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Maruti meets Nal. He orders his tail to pluck a mango for him. The tail obeys but instead of giving it to Maruti is playfully throws it at Nal. The other kids laugh at Nal. Nal sadly leaves from there. Maruti looks down.

Shri Krishna shares with Ma Parvati that Shri Vishnu will take Rama avatar(7th avatar) on earth. My ansh will be born one earth in the vanar kul. He will perform such acts while chanting Rama naam that he will be remembered for life. Ma Parvati asks him what will be her role in that. Lord Shiva explains that my ansh’s one and only aim will be to dedicate myself to my aradhya Shri Rama completely. Instances are shown where Maruti thinks of Rama even in his sleep, Rama naam is all around him / inside him. Ma Parvati points out that he has decided to separate

himself from her. he reminds her that they are not two but one. Our Ardhnarishwar roop is the proof of it. Shiv and Shakti are inseparable. In my vanar roop, Shri Rama will be everything for me. My ansh will never marry. Ma Parvati says a wife is an ornament for her husband. A vanar’s tail is his ornament. I will be with you in that ansh avatar as your tail. You have decided to send your ansh avatar without me so I am upset. You will have to make your tail happy first then only will I listen to you. Ma Parvati and Mahadev smile. This is the reason why Maruti’s tail is strong. It contains my sister’s powers. Maruti had set fire to Lanka while rescuing Sita. It was very important for Maruti to make his tail happy.

Maruti is sitting with his friends by the river side. They are surprised that his tail is not listening to him. Every problem can go away if you drink lots of milk. Your tail is pretty naughty. Vrikshasur extends one of its branches. It travels under water to reach out to the kids. Maruti’s tail takes a dip in the water and sprinkles some on the kids. One kid tells Maruti to adorn his tail with ornaments. Vrikshasur is approaching them fast. Neel suggests Maruti to befriend his tail. He shows his tail. I take care of it. It looks so beautiful and strong. A vanar’s tail should be the best and beautiful. Maruti looks at his tail. Kids appreciate Neel for his knowledge. Maruti runs to decorate his tail. His friends follow him. Vrikshasur loses again.

A daasi is putting alta in Anjana’s feet. Maruti asks her about it. Anjana explains that alta is an ornament. It makes us look beautiful and is also a symbol for married woman. Maruti thinks of applying alta on his tail. The daasi leaves. Kesari calls out for Anjana so she leaves too. Maruti sits down to apply alta on his tail. The tail refuses to come forward initially but then dips the end in the bowl and splashes it on Maruti’s face. Maruti is miffed. Anjana finds him thus. You applied alta on your face? Maruti denies. I dint do it. He goes all quiet and sad. I cannot tell it even though I want to. You will be sad if I tell you. She wonders what it could be. A mother never gets sad because of anything that that concerns her kids.

Maruti is sitting sadly on his bed. Anjana wants him to understand how the parents feel when kids hide something from them. She keeps something on the other bed and begins to look around for something. He offers to help her but she politely tells him that she will find it. He insists. She doesn’t want to trouble him for anything. Go and play. He reasons that he cannot play while she is all sad and in pain. Anjana is looking for herbal lep. I had kept it a while ago and now I cannot find it. Maruti brings it. She takes it and sits down to apply it. He offers to do it for her. She agrees. He keeps her head in his lap and applies it on her forehead. Why do you have a headache? She replies that her son is hiding his problems from her. This is what pained me. You couldn’t see your mother in pain. You must have felt bad when I dint share my problem with you initially only. He nods. I would have surely helped you then. She reasons that his mother too will be able to help him if he shares his problem with her. Maruti finally tells her what has been bothering him. Anjana suggests him to talk to his father as it is about nar-vanar (males). A father is also a friend of a son. he will surely understand you. Maruti becomes happy. Anjana hugs her son.

Anjana made Maruti understand so easily that parents are the first Guru’s, protectors, well wishers and friends of their kids foremost. Parents can only show the right path to their kids and save them from any problem. No kid should hide anything from their parents.

Kesari is playing some kind of a game. Maruti and all the soldiers, including the commander, look on in awe as the iron balls go high up in the air. Kesari hits them one by one using his gada. Even Kesari’s tail hits one ball with the help of a shiled only. Everyone is amazed. Kesari nods proudly at his tail. Maruti thinks how strong his father’s tail is. It obeys him. Commander applauds Kesari and his tail. Maruti looks at his tail. Two soldiers massage Kesari’s hands and his tail. Kesari tells them to do it properly. A tail is the proud factor of any vanar. He notices Maruti standing there. Do you also want to get your tail massaged? Maruti wants to discuss about some problem first. Maruti tells his father that his tail disobeys him. Why is it so? Kesari smiles. He explains that our tails are like our friends. It is always with its Swami in good and bad. It stands as our shield and guides us in the time of trouble. The stronger the tail, the stronger the vanar! One has to take care of them that ways. You have to give respect to take respect. You will have to put in lots of efforts to make it happy. It will only listen to you once you become friends.

Maruti apologizes to his tail before the Shivlinga. I should have behaved nicely with you, like a friend. But I was giving you orders like a Swami. He waits for a signal from the tail. He notices flowers. He tries to reach out for them but they are kept at a higher place. He cannot reach them. Maruti gets sad. How do I offer flowers to Bholenath? His tail extends and brings them down for him. Maruti smiles gleefully. His tail puts the flowers on the Shivlinga on its own. Maruti thanks his tail for helping him. Will you support Maruti? Will you always stand with me through thick and thin, wars? His tail nods. Maruti calls his tail his friend. Father says, a tail is a proud thing for any vanar. I will call you Gauravi from now onwards. His tail shakes in negation so Maruti calls it Sakha. His tail likes the name.

Any problem can be solved if father and son do it together. Maruti wants to share the good news with his father first of all. Kesari is looking for a letter. Maruti’s tail gives it to him. Kesari looks at Maruti with surprise.

Precap: Maruti’s tail picks up a pot from the daasi’s head. Vali talks about Maruti’s end. Sugriv is standing behind him. Where are you going? Vali tells him off. I don’t need you where I am going!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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