Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman says enough Bhaiya. You did not leave any other option before me. I am here before you, to fight with you. Mother Nature is affected by his anger. Everyone looks tensed including Tridev. Vali smirks. Finally my words affected you somewhat. You got energised. Now that we are going to fight, let us set some rules. Maharaj Riksharaj is in disbelief. What do you want from this naive Hanuman, son? Vali replies that this Markat isn’t naive. He is extremely powerful. I will defeat him and prove it that I am more powerful than him. Hanuman says there is nothing left to say now. The fight is destined. You were talking about rules. Vali is happy to hear it. Firstly, both the fighters will choose their supporters. I will take help from Asuras (thinking of Ravan). They all are taken

aback. Hanuman calls it bad luck. We should have fought together against the Asuras actually. But I realised that you are supporting Asuras when you sent Mayavi to abduct Sugriv Bhaiya. Maharaj tells Vali to fight with Hanuman if he wants to. Don’t take help from Asuras though. Your doom is destined in it. Hanuman seconds him. Asuras create hindrance in the path of dharma. They enjoy troubling Hari Bhakt’s. Vali is in no mood to hear any of his lectures. Tell me who you need. Hanuman says I have my parents’ blessings with me. it gives me strength. I can defeat any Asuri Shakti with it. Vali agrees. It is your decision to be foolish but my decision will not change.

Vayu Dev appears there. It will be injustice. You cannot use Asuri Shakti against Hanuman. Everyone greets him. Vali says this war is between Hanuman and me. You have no right to intervene. Maharaj gets angry. You disrespected us yet we kept quiet. You cannot disrespect Vayu Dev. Hanuman apologizes to Vayu Dev from Vali’s behalf. Vali tells him to stop it. Great Vali never apologizes to anyone. you too don’t have to do it. Vayu Dev warns Vali yet again. Give up your arrogance or it will become the reason of your doom. Vali advises him to wait till the fight is over. You will understand it then. Hanuman says you wont get anything by disrespecting Vayu Dev. Is there any other rule? Vali nods. Our fight will go on from morning to evening every day. It will end only when either of us dies. Hanuman agrees. Vayu Dev remarks that Vali has broken all limits and has disrespected his elders. How do we trust your words then? Vali replies that he is not answerable to him. Please leave. Vayu Dev says I tried to bring you back on the right path but in vain. You are heading towards your destruction only. The result of it will soon come before you. He blesses Hanuman.

Vali says I will destroy anything that will come in my way. I am Great Vali. Our fight will begin tomorrow morning itself. It will be the beginning of your destruction Markat. Hanuman says I will come. But you have to promise me that till our fight ends, no harm should come on Sugriv Bhaiya. Vali accepts it. He asks Kokat to invite all the Kings of Van Rajya. They should be our audience. They should see Hanuman losing out to me before their own eyes and should also see Kaka Kesari’s crown in my feet. He tells Hanuman to seek as many blessings from his parent’s as he needs now. You will need them tomorrow during the fight.

Next Morning:
The battle is announced. Soldiers are sure Vali is brave but it isn’t easy to defeat Hanuman. Whoever wins this war will be the most undefeatable warrior. Citizens are tensed thinking about the outcome. The moment they pick up their maces the fight will begin. Vali’s eyes look so scary and full of hatred. Vali is thinking of all the boons that Hanuman is blessed with. You have refused to fight with me many times Markat. Hanuman thinks of his father’s promise; of Sugriv and how Vali insulted his father. I am helpless to fight with Vali Bhaiya. He did not leave any other option with me to free Sugriv Bhaiya and to live up to father’s promise. Vali thinks now he will gain half of Hanuman’s powers. I will see who stops me from gaining control over all the Van Rajya.

Hanuman looks at his parents. I am so unlucky. I will have to hit my own brother. I should request Bhaiya again and try to stop this fight. He requests Vali to give up on this idea. I love you immensely. I am not your enemy but friend. Please accept my request. Think through once again. Free Sugriv Bhaiya and end this matter here only. Vali refuses to let his biggest enemy go. Should I lose the chance to prove myself as the greatest? Do you think I am a fool? I wont let it happen. I will not change my decision. This fight will happen and you will definitely lose out to me!

Anjana knows how much innocent and loving Hanuman is. I know how difficult it will be for you to hurt brother-like Vali. But you have to do it now. Pick up your weapon son.

Anajna says if Vali loses then he will die. But he will kill Sugriv if he wins. Maharaj Riksharaj and his wife will have to lose either of their sons this way. I am very much worried for Hanuman. But I cannot imagine how that mother will be feeling whose sons’ life is in danger. Maharani thinks of the promise she took from Hanuman (not to kill Vali). Vali says you will have to fight with me Hanuman. This fight will end with your end only!

Precap: Vali gets half of Hanuman’s powers as they fight. Anjana stands tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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