Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
Hanuman follows ganesha, but finds that he indeed is far superior in speed over himself. but he chants lord rama’s name, and surges ahead, when he didnt have to, as ganesha descends down before that. hanuman commends his wit. As the sun starts streaming brightly, hanuman asks if this is the place, he wants them to start. ganesha complies, and says that this is the safest and easiest way to lanka, and asks him to gather everyone here, as this is the place that shall lead them directly to raavan’s palace, when the bridge ends. hanuman complies and leaves off. when they all gather, ganesha blesses them, and then says that they can now begin the task. he then disappears. rama asks nal not to delay any longer,

and asks him to gather straws and logs, with other monkeys, to initiate the building of the bridge. all start chanting in unison. all starts excitedly collecting but haphazardly. hanuman asks them not to do it like this. they are boggled. he then begs the forests to give them permission. the goddess of the forests appears yet again, and says that she can give permission, as it would be fortunate, but she is scared, that the ecological balance shall be disturbed, if forests are cut on a large scale. hanuman assures her, that they shall plant double the trees that they cut, so that nature’s balance is restored. she complies, and gives them permission, adding that she shall ask the birds and animals, to migrate towards the north. blessing them to be successful, she disappears. hanuman gets to completing the task. they pick up logs, rocks and boulders, and gather near the ocean, at the place ganesha directed. As they start building the bridge, they find that the stones might not be sinking, but they are drifting away, one not sticking to the other, and making a bridge is almost impossible now. they wonder what to do. they think that there is one way however, and then hanuman comes and understands the problem from neel, as he finds them all boggled. he says that just like the monkey team was scattered but rama joined them all together, and today also, the stones shall be united by the same. he then starts inscribing rama’s name on the stones, while all watch in rapt attention and they start floating and sticking together, as his plan works. all are happy. vibhishan commends on the power of the the name and feels that they shall easily reach lanka now.

Scene 2:
Location: Lanka
Raavan is tensed as to whats going on the other end, and how he isnt getting any info. meghnad comes and tells him of his achievement. raavan is elated at meghnad’s achievement, and that they are invincible now. they hear someone smiling behind them, and find that its the sun lord. raavan asks whats the matter. he asks that the happiness is momentary, as rama and his team are building a bridge over the ocean. raavan guffaws at the idea, and says that it isnt possible, and he has gone nuts. the sun lord tells him that rama is being blessed by ganesha himself. raavan gets tensed, as the lord tells him everything. raavan finally asks him to shut up, and stop his fictitious tale, as the task itself is impossible. the lord reminds him of hanuman’s capabilities, and now he shall see that of many hundreds more, as the bridge building has started effectively. he still doesnt believe it, as it isnt child’s play, and if they truly build it, then he shall himself take sita and give her to rama, and apologise. meghnad intervenes and asks whats he saying. raavan shushes him, and says that now he has made up his mind, that he shall defeat rama so much so, that leave alone herculean tasks, he wont be spared to do important tasks even. he leaves in a huff. meghnad is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Pataal lok
Raavan arrives in Paataal lok, to search for Bhasmalochan, to send him to kill rama and his team. meanwhile, the demon is enraged wondering who came, and before he can kill, he finds that its raavan and then bows down in humble gratitude. raavan says that his powers have finally got the right time to be exercised, and advises him as Chief Security Officer, and then assures him the help of the demon residing in the waters too, for his aid. he gives him one task, to kill rama, as he gives him the entire directions. he guffaws of his brave achievement finally.

Scene 4:
Location: Beside the ocean
Shaaran and shook, wonder how they are invincible, and how only a magnanimous demon can only confront them now. meanwhile, Hanuman says that it seems some small animals are trying to do something under the boulders. he finds that they are trying to lift the boulder and they too wish to help rama, in his task, and is amazed at the magnanimity of lord rama’s name. he assigns them a yet simpler task of filling in sands in between the gaps of stone. they all get to excitedly building the bridge. The screen freezes on their team.


Precap: Angad expresses to jaamvant that this shall take a long time to build, and wonders how long shall they finish it. they ponder that they need bigger logs. hanuman jumps to rescue and talks of uprooting the Shilajit mountain. as he gets to doing so, Brahma comes and warns him not to do it, as the entire nature’s balance shall be distorted. but hanuman says that now except for Lord Rama, noone can stop him from doing so.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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