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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sumeru
As anjani and kesri try and approach Rishi angiras, he lashes at them severely not to pester him, as he wont budge from his resolve to continue fasting, till their arrogant child gets ganga maa to purify the idol. they are tensed and apalled, at their helplessness.

Scene 2:
Location: In the sky
Hanuman meanwhile, takes leave from agastya having sought his blessings, and rishi blesses him to be successful in his motive. he starts his journey with ganga maa, taking care that nothing comes in the way of the river’s heavy current. While trailing through, on his eay back to sumeru, he finds a heard of wild beasts, in the jungle, including elephants, that stand in the way of river ganga’s course. he decides to do something.

he comes down and begs them to move aside, narrating the reason. but they dont budge at all. hanuman wonders what to do now. he then eyes fruits on trees, and tries to distract the herd towards it, promising them lucrative food. Meanwhile, the ganga river starts approaching dangerously close, and hanuman takes giant shape, and then takes the herd in the palm of her hands, while the river ganga sweeps through, as he places them out of ganga’s way at a safe distance, saving them and keeping his promise. he then trails off with river ganga. They continue sweeping through. he then notices a mountain, that stands in the way, and thinks that if ganga maa changes direction after collision with the mountain, then everyone in the way shall be shattered. he directly heads on into the mountain, and creates a wedge through which ganga maa passes through, without harming anyone. he continues keeping things out ganga’s way. he says that not just birds and animals, he wouldnt even allow, trees to be hurt due to ganga’s current. he remembers ganga’s condition, and is tensed. he successfully manages to breeze through, after he successfully averst some birds and swans out of the way too.

Scene 3:
Location: Sumeru
Meanwhile, Anjani prays to Lord Shiva, that due to her mistake, hanuman has landed in such a big mess, and wonders why didnt she stops him to perform the puja with rishi. she thinks that they cant afford Brahmin Murder at any cost, and hopes that the lrod keeps hanuman safe and sound, so that he can fulfill his motive, and get ganga back for purification of the idol. Kesri comes and asks her not to be worried, as hanuman shall surely be successful, as lord shiva shall help him. she says that she too has taken this decision, that for the safety of her son, she shall pray till her last breath, so that hanuman returns back safe and sound. she starts with her puja and aarti, while kesri watches on, and then starts chanting mantras. they continue their puja without any interruptions. finally, to answer their prayers, The lord Shiva himself appears, and they are shocked to see him in this avatar, they are furthermore stunned as the tridev appear. anjani and kesri tells them that they are lucky to have had their darshan, which has made their lives meaningful. he says that they fall short of saying anything in gratitude, to have witnessed this. Shiva asks why is she so tensed for hanuman. anjani says that a mother shall always be tensed for her son. all hear on. she says that she couldnt help herself. Brahma tells her that he isnt an ordinary child, and he has been born with a special motive, and thats to preserve religion and truth in the world, and they have brought him up with the proper mannerisms and principles, and combined with his supernatural powers, bestowed by them, he has now grown fully eligible to take his stand for the world. They tell anjani and kesri that their role in hanuman’s life is over now, and its time for them to leave him. they are apalled and aghast. anjani gets into uncontrollable tears, and begs them not to do so. she asks how is this possible, and how can a mother go away from her son. kesri says that this is impossble for them, and asks them not to take this tough a test. she turns to Laxmi and asks her to bestow her motherly affection on hanuman, and understand how can a son stay away from his own mother. Saraswati and Laxmi are apalled too at the sight of the grieving mother. Brahma says that motherly love shall cause a hindrance to his motives, and the reason hanuman has been borne shall be distracted if he is attached to materialistic ties with his parents, particularly mother. Vishnu says that the reason of his reincarnation as Lord Rama, shall be incomplete without him, as he shall complete his presence. LAxmi asks that hanuman can do so even with his parents, as that has never posed a hindrance to his work, and that he has performed all tasks with immense sincerity and dedication. shiva says that all the work till now, werent hanuman’s life’s aim. he is borne for a bigger motive. Lord Shiva tells them that there is a gigantic reason for hanuman’s birth and for that, he shall have to separate himself from his parents. anjani and kesri are distraught. the goddesses are upset too, as Shiva says that this is destined to be. Kesri asks what about the heartbeat of that mother, who beats only for hanuman. Shiva tells about how they have been again deemed to be in heaven, due to their noble and pious work, and now detaching themselves from materialistic issues, they should prepare to leave for heaven. anjani says that she cant stay in heaven, without her hanuman and he too wouldnt be able to. Shiva says that these are the ties that need to be absolved rightaway, or else they shall pose a bigger problem tomorrow. he says that if not done like this, then hanuman’s motive shall be incomplete. he urges them to be strong, and do as he says. she asks how is this possible. she says that hanuman has gone to get Ganga maa, and Rishi is on fasting, and wonders what shall be hanuman’s fate once they are gone. Brahma asks them not to be tensed, as hanuman shall be successful, as its destined to be. they are still tensed. Saraswati says that relieving themselves of love for their son, shall berak all materialistic ties from this world. brahma tells saraswati that if this is the case right now, then they wouldnt be able to go at all, after they know whats going to happen to him. anjani is concerned and asks them if there is any trouble impending him. brahma tells her that hanuman is bound on his way to be cursed. they are shocked and petrified. She asks why and how shall this happen, as if he wouldnt be able to get ganga. Vishnu says that this is fate’s will, and noone can stop whats to happen, and asks her not to be tensed, and leave this earthly body. she asks how can they even insinuate something like this, when their son is in such grave danger. he too voices the same opinion. the parents stand distraught. Shiva assures them not to be worried, as they are there for hanuman at all times. they are still tensed. The screen freezes on Hanuman’s tensed face.

Precap: Rishi curses Hanuman, as he is in his giant like avatar, saying that his supernatural powers have made him arrogant, and that he curses him that he shall be stripped of it all and that he shall lose all of those powers rightaway. Hanuman becomes a mere ordinary mortal yet again, coming back to normal size.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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