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Markandey says I only wanted long life to serve my parents and world. I don’t want it if it becomes the reason of fights. I accept death. He turns to Kaal Dev. I wont be able to see the world getting destroyed because of the fight between 2 powerful Gods. Take away my life. Narad ji compliments his good thoughts. Indra Dev too requests him to listen to Mahadev as he only blessed you with these powers. Kaal Dev asks them what about Yam’s rules. Markandey repeats he is here. If you give priority to your rules then kill me but there should be no fight because of me. Kaal Dev folds his hands before Mahadev. Forgive me. Markandey stopped me from doing something wrong today. Dharma should be followed but not on the stake of welfare of the world. There is no dharma better than happiness.

Narad ji says Mahadev’s blessing will do good for the world only. Everyone cheers in his name. Mahadev smiles. Kaal Dev says this is going to happen for the first time that Kaal Dev will go back empty handed. It is because of you and your devotee only. I apologize to all of you for what I did. He takes leaves from everyone.

Hanuman says it is good that it all ended well. Markandey ji got blessed with the boon he wanted. Rishi Matang nods. He got the prize of Shiv Bhakti and of taking care of his parents.

Mahadev says the mantra which you chanted to get long life from me will be known as Maha Mrityunjaya. Whoever prays to me diligently chanting that mantra will be blessed by me, even from death! Markandey thanks him for blessing him with a long life. Everyone cheers in Mahadev’s name. Markandey adds that he can now serve his parents and do something good for the world. Jai Bholenath! Markandey’s parents too thank Mahadev. Markandey greets all the Gods. They disappear after blessing him. Markandey hugs his parents.

Rishi Matang says Markandey taught us that if we chant the mantra with dedication then we can even postpone death. Kaal Dev never breaks his rules otherwise. He only punishes the one who breaks them. Hanuman thinks of Kaal Dev’s words. What you did you learn from the story? Hanuman replies that we can change our fate by our karmas, just like Markandey ji postponed his death by praying to Mahadev. I will also go to Markandey pilgrimage site and chant the mantra. His friends tell him to go ahead. Maybe Kaal Dev too will pardon you then. Hanuman wants to protect his family anyhow. Rishi Matang points out that it will happen only when you will go there with your entire family. You will have to reach there by the last Monday of Kartik month. If you fail in doing so then it wont be good for your family. Hanuman wants to go and ask his parents right away. I request you not to tell my parents about my dream. Rishi Matang assures him of the same. he goes quiet next second which puzzles hanuman. He tells Hanuman to be careful. Hanuman thanks him for guiding him. I will be careful. They all greet him as they get up to go. Rishi Matang looks tensed.

Hanuman stops in his tracks. He is worried as to how to make everyone agree to go to the pilgrimage site. If anyone finds out about my dream then they will get worried. His friends nod in agreement. Hanuman decides to do it anyhow as it is important.

Ravan is doing tapasya in the middle of a waterfall. Guru Shukracharya is glad Ravan listened to him.

Hanuman is with his parents. He asks Kesari if he will fulfil his wish. Kesari agrees. Hanuman asks all his family members to join him. I want to pray at Markandey pilgrimage site. Rishi Matang suggested me to do it. Will you all come with me? Kesari agrees. A good father respects his son’s right wishes. I will do anything as I have a son like you. Hanuman hugs him. Everyone likes the suggestion. Hanuman says we need to leave tomorrow morning itself. We have to do a puja there on the last Monday of Kartik month. Anjana says everything will be done. Rishi Matang must have thought of something. Kesari adds that Rishi’s like him have been always guiding him and his family. It will be lucky for us only. He leaves to make preps. The ladies also go to make the necessary arrangements. Hanuman thinks I had no idea everyone will agree so easily. Thank you Lord. We will start tomorrow morning itself. All our problems will go away because of you. Jai Bhole Baba!

It is morning. Kesari makes Hanuman distribute clothes and stuff amongst people. His friends too come there, all set to go with him. Hanuman asks his father if they can come along. Kesari nods. We should leave asap now so we complete our journey in time. Hanuman hopes he completes the journey within time.

Kaal Dev thinks Kesari wont be able to complete his pilgrimage or life. Chitragupta ji says Hanuman’s family is with him. Kaal Dev tells him to make arrangements to take Kesari’s life. Send Yamduts. Chitragupta ji nods.

Everyone takes Rishi Matang’s blessings before starting their journey.

Hanuman is on his way with everyone. He notices his Nani looking tired. She knows he can take everyone there in a second only but you walk to the pilgrimage site. That is the best way to do it. Hanuman suggests everyone to take rest for a while. Kesari points out that they will be energised afterwards to climb the mountain ahead. Hanuman says we will have to keep track of the time too. Kesari assures him it will happen.

Kaal says not just Hanuman, but the entire world will now know what happens when you interfere in Kaal’s work or how Kaal punishes when you try to go against Nature.

Hanuman looks at his parents sadly. He thinks of Rishi Matang’s words about Kaal Dev following the rules strictly. I will have to be with my family members everyone keeping future in mind.

Precap: Kesari tells Hanuman it is best to talk to sort out problems. What is it? His friends tell them about Hanuman seeing bad dreams. He is disturbed because of the same. Anjana asks Hanuman to speak up. What do you see in your dreams?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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