Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman stands before Vali. Vali laughs seeing him looking all surprised. You must be thinking how and why I am sitting at the throne once again when you left my father here? I have a right to become the Maharaj of every Van raj. I will sit on the throne of Van Sangha whenever I will wish to. No one will be able to stop me from doing so, not even you. Hanuman asks Vali to tell him about Sugriv. Vali says I know how much you love him. Hanuman says you are elder to me. it is the duty of youngsters to stop elders when they do something wrong. I will try my best to save Sugriv Bhaiya. Where is he? Is he fine? Vali replies that he couldn’t save his Sugriv Bhaiya. Your Raksha-Chakra also failed to save him. But he is completely safe with me. Hanuman wishes to see Sugriv with his eyes. Vali

agrees. You are so restless to meet him. I will definitely make you meet him. Come with me. Hanuman shouts around the palace for Sugriv. Are you alright? Vali laughs seeing him thus. Be patient. I will just show him to you. Hanuman requests impatiently. Vali takes back his hand. Look at that mirror. Sugriv is caught inside it. Hanuman tries to run up to him but Sugriv stops him. Why did you come here? Bhaiya will try to hurt you along with me. This is why he has caught me here. Hanuman says I have vowed to fulfil father’s promise. Vali is surprised to know about this. Kokat did tell me about it. But when you couldn’t fulfil your promise there in Sumeru only then how will you manage it here? Hanuman is sure he will succeed in freeing Sugriv. I will take him to Sumeru with me. Vali tells him to go ahead and try then. Free your beloved Sugriv Bhaiya if you are so confident about it.

Hanuman walks up to the mirror. Sugriv tells him against it. Vali laughs. Why do you look so troubled Hanuman? Go inside it and save your favourite Bhaiya. Learn it that you wont be able to get inside it using your powers. This mirror has been made using Asuri Shakti. Your Sugriv Bhaiya has been held captive inside it by me! Hanuman tries going in but Sugriv only gets hurt as he does so. Vali tells him to try again. But do remember that the more power you use to go inside this mayavi mirror the more hurt Sugriv will be. If you break it then Sugriv will also lose his life.

Hanuman folds his hands before Vali. Why do you say so? I request you to free Sugriv Bhaiya. Vali agrees. I don’t need your request for it. I need something else. Hanuman agrees to give him whatever he wants. Don’t hurt Sugriv Bhaiya though. Vali challenges Hanuman for a fight between them. I will free your Sugriv Bhaiya if you succeed in defeating me or he will be my captive. You will have to fight with me as you have no other option. Sugriv tells Hanuman against it. Bhaiya is cheating you again. don’t worry about me. I may lose my life but don’t fight with Bhaiya. Half of your powers will go to Bhaiya this way. You will fail to defeat him then. Vali advises Markat (Hanuman) not to pay heed to Sugriv. Accept my challenge and free your favourite Bhaiya. Save his life!

Sugriv’s mother comes in just then along with Kesari, Anjana, Nani and Maharaj Riksharaj. She is shocked to see Sugriv caught in the mayavi mirror. She questions Vali on his act. I plead you to spare your brother’s life. Free him. Vali denies. I have no mother! I had decided this the moment you chose Sugriv over me! Everyone is shocked. You are only Sugriv’s mother now. Kesari tries to make Vali understand. You are disrespecting your mother’s love. Vali tells him to be quiet. You are not a Maharaja here. You have no right to say anything to me here in my own state. Maharaj Riksharaj tells him to stop. You are crossing all your limits. One does not fulfil Raj Dharma this way. Vali taunts him. you are forgetting that I took mercy on you by not sending you back in the jail. I wont mind doing it though if you try to go against the Great Vali! Hanuman calls it wrong. Don’t disrespect elders!

Vali says I am doing it and will continue to do so. But you can stop me from doing so if you wish. Will you fight with me? This is the only way through which you can save Sugriv and also stop me from disrespecting my elders. Tell me. I knew it that you are not fit enough to fight with me. Go away. Forget to free Sugriv as well. Forget it that he is caught here behind this mayavi mirrow. He laughs evilly. His death is certain now! If I don’t break this mirror on my own then Sugriv will anyways die because of lack of food and water. Kokat told me that your father promised Sugriv’s mother of his safety. Forget that promise. He looks at Kesari. I heard that he vowed to keep his crown with his own hands in my feet if he fails in keeping up with his promise. I have been waiting for this very moment only. Don’t delay. Remove your crown and keep it in my feet here! Hanuman looks angry. Vali calls out for KOkat. Kokat comes there. Vali orders him to put them all in jail. He turns to Kesari. You always stick to your words. Why do you think now? You have no right over the crown of Sumeru. Remove it and keep it in my feet. Why are both father and son quiet? You don’t believe it that your son gave up before me? When you cannot save Sugriv then why are you so hesitant?

Vali orders Kesari to remove his crown or he will make Kokat do so. I order Kokat to help you if your hands have lost its powers now. This crown does not suit you anymore. Hanuman shouts at him to stop. Vali smirks. Hanuman says enough Bhaiya. You did not leave any other option before me. I am here before you, to fight with you. Mother Nature is affected by his anger.

Precap: Vali tells Hanuman their fight will go on from morning to evening every day. It will end only when either of us dies. Hanuman agrees.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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