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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman kneels down before them to seek their blessings. I bow down before my Gods! All the Gods from above bless them. Anjana hugs her beloved son. Her mother understands that Anjana has told him Ganpati ji’s story. Kesari too feels blessed to have a son like him. May you always win. Anjana too is very proud of him. She blesses him. Hanuman’s Nani prays that this family’s happiness remains intact. No one should be able to cast an evil eye on them. Kesari takes Hanuman with him as his training will begin from today onwards.

Indra Dev talks to his most trusted helper, Matri. I am giving you the responsibility of bringing back Punjisthala. Matri is worried that he wont be able to stand in front of Hanuman’s powers. Indra Dev is bound by rules so Matri agrees.


is walking in the corridor when she hears the noise of ghungroos / nupur. It’s coming from my room? Is Hanuman up to another prank again? She goes in to check. It is actually Urvashi. Flashback is shown where Matri suggests sending someone who will be able to manage Hanuman. Urvashi vouches to go to bring Punjisthala back. Flashback ends. Anjana is surprised to see her in her room. Urvashi says its good that you recognized me. I thought you had forgotten me. Anjana indeed cannot remember anything that Urvashi is hinting at. Urvashi holds out the nupur. Do you remember them Punjisthala? Anjana cannot understand why Urvashi is addressing her as Punjisthala. Urvashi says you are Punjisthala. These are your nupur only. Touch them once. You will recall everything. She makes her touch the nupur. Anjana steps back in shock as the past flashes before her eyes. Anjana refuses to accept it. Urvashi steps before her. She is glad that her memory is back now. She also shares Devraj Indra’s order with her. The time of your curse is past. You will have to return to Swarg Loka now! Anjana replies that her kid is very young. I am his mother. I have to help him. How can I leave him? Urvashi reasons that the curse was meant to last till you give birth to Hanuman. Now it’s done. You have to return to Swarg now. No one can break the rules of Swarg Loka. This (nupur) is your dharma. Wear this and come with me. Swarg awaits your return.

ANjana looks at the nupur in shock. She cannot stop thinking of her little son and her small happy family. A tear rolls down her cheek. She takes the nupur from Urvashi. Happiness of Swarg Loka?
Even if I get happiness equal to all the 3 lokas then also I will choose Hanuman. My son Hanuman is my biggest happiness. These nupur are of Punjisthala, not of Hanuman’s mother Anjana! They can never be tied around Anjana’s feet. Urvashi calls it wrong. You must abide by the rules of Swarg Loka. Anjana asks her to apologise to Devraj on her behalf. Gods have given special powers to Hanuman in this young age. He needs my upbringing and lessons to understand it all. She keeps the nupur back in Urvashi’s hands. I will give them to him for sure. Tell Devraj that I am a mother. Not nupur but anklet suits a mother’s feet! Urvashi takes it as a challenge. We will see who wins – the dharma of a mother or of an apsara. She leaves.

Anjana knows how stubborn Devraj Indra is when it comes to rules. He can do anything. She paces worriedly in her room. What will happen to Hanuman if I have to go? Should I tell Maharaj about this or not? If Hanuman gets to know that I have to go then! She breaks a necklace by mistake. Will I break down like these pearls too? What about the upbringing that I want to give my son? No, I can break but I wont let that happen!

Anjana is walking in the corridor. She hears Hanuman laughing happily. He asks his father to tell him what happened next. She is mesmerised by her son’s laughter. I can give up all the luxuries of all the 3 lokas for this. What should I tell them? Hanuman notices her coming there. He rushes to give her a hug. He makes her sit next to his father. Where did you go? I am hungry since so long. I was wondering when my sweet mother will make me eat food from her own hands. She says I was coming to you only. I thought you will be taking training from your father. Kesari shares that he brought Hanuman here as he was hungry. She feels bad for not understanding it that her son is hungry. She asks the daasi’s to bring food for Hanuman. Kesari notices it that she is lost somewhere. Is there something? She answers in yes. She is about to speak further when Hanuman interrupts her. Feed me please. Kesari too asks Anjana to do that first. Anjana sits down next to him. Hanuman relishes the moments with her. She thinks that her son cannot distinguish between right and wrong at this point of time. I cannot leave him now.

A few people reach a cave where gold is kept. A serpent as big as Sheshnaag resides there.

Present: Ravan sends a message to Panchdhaatu (the same serpent I think) ordering him to kill the vanar kid in Sumeru. Panchdhaatu agrees to finish this task.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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