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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Saraswati talks about the importance of each avatar of lord vishu, and how its connected with the sustenance of the earth. she says that primarily the earth was water, and hence the first avatr of a fish, and then on land and in water, tortoise, and then on land as pig, and then as a genius and spectacular avatar, of a Narsimha. he spots th trend, and says that this means with the expansion of earth, the next avatar should have been of a human. she complies, and says that it had become necessary for the survival of the earth. he asks to tell everything about the fifth avatar. she says tht in treta yug, when the lords got amrit, and then blinded by the ego of their powers, tey forgot their responsibilities,

but at that time shukracharya, the rishi of the demons, brings back life to the dead demon, who are overjoyed. she tells him that when the demons revived, the lords had trouble, nd to be able to ensure their survival, they eloped from heaven, and then hiranyakashyap’s fourth generation heir, Bali got the trilok under him, and at the suggestion of his guru, he organised the Ashwamedha yug, so that their supremacy can forever be stamped on the lords. hanuman is aghast to hear this. she then starts narrating the tale, as to how, after the lords were being tortured, their mother, Devi aditi, performed severe devotional worship, so that vishnu incarnates in front of her, seeing him, she is full of gratitude, and expresses her dilemma. she begs his help in this. he says that he shall surely help her to fulfill her motive. she smiles. he asks her to be careful as the lords got egoistic when they got powers. she assures that she shll herself see that the lords dont get distracted yet again. he says that he respects his motherhood, and shall take avatr in the form of her son, for the benefit of the human and godly race. she is overwhelmed with gratitude, and thanks him for giving her more than she expected. he blesses her, and then apparates, and she is blinded by the supreme power, only to find his place, being taken up by Bal Brahmachari. hanuman wonders how good it must have been and asks what happened after this. she says that brahma himself named this avatar, as the Baaman Avatar. he says that he cant understand how vishnu would manage to get the lords back to heaven, being a mere mortal child. she says that he needs to learn to be able to accept genius, and not follow in worldly manners and instructs him also that a person should never underestimate the strength of a person based on their stature, which mistake bali did himself. he asks what. she says that when bali was following Shankaracharya, after attaining heaven, he was instructed by him to perform a yagna so that he can sustain himself and his stature. he asks how did vishnu perform in this. she says that the yagna was going on perfectly and when the last ritual of feeding brahmans was remaining, thats when Vishnu entered in the yagya area, in his brahmchaari avatar. baali is shown to be feeding and servong gifts to all the priests, but suddenly, they are boggled, to hear sounds of chants, resonate in the area, and they find Baaman Avatar of Vishnu approaching them. they are all fully mesmerised, as bali asks who is this, who is chanting vedas so perfectly. he greets the child with overwhelming gratitude, and says that he is assured that the yagya shall be successful due to his presence, and begs him to introduce himself. the child says that all the names of the world are his only, and asks what name should he tell, and as it is, a person is known by his deeds and not the name. bali asks his residence. he says that whrever his feet rest, thats his world, and hence he cant answer, and asks him to say tht the entire world is his residence. bali says that he is giving Daan to make the yagya successful and asks what he wants. the child asks what can he give. bali cites innumerable expensive gifts and jewelleries, and all materialistic names. the child says that such things are in vain for him, as they are for the worldly man, and he being a mere mortal child, he is thankful, but he shall not accept anything. baali asks how can he let him go away empty handed, and asks whats it, that he wishes and maybe doesnt have. The child speaks up saying that if he is so wishful to give, then he wishes to get everthing that can contain under his three feet. bali and others are boggled. shankaracharya is tensed, and is surprised when he finds that the child is vishnu’s avatar. baali, oblivious to this, is amused. he goes back in and is about to swear it to the child, with the pious water, when shankaracharya stops him before its too late, and then asks him to think what could he get within 3 feet. bali doesnt believe. the shankaracharya says that he cant ascertain with full certainty that this is lord vishnu. bali is shocked to hear this and turns arund to face the child. shankaracharya says that vishnu has come here, for the lords, and if he complies to his promise, then he shall lose everything. bali turns around to see him, with his hand extended to receive his daan. bali is boggled and tensed. shankaracharya asks him to believe him, and refuse daan to the brahmin, while he smiles at bali. bali turns around, and says that if this is true, then what can he possibly give to him, and that the lord’s hand is lower than his, and that rarely anyone gets this good luck. shankaracharya says that this is his ill luck. bali however blinded by ego and power, he says that he shall go down in history as the guy who gave daan to the lord vishnu himself, and hat losing is better than gaining. he turns to the brahmachari and asks if he is sure that this is what he wants. the rishi warns him that he cant ask for more. he says that only three feet belong to a mortal. he says that he merely needs that much. bali smiles. shukracharya thinks that he has to stop this anyhow, being the demons wellwisher. he disappears. Hanuman is tensed and eager to know more. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: The child brahmachari takes up a grand form, while bali is aghat. with the first step, he takes the earth and the second, he takes up the universe and all of space, and then continues to ask baali, what should he place his third feet on. bali is stunned and shell shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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