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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman looks at everyone as they rest. Rishi Matang told me to be careful. I will take care of everyone and stay alert. Anjana asks him to rest as well but he denies. I am here to protect all of you only. There can be wild animals too. Take rest. Anjana lies down. Hanuman looks up. He notices two shadows (Yamduts) coming towards them. This shadow is heading towards father. It cannot be! He immediately rushes to Kesari’s side and calls his name. Kesari wakes up. What happened son? Come, rest for a while. Hanuman is worried that they might not be able to reach on time. Kesari assures him it wont happen. He calls out for everyone. Get ready. We have to cross the mountain range before evening. Hanuman wonders if they were Kaal Dev’s Duts. I will have to be alert. Hanuman’s friends

ask him to come. He tells them to go. I will come.

Everyone resumes their journey. Kesari alerts everyone as there is a pit on one side. He sees some dark shadow ahead and asks everyone to stop. Hanuman notices that the shadows are back. They are heading towards father. He stands before Kesari now. Kesari wonders what kind of a noise is this. A lot many bulls come running their way. Kesari says I will try to stop them. Move everyone out of the way. Hanuman makes everyone stand on a corner. Kesari picks up his mace. Hanuman expands his size. Anjana tells Kesari to be careful. Hanuman makes everyone stand on his hands. He looks at the bulls closing in on Kesari. He takes everyone to a safer place. Kesari commends his act. The bulls are almost near Kesari. Anjana asks Hanuman to hurry up. He reduces his size. Kesari is all set to attack the bulls but one of the bull hits him. He begins to fall in the pit. Everyone is stunned. Kesari shouts Hanuman. Hanuman flies to save his father. Anjana screams Swami. Hanuman wakes up screaming father!

Kesari and everyone come to his side. Hanuman is relieved to see his father safe. Anjana asks Hanuman why he looks so scared. Nani too has never seen him like this before. He says nothing happened. I am fine. Anjana points out that he has been worried since yesterday. Is that bad dream disturbing you? Hanuman is in a fix. How do I tell? Kesari tells Hanuman it is best to talk to sort out problems or you will stay worried only. What is it? His friends tell them about Hanuman seeing bad dreams. He is disturbed because of the same. Anjana asks Hanuman to speak up. What do you see in your dreams? Hanuman looks sad. He tells everything to them. I met Rishi Matang after seeing that dream only. He suggested me this only. Nani says the flag fell after the dream only. You saved Kesari ji from it. This is a very bad sign. Marjarika says this is a sign of Yam. We will have to be extra careful. Anjana correlates everything. I am scared. It would have been better if we would have stayed in the palace only. Hanuman thinks how the problem will go away if everyone listens to Ma.

Anjana still thinks going back to palace is a better option. We don’t know what problem will surface here. Kesari says it will be better to find a solution instead of getting scared. Hanuman shares that Rishi Matang told him to go to that site with family and pray to Maha Mrityunjaya Mahadev. All our problems will go away then. We must go there. I dint share about my bad dreams so no one gets worried. Kesari thinks Hanuman is right. I will have to do something not to lose hope. He says it is surprising that you all are getting scared because of a dream. We are going to Bhole Nath’s pilgrimage site. Think of him only. Problems come in every step of life. Those who overcome them succeed. Everyone says Har Har Mahadev. Give up all your fears and negative thoughts. Move ahead thinking of Bhole Baba. We have to complete the rest of the journey. Everyone agrees. They get ready to go. Kesari signals Hanuman to cheer up. He nods.

Just like we make arrangements of getting prepared for the dark by lighting a diya, if you know of an approaching problem then the person who makes preps to face is said to be alert. Only such people succeed in life and win over all the problems.

Hanuman reaches the same route (of mountain range) that he saw in the dream. He recognizes it too. What if something actually happens? There is no pit here though. Kesari asks Hanuman what he is thinking. Karma takes away all our worries. Keep walking. He sees the shadows in the sky.

Precap: All the people are standing on a piece of stone. They try to maintain a balance as they are on top of a peak. Kaal Dev thinks his Yamduts will soon bring Kesari to him. Yam is by rules only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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