Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman thinks that he cannot lose time. I have to get out of here as soon as I can. I can see 4 exits whereas they spoke about only one exit.

Nandi speaks to Mahadev. Yakshraj has made preps for Hanuman. He doesn’t even has his powers with him anymore. Mahadev says he might not have the specials boons or powers but he surely has his basic powers with him. He can increase or decrease his size. He has more powers from his time of birth itself.

Hanuman looks at the Yaksh-vyuh intently. I chose the wrong way. I should find the right exit asap. He looks carefully at Yaksh-vyuh. I cannot see all the circles from this spot. He concentrates again. His hands hurt again as he tries getting out of the Yaksh-vyuh. Yakshraj says now you will be stuck here for life. You will

die here only. Hanuman declines. I have to free Ma. I will succeed in it. Yakshraj and Shatrujeet laugh at him. Hanuman falls back this time as he tries to get out.

Hanuman’s friends bring Nani and Marjarika near the lake. The citizens look on in confusion. Nal explains his belief to Marjarika and Nani. Write down your wish on a stone. Pour it in water with your full faith and devotion. We have always done it and those wishes have come true. Marjarika begins to write when they advise the ladies to hide what they are writing. You cannot show it to anyone. Marjarika hopes Hanuman comes back safely with his mother. Nani too prays for Hanuman’s return. Marjarika puts the stone in lake. Nani follows suit. They both fold hands. The kids pray that their wishes come true.

Hanuman wonders what he should do. He thinks of his Ma. She has guided him to do anything with a calm mind. Your powers will become your friends then. If you do it in anger then your powers will become your enemies. Hanuman decides to do the same. I have to free Urvashi Massi and Rishivar. I will have to calm down.

Urvashi says what will happen to Hanuman. I am bearing the brunt of what I did. Hanuman is getting punished for no reason. Please help him Lord.

Anjana had taught Hanuman to concentrate to calm down his mind in the past. Hanuman closes his eyes. Yakshraj mocks Hanuman. Hanuman cannot move ahead without understanding the vyuh completely. I can decrease my size to do so. He reduces his size to understand the vyuh’s mechanism. So this is how it is built. I will have to capture this image in my mind now. He observes every circle carefully.

The citizens too want to write down their wishes on the stone. God will listen to our prayers too. The kids give them all a stone. The citizens write down their wishes on stones and then leave them in river. Marjarika says how someone can hurt the one who is loved by so many people, and has such good friends.

Yakshraj tells Hanuman to look at the vyuh as much as he wants to. You wont succeed in getting out still. Hanuman returns to his original size. He has understood the vyuh completely. Now this vyuh wont be able to block me. Yakshraj underestimates Hanuman again. Hanuman closes his eyes and starts walking towards the exit he has found.

SHukracharya angrily reminds Ravan that he is Daitya Guru and not his slave. You cannot call me anytime as per your wish. I did so much for you. I got you that special kavach on your askance. I went against my rules and changed my course. You couldn’t even protect that kavach? Ravan angrily says sorry to him. I might not have saved the kavach but I dint back off accepting defeat. I still haven’t calmed down. I have sent my special spies cum fighters to find out that Narayan’s Nar avatar. This time he wont be able to escape. Shukracharya advises him not to repeat the past mistake this time. Guard yourself completely before coming face to face with that Narayan’s Avatar. Ravan agrees. Shukracharya says Mahadev’s devotion has given you all the powers. Don’t leave him ever. Ravan says Shiv ji game me everything already. What more can he give me? That vanar would have died by my hands if SHiv ji hadn’t come in between. Shukracharya tells him that Shiv ji actually saved him. You would have died by the hands of that vanar kid otherwise. Stop being arrogant! Start looking at the truth. He leaves. Ravan angrily says Jai Bholenath. I will have to get that Divya-astra at any cost. That is only when I can kill that Narayan’s Nar Avatar. No one can harm me then.

Hanuman keeps moving forward with his eyes closed. Yakshraj still sits without any worry. His any step might take him to death. Yakshraj and Shatrujeet laugh. Hanuman reaches the third circle. Yakshraj says Hanuman understood the vyuh. I will change the vyuh completely so Hanuman cannot come out. Hanuman starts getting out when Yakshraj changes the vyuh using his powers. Hanuman has to stop because of the same. Yakshraj challenges him to try now. You were trying to act smart with us? Hanuman thinks that he might not have any powers at the moment but he surely has his mother’s blessings. That will help me.

Precap: Yakshraj refuses to let the son unite with his mother. He attacks Hanuman using a mace. Hanuman stops him. No one can stop me from meeting my mother. I will have to take Rishivar ji with me to Swarg asap. The time is about to pass. He hits Yakshraj.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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