Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
The lord of oceans tell him that neel has been cursed by agastya, that whatever he touches wont drown, and this shall prove to be a blessing in disguise, as they can make a bridge over him. Rama asks the ocean lord to clear out another problem, and that is how to get rid of this Brahmastra now, as its already been taken on, and needs to be aimed somewhere. all are tensed. he says that he has a solution. he says that some distance from here, there is a place called Dramkulya, where demonic humans reside, in hundreds and the demon, Aviras is their head leader and they drink his water and he is always apalled by that. he asks lord rama to aim the weapon there. angad notices that he should have aimed at north, but he

left it in the south direction. but they find that the brahmastra takes its own course guided by the name and proceeds towards there. aviras, while playing with his girls, in the waters, finds a stranger thunder, and then splitting the sky, the brahmastra lands straight at his chest, killing him and the water dries up there. they are all aghast. Shook and shaaran discuss his magnanimity of power, and wonder what lies for Raavan ahead. they are all amused and elated. Rama says that due to drying up, it shall turn into a desert, but it shall always be laden with fruits, and medicinal plants, rich and abundant in oil. the oceans’ lord says that the place is fortunate to receive this blessing. he then asks lord rama to get the bridge ready and that he shall support him. rama thanks him, saying that his directions shall be indispensable. all bow down to him, while he blesses them to be successful and then disappears. all are overwhelmed. hanuman hurriedly seeks permission while nal asks rama to start the bridge by his fortunate hands, as he is over excited to start with it. he starts directing everyone as to what he needs, the first being loads of stones. hanuman is overeager to help him, with whatever he needs, and extends his support. they chant the lord’s name. shaaran and shhok take this chance and try and flee. hanuman senses it instinctively, and then finds them running, and confronts them, and clutches them both and makes them confront lord rama. then their case is detailed, while they profusely apologise, saying that they were merely doing ravana’s work. rama asks them to stay as long as they want, and gather all info that they want independantlly. hanuman and his monkeys are boggled. rama then asks hanuman to assist them too in their work, while they are scared of him. an elated hanuman says that he would be very happy to have helped them, and then praises lord rama, for his modesty and patience, that he respects spies, whereas when he went to lnka, as a messenger, he was treated with such disrespect by Raavan. laxman asks him to start the work without any further delay. nal and neel agree. hanuman too re-emphasises the same. rama commends their enthusiams and ensures success always, but asks them not to start something big and important around sunset and asks them to control their enthusiasm, and tomorrow morning, with Ganesh Pujan, they shall start the work of building up a bridge.

Scene 2:
Location: Brahma Lok
Brahma appears on Meghnad’s insistence. he greets nrahma, while he says that he knows he seeks immortality but he cant. meghnad refuses anything else. brahma says that raavan knows he cant grant that. he says that meghnad’s devotion to nikumbhala devi can help him thwart death but not defeat it. he then asks for a blessing, that noone should be able to defeat him, at the battle front, whenever he prays to his goddess, and if he isnt able to, then he should be killed by someone, who neither has slept nor taken food for 14 years. brahma grants. meghnad says that its next to immprtality, as there mustnt be any human like that alive still. after brahma disappears, meghnad guffaws about his purpose having been achieved.

Scene 3:
Location: Beside the ocean
The next morning, hanuman and the entire monkey army watch, as Lord rama creates an idol of Lord Ganesha, and immediately start with the rituals of puja. angad asks about whats going on. hanuman says that now rama is sculpting an idol of Goddess Gauri. rama says that its true, as any work is incomplete without their devotion. rama ardently prays for their blessings in this gigantic task of building a bridge ahead. hanuman starts chanting the arti for Gauri and Ganesha, while all bow their heads and join hands in humble devotion.

Lord Ganesha appears, Goddess Gauri’s lap and all are overwhelmed to receive his blessings. they chant in unison, and thank them and seek their blessings. rama expresses for their blessings in building a bridge. she complies, and says that her blessings are always with them, and that hanuman, who takes away all troubles, is right beside them only. she then says that ganesha shall himself guide them which direction is the best to start. they bow in humble gratitude. ganesha descends while gauri disappears. then he asks who is it, amongst them, who can follow him in speed, as he shall indicate that spot, which is the most suitable to start building the bridge. hanuman enthusiastically volunteers. ganesha complies and rushes off like lightning. all are amazed at this speed, while ganesha beckons. hanuman takes rama’s blessings and takes in after him. all watch enthusiastically. The screen freezes on their faces.


Precap: As they start building the bridge, they find that the stones might not be sinking, but they are drifting away, one not sticking to the other, and making a bridge is almost impossible now. they wonder what to do. they think that there is one way however, and then hanuman inscribes rama on the stones, and they start floating and sticking together. all are happy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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