Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman asks Sakha to teach a lesson to Yakshraj. Sakha hits the balls of fire towards Yakshraj one by one. Yakshraj gets angry. Enough of playing! Now I will make you dance in engaging you in Yaksh-vyuh. You will understand ur powers then. Urvashi knows how dangerous Yaksh-vyuh is. Even Gods have trouble with it. What will happen to Hanuman? Hanuman asks him to fight directly if he wants to. Don’t waste time talking about all this stuff. I have very less time. I have to free my Ma. I have to take Urvashi Massi and Rishiraj from here with me. Yakshraj decides to teach him a lesson.

Nani is sure Hanuman must be busy in sorting a big problem or he wouldn’t have taken this much time. Hanuman’s friends call out for Hanuman. Nani thinks that Hanuman is back. A servant

greets them. Hanuman’s friends have come. They want to meet you. Marjarika tells him to send them here. He nods.

Hanuman is brought to a different place altogether by Yakshraj. Hanuman asks him about it. Yaksh says now you will know about our powers. You wont be able to get out of Yaksh-vyuh. Rishivar finds it wrong. Hanuman is just a kid. Even Gods cannot stand before it. It will become a problem for Hanuman if he gets entangled in it. Shatrujeet greets Yakshraj. He has been sent here by Ravan. We together should kill this vanar kid. Hanuman says it seems he has also come to block my way. Yakshraj decides to create such a Yaksh-vyuh for Hanuman from which he wont be able to get out alive. He summons his throne. Hnauman looks at it intently. It is full of weapons. Is this a throne or a storeroom for weapons? Yakshraj asks him if he got scared. Hanuman replies that he is only wasting his time. Do whatever you want to do fast. I have to leave asap. Urvashi feels bad for Hanuman. He is such a kid and I did so wrong to him.

Hanuman’s friends give Prasad to Marjarika and Nani. We have done a puja for Hanuman. When will he come back? They all miss their friend. We haven’t enjoyed anything since he has left. Marjarika assures them that hanuman will come back soon. nani adds that Hanuman is busy in helping someone. Marjarika too thinks to do something for Hanuman. But what? The friends have a suggestion for her but ask her to accompany them for that.

Yakshraj sits on his throne. He tells Shatrujeet that they will now together make the Yaksh-vyuh. Shatrujeet attacks Hanuman with one of the powers. Hanuman gets rooted to his place.

Kesari plays conch. Hey Mahadev, give my son strength to face any problem that will come his way. Bless him always.

Yakshraj tells Hanuman that all his efforts will be futile now. You cannot move from your place till the Yaksh-vyuh is complete. Any wrong step you take afterwards will become the reason for your death. Shatrujeet continues creating the Yaksh-vyuh around Hanuman. A circle of trident forms over Hanuman’s head. Urvashi thinks of Hanuman getting trapped by Yakshraj.

Strong wind blows. The diyas in the temple blows off. Kesari gets curious about the sudden changes in environment. A kalash pot falls. The letters fall down as well. Kesari finds Anjana’s letter. He reads it. What’s all this? Why Anjana did write it? Is it just a joke? If Anjana had to go to Swarg Loka after writing this letter then how is she here? I will have to find out the meaning behind it.

Hanuman is trapped in Yaksh-vyuh. It is covered with 5 different kinds of weapons in five different circles of different sizes. Yakshraj warns Hanuman about the same. If you take any wrong step to save yourself then you will die by any of these weapons. Anjana prays for Hanuman’s well-being. Yakshraj says we will enjoy seeing a vanar jump. Shatrujeet shares that there is only one way to escape from this Yaksh-vyuh. You will surely die finding that way out.

Precap: Hanuman tries getting out of the Yaksh-vyuh. Yakshraj says now you will be stuck here for life. You will die here only. Hanuman declines. I have to free Ma. I will succeed in it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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