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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A few people reach a cave where a huge amount of gold is kept. The men are tempted. They talk of distributing it equally amongst themselves so they can lead a happy life. A serpent, as big as Sheshnaag, resides there. It opens its eyes. The men are shocked / scared to see him. They kneel down before the serpent. Please forgive us. We wont come back here. The serpent attacks them.

Kesari wants to have food together with his family. All three of them sit down to eat. Kesari wants to eat from Yuvraj’s hands. Maruti gladly feeds his father and mother. There is a message waiting for Kesari from Pampasar Maharaj. Kesari reads it. Maharaj Pampasar’s wife died because of childbirth yesterday. Her last rites will be done tomorrow. Kesari and Anjana feel sad for the kid. Kesari

thanks God as his family is fine even after going through so many difficulties. I am blessed and thankful to have both of you in my life. I cannot even imagine a life without both of you. The luxuries of Swarg Loka stand nowhere before you two. Anjana thinks of Urvashi’s words. My family is my everything. I wont let them break. I will face Devraj Indra for my family’s sake. Devraj and Urvashi can do anything but I wont leave my family.

Devraj Indra can see that Urvashi looks angry. Where is Punjisthala? Urvashi replies that she did not come. She did not respect your order. She has sent a message for you. No happiness is bigger than being a mother. She has insulted Swarg Loka and you. I will not tolerate it as I love you. I love my Swarg Loka. You will have to keep the rules intact. You will have to bring her back here. Chanda and Rambha too say the same. The apsaras refuse to abide by apsara-dharma anymore. Indra looks on.

The serpent has new visitors. Guru Shukracharya calms down Panchfann. He comes to his human form to greet Gurudev. They give him Ravan’s message. Panchfann reads it. You must kill the vanar kid in Sumeru. He has got special boons from God. No one can harm him but your poison has a different effect. Make him an Asura if you cannot kill him. Spread fear and sin in Sumeru. Make entire Sumeru my servant. Panchdhaatu tells Guru Shukracharya that Ravan’s work will be done. Kalnemi offers to take him to Sumeru but Panchfann says he is capable enough to reach anywhere in this world. He comes back to his serpent form and does something to the men who are already lying unconscious on the ground. A commander asks Kalnemi to update Atibal.

Panchfann chooses to reach Sumeru through water. Hanuman and his friends are playing catch and throw. Atibal falls during the game. Hanuman’s friends make fun of Atibal but Hanuman feels bad. Atibal thinks that their roles will switch in future. Hanuman tells his friends to stop laughing. It is wrong to laugh on someone. Don’t laugh at someone’s weakness. Atibal is touched. Hanuman’s friends apologise to their friend Atibal. Kalnemi appears there. Atibal looks at him. He signals him that he will join him soon.

Evil spreads adharma by trying to spread wrong and fear always. The one who chooses to follow the path of dharma always wins. Ravan was thinking of poisoning Sumeru and its people but it isn’t that easy to turn the good / honest people evil. Duryodhana too had tried to kill Bheem by giving him poison. Bheem returned with umpteen energy. Duryodhana died by the hands of Bheem only.

Atibal excuses himself for a minute on the pretext of drinking water so he can talk to Kalnemi. Atibal gets to know about Panchfann who is on his way to Sumeru to kill Hanuman. Kalnemi asks him to bring Hanuman near the river somehow. Panchfann will be coming from there only. Kalnemi disappears. Atibal is elated. He looks at Hanuman. How will you (Hanuman) save yourself from Panchfann? There is no solution to his poison. The ball of the kids fall near Atibal. The kids ask him to use all his strength to throw it towards them. Atibal thinks of using all his powers now so he can succeed in his mission. He throws the ball high. It falls directly in river. The kids are amazed to see his strength. Atibal apologizes to them for using too strength. Who will get it now? Hanuman looks at him keenly. You are so strong as compared to your appearance! I will bring it. Atibal laughs once the kids leave. You cannot even realise my powers. I wanted to send you there only! Go!

Precap: Panchfann spreads his poison in Sumeru. People run helter-skelter. He holds Hanuman in one on his tails.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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