, when he doesnt even know him. he identifies himself as Lord Mainak, and talks about how hanuman’s father bestowed blessings on him. he talks about the past, as hanuman gets interested. he talks about how mountains earlier had the power to fly, but they were oblivious that their flight caused problems to other natural species. they were too proud of their ego. Lord indra gets angry in the heavens, and says that mountains have had the ego of their wings, and now they shall be stripped of their wings. other lords comply with his opinion too. naarad stands tensedly. they discuss about how the flight of these mountains have totally disturbed and unsettled the ecological balance of the nature. he himself takes it upon himself, to check the situation. he shuts them all and asks them to come to a standstill, as he finds people getting disturbed. Lord Indra takes his weapon, Vajra, and starts cutting down the wings of the mountains, enraged at them. hanuman points out that his wings are intact. he says that his father helped prevent them. he remembers turning to vayudev, for his help, or else he gets killed. the screen freezes on hanuman’s tensed face.


Precap: Lord Indra gets enraged at LOrd Mainak, that he dared to fly again, and that he left it earlier, but now noone shall be able to save him. he takes his weapon, while mainak gets petrified. hanuman behind him, tries to take advantage, and gets past, but he is thwarted by the influence of Indra’s weapon. he gets a jerk backwards, and gets unsettled. mainak is tensed for hanuman, as he goes dizzy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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