Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vayu Dev folds his hands. Mahadev, I return your ansh, whom I too loved like my own son, to you now. It is my responsibility that he stays alive but I failed in all my attempts. Thus I too have no right to live. I too will die along with Maruti. Along with me, the air in the world too will stop. The world too will eventually come to an end in the absence of air.

The jewels turn worthless. The Gods in Indra Lok realise that Ma Lakshmi too has got upset.

Ma Parvati decides to end the world / nature.

Brahma Dev says Maruti’s motherly love has stirred the love of all the Goddesses. The entire world will now have to bear the consequences.

Anjana continues her Tandav. Mother Earth splits. Nature takes a turn for the worse. Lankesh is at a loss of answer. Kesari

prays to Mahadev and Ma Parvati to calm down Anjana.

All three Goddesses know that it isn’t possible to get everything back in same motion without giving Maruti his life back. That is the only option!

In his arrogance Indra Dev had forgotten what the world was going through. He was trying to hide his unjust act in the name of giving punishment to a discourteous kid! Whereas Mahadev was right! There is always space for forgiveness and thinking on your strict decision again. Those who are willing to change their toughest decisions and become lenient at times are considered better and humble people.

Vayu Dev calls out for all his other elements. I invoke you all to become a part of me. A few drops of Maruti’s blood lands on the Shivlinga. Mahadev is affected by it. All the other Tatvas return to their chief. Ma Parvati says the world will now end soon. Mother Earth too joins them. All the mothers have been affected by Anjana’s grief. It is my pain too. Maruti too birth to help me in a way by killing all the Asuras and help Shree Rama. I will end everything that is on the land if Maruti isn’t alive. The Goddesses jointly decide on the same.

Gods request Devraj Indra to do something. Who will guide us other than Devguru Brihaspati in such circumstances? The situation is grim. Devraj says I am not Devraj because of him. Instead I had made him Devguru. If I am here then Gods will get Devguru too. His son comes there. He touches his father’s feet. You only wanted me to take part in the court. I am here for the same reason. Why did Devguru leave his position? Devraj Indra does not give him the right answer. You have just joined. You should first see, understand and analyse everything. Devi Sati too appears there. Doom might approach so I came here to tell you. Devraj Indra still is overconfident that nothing can go wrong till he is Devraj. She tells him what all is happening all over the world and on earth. The world is about to end because of your stubbornness. Give Maruti his life. I can understand Anjana’s pain. Please agree to it. Tridevi, Vayu Dev and Mother Earth will automatically calm down. Please give Maruti his life back. He tells her to let him decide what he should be doing. She explains him that Anjana got her son after a long wait and Tapasya. Why do you want to become a sinner? Kesari too isn’t your enemy. He sternly tells her to keep out of his matters. I have only fulfilled my raj dharma. Whoever plays with nature gets punished!

All the elements return to their chief Vayu Dev. People run out of breath as the world gets devoid of Agni, air, etc. Birds fall down from their flight. Back in the palace, everyone is having trouble breathing in the absence. Devguru understands that it is happening because Vayu Dev has called back all his Tatvas. Kesari tells Anjana to stop. Your life will be in danger otherwise. She retorts that her life is in her son. If he does not return then I will die during Tandav only. The world can see it. if my son isn’t there then I too wont live! She resumes Tandav.

Precap: Vayu Dev, Mother Nature and all the Gods / Goddesses challenge Indra Dev. You should realize it by now that it is all happening because of your arrogant!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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