Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana looks at the lotus flower in shock. No, that cannot be! She screams out loud as the flower withers away. The lotus has withered! Her voice echoes all around the world and all the lokas. Sky thunders. Anjana keeps muttering those words to herself. The lotus withered. Maruti is here? She calls out for her son. Her mother and everyone is sad to see her thus. She asks everyone if they have seen her son. Vayu Dev must have brought him by now. Where is he? Vayu Dev had promised me that he wil bring my son back safely before the flower withers away. Where is he then? Son, come out. Your mother is calling for you. Kesari and Anjana’s mother are having a hard time calming her down. Accept it that Maruti isn’t here yet. Anjana breaks down in tears. Everyone’s eyes are fixed

on lotus too. She screams out her son’s name.

Lankesh is celebrating Maruti’s death in Lanka. There is song, dance, and drinks. You made me very happy Indra by killing that mayavi kid. A God did what Asuras were supposed to do. This should be the consequence of every enemy of Ravan. Wish my brothers were here to celebrate it too.

Suddenly wind starts blowing. All the diyas get blown off by the wind. Anjana asks Bholenath the meaning behind the diyas blowing off on their own. What are you trying to tell me? She angrily gets up. I told you, Vayu Dev and everyone against giving Maruti powers. I wanted him to be a normal kid but no one heard me. I, maruti’s mother Anjana, warn everyone (above). If anything has gone wrong with my son then it will be actually wrong with the nature. I promise you, if a woman can give birth to someone and start the world then she is capable enough to end it too just to protect her kid! Anjana keeps too diyas on her respective palms and starts dancing / doing Tandav before the Shivlinga. Mother earth too calls it injustice. This is injustice with everyone, including me. Indra Dev killed Maruti in his arrogance. Maruti was born to help Lord Vishnu in his Rama avatar. The earth shakes. I am equally saddened by Maruti’s death. I can understand Anjana’s grief. The world will have to bear natural disasters till the time Indra realises his mistake.

Lanka starts shaking because of the earthquake. People on earth too are boggled by whatever is happening.

Anjana continues her Tandav. She pours ash and vermilion over the Shivlinga too.

Ma Saraswati says the world has got affected by a mother’s grief. A mother can do anything for her child. Mother Earth too is sad because of the same. You (Brahma Dev) will have to respect Anjana’s prayers. He is helpless as he too is bound by Nature’s laws. How can I go against them and give Maruti his life back?

Anjana picks up a Damru and dances while playing the damru.

Ma Saraswati asks him if it doesn’t mean anything to him. Can you not understand a mother’s plight? I too am a woman. In that case, it is unbearable for me to stay here for another second. I will take all my knowledge back from the world. This world will be deprived of entire knowledge. She disappears from there. All the words from the Vedas disappear.

Ma Laxmi asks Shri Hari if he will just keep looking. Give Maruti his life back. He says it cannot happen with the consent of Indra Dev and other Devas. Ma Laxmi tells him to keep waiting then. I will not be there till then. The world will be deprived of women. It will be a warzone. She too disappears. Ma Parvati follows suit. Lord Shiva wonders where she went.

Anjana is not going to stop till Maruti is back.

Vayu Dev appears in a cave where the Shivlinga is. He is still holding Maruti. He thinks of the past times when he had befriended Maruti and they had shared some good times. He keeps Maruti next to the Shivlinga. The recent incidents flash before his eyes.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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