Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with the hunters chasing the elephant (Mahadev). Mahadev hides and misleads the hunters. He resumes eating grass when he notices a cave. He goes inside the cave.

Narad ji smiles. Elephants never stay in cave. He was having difficulty in staying inside the cave in the disguise of elephant. The irony was he could neither stay there nor come out because of Shani Dev.

Mahadev is hiding in the cave. He goes out when a snake comes there. He meets a person on his way. He tries to hurry to the other side.

Hanuman says Bhole Baba did fall in a problem. A kid asks Narad ji if Shani Dev found Bhole Baba. Narad ji shares that Bhole Baba did not know he was running towards a ditch.

Mahadev reaches the edge. The man asks him where is he running to. You are

running as if Shani Dev is after you. There is a ditch on that side. you have certainly lost your mind. Narad ji greets Mata Parvati. No one has any info of Mahadev. The sun is about to set and the time is almost over. It seems that Shani Dev could not find Mahadev. Mahadev appears there in his real avatar. Everyone happily greets him. Mata Parvati congratulates him. Shani Dev couldn’t find you. Mahadev says it wasn’t easy. I was in a disguise. Mata Parvati asks him what he turned himself into. Mahadev shares that he turned himself into elephant. How could he recognize me then? Nandi asks him what he ate then. Mahadev replies that he ate grass like other elephants. Everyone ends up smiling. Nandi asks him about the flavour of grass. Narad ji asks Mahadev about his experience. Mahadev tells them that a few hunters chased him. He narrates everything to them. Mahadev adds that I got saved from Shani Dev.Narad ji denies. You had to turn yourself into elephant and got saved from falling in a ditch. This was Shani Dev’s effect only that you had to bear so many problems. Brahma Dev remarks that even Tridevs are bound by whatever happens in the world. Even they cannot escape what is written in their destiny. Mahadev nods. What is bound to happen will happen. I tried to run away from problems but fell in more problems. One should face things bravely. Flashback ends.

Hanuman is surprised that so much can happen when one falls under Shani Dev’s effect. Anjana asks him about what he learnt from this incident. Hanuman says one should face the problems head on. Narad ji nods. Shani Dev has taught that life is never the same. Hanuman adds that one can understand the importance of good times in bad times. Running away from problems does not solve anything. Narad ji talks about Chandra Dev’s problem. Hanuman is concerned. Narad ji says time will tell what happens now. He disappears.

Tridevs meet Chandra Dev. Narayan advices him to forget everything. No one becomes small by seeking forgiveness. Chandra Dev cannot understand why he has to say sorry to Shani Dev. Mahadev replies that he insulted Shani Dev in the Devsabha. You should say sorry to him. Brahma Dev says the same to him. We only gave powers to Shani Dev. We cannot take them back now. He already is under a curse because of his wife. We cannot leave him without any powers. He deserves them. You behaved wrongly with him. Chandra Dev is still arrogant about what all he is capable of. I wont say sorry to him. Mahadev points out that this arrogance will not help him in coming out of this situation. Chandra Dev says I did not do anything wrong. If none of you are willing to help me then I will do what I feel is right. He disappears. Narad ji requests Tridevs to do something. This is against the welfare of the world. Narayan says Chandra Dev will not listen to anyone at the moment. He will understand his folly only when things will aggravate. Mahadev says it will be a lesson for the world as well. It will prove how arrogance brings doom for people.

Ravan is set on his plan to get hold of Amrit today. He orders his Asuras to attack on Chandra Loka. Kill whoever comes in the way! You have to get Amrit from there. They leave to follow his orders. Guru Shukracharya points out that no Gods will be able to do anything to these Asuras. They can only be killed by Narayan’s Nar Avatar. You did the right thing. Ravan himself is not going there. Guru Shukracharya says only the immortal can go there. Ravan says it is important for me to have Amrit so I become immortal. No one can stop me from doing it now!

Hanuman’s friends talk about the story. Hanuman asks them what they learnt from it. The ladies look on happily. Marjarika tells Anjana that Hanuman has become Acharya. Sushen points out that Shani Dev’s powers are inescapable. Even Mahadev couldn’t escape it.

Brahma Dev tells Mahadev that no one can end Shani Dev’s effect but extra powers can ruin things. Shani Dev is angry at the moment. He should calm down. Mahadev says it is the right time when someone will come to put an end to his anger.

Hanuman advises the kids to face the situation head on. The one who stays calm in extreme situations, wins. His friends call him Maharaj. Kesari says I am proud of you and your mother. She raised you so well. Hanuman replies that the parents who fulfil their duties towards their son are bound to have a kid with good upbringing and values. The ladies are looking up towards the sky. Chandra Dev is still not out. Hanuman asks his mother if she will stay hungry all 3 days if Chandra Dev does not come out. Anjana nods. This is what I have vowed. Hanuman observes the sky. Till when Ma will have to wait! Please come out Chandra Dev. My mother hasn’t eaten anything since morning.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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