Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sea shore
All get to reminding hanuman, who he actually is, by chanting his experiences from childhood, while he listens on intently. as jaamvant takes it on himself. hanuman is boggled, and asks how did he forget all this then. jaamvant reminds him of Rishi Saamvrat’s curse, and then the cure to it later on. jaamvant asks him to remember those powers. others chant in too. he is reminded of the way he helped his friends right since childhood, and then the people’s benefit when he turned adult. Jaamvant explains to hanuman that now only he can perform this task, as he is the most capable and brave amongst all of them gathered here. He nudges hanuman to remember who he is, and what he is capable of, and his experiences, who is known for his

troubleshooting, and whose strength, power of the mind and bravery is unmatched. hauman is tensed. Hanuman closes his eyes, and the lords of the lords appear in tyhe sky, and they all bestow their powers one by one on him, that he was once stripped of. they start a reaction in him, that reminds him pf every incident. jaamvant makes him gratuitous, by proclaiming that he greets Pawan Kumar Hanuman, who has the powers to set afire, the cursed forests, is highly knowledgeable, and in whose devotion only Lord Rama resides. others continue addressing him. Jaamvant starts narrating all of his physical characteristics. each of it emoboldens him, and he finally comes in his grand avatar, in front of whom, they all seem meagre. all the lords eye him overwhelmingly. hanuman bows down in gratitude to the lords, and they all bless him. his voice chanting Lord Rama’s name, resonated in the entire universe, that unsettles everything. raavan too feels its reverberations, and wonders whose is it, that managed to get him to tremble too. his voice reaches Lord Rama too. hanuman tells jaamvant that he remembers them all, and then narrates them all, recounting every power that he got from the lords. he demands for their permission, to be able to test it for himself. angad says that he has no clue, and he is fortunate to have been with him. jaamvant reminds him of his task to find Sita first in raavan, and then go to Lord Rama, to give the news to him. hanuman heartily complies to this order. he tells them that he shall assure sita, that her husband has sent him, and that their victory is near and he wont bear anyone’s interference in this. jaamvant asks him to get to it then, and test his flight. emboldened by everyone’s support, he closes his eyes, musters up his courage, and then chanting LOrd rama’s name, he starts his flight, having greeted everyone. as he takes one bounce after the other, all watch agape, at the tremendous strength of hanuman in full form. all are eager to watch where he goes. Goddess earth gratuitously tells hanuman that his flight hasnt pained her at all, and hopes for his success. his flight even unnerves the heavens, and they all watch appreciatively. Naarad comments that this is an unbelievable spectacle.


Precap: Parvati tensedly comments to Lord Shiva, that the earth is vibrating and trembling tremendously, and hence everything is getting unsettled, but still it feels as if something noble and pious is happening. Shiva tells her that what has just now started, Is SUNDERKAAND.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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