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Maruti wakes up and calls out for his mother. She comes rushing to him. What happened? Why have you closed your eyes? He reminds her that he has to chant a mantra. She guides him as to how to do it and he repeats after her. She is about to tell him another mantra (for Bhu Devi) but he recalls hearing it in the school yesterday. He chants it on his own. She is surprised at it.

Kids are like wet sand. Anyone can mould them any way. If you give them right guidance and upbringing then they will grow up to be nice human beings. Otherwise they will become a burden on the society.

Vali is thinking of what Narad ji had told him. What if Maharishi Narad’s words come true? I can see Sugriv changing. It’s all happening because of that Markat. Vrikshasur senses his presence. He

drops a fruit near Vali. Vali looks around. Where did I come while thinking about that Markat! He tries to pick up the fruit but it starts moving on its own. Vrikshasur extends his hand to catch Vali. Sugriv saves Vali in time. They both run from there to save themselves. Vrikshasur continues to reach out to them. The brothers hide in a cave. They cover the entrance with big stones. Vrikshasur tries but is unable to get past them. He retreats and this upsets him. He is also angry as the kids of the school have been shifted to some other place.

Kids are doing dangal. They have been shifted in the palace’s garden. Kesari calls them the future of their state. We have the responsibility to keep them safely at any cost.

Sugriv and Vali look for another exit from the cave. Vali notices a spot from where light is coming in. Sugriv tries to help but Vali stops him. Sugriv steps back. Vali successfully moves the stone out of the way. They are in Sumeru now. Vali thinks of Vrikshasur and how he kills anyone, human or animals, if they enter in his area. Sugriv wonders how they came in that Shambsadan van. Vali again blames Maruti. Sugriv says we should close this cave or any kid can become Vrikshasur’s food some day. He covers the exit with the stone again. Vali gets an idea. He begins to go but Sugriv tells him to stop. I will come along. Vali tells him against it and walks off.

Maruti hides Anjan when Anjana is looking at the other side. He is smiling so she understands that he is hiding it. Mothers put Anjan so the eyes of their kids are perfect. She also puts some behind his ears. He is confused. She says this way no evil will befall you. He asks her if she will put Anjan on his eyes even when he grows up. She nods. A kid is always a kid for his mother, however much he grows. Maruti runs out.

Vali is watching kids playing dangal. Kids cheer for Neel. Maruti too is watching it from the window of his room. Vali notices Maruti. My aim is to make you reach Vrikshasur. I will find a way to do so for sure. He thinks of how to do it. Maruti goes somewhere. Vali enjoys the match. His smile disappears when he finds Maruti standing next to him. Maruti holds his hands. I know you are enjoying it too. Let’s go ahead to watch it. He holds Vali’s hand and tries to move forward but Vali stays rooted to his place. Maruti asks him if he is scared. Vali doesn’t want to go with him. Maruti insists. Vali thinks of the incident on the Naamkaran day. He goes with Maruti.

Our thoughts attract people. Vali was thinking of Maruti all the time even if it was for negative reasons. This is why he was to go with Maruti only.

Maruti asks Vali if he has come here to study. Vali has no answer. Neel wins. Maruti leaves Vali’s hand in excitement. Vali is relieved. Neel’s opponent compliments Neel for his tactics in the game. You are the only one who can play this way. They hug. Vali finds something special about Neel. But he looks too simple. Maruti turns but cannot see Vali there. He finds him near a tree. Vali’s tail extends and breaks a mango for him from high above a tree. Maruti looks on in amazement. His tail listens to him and takes care of him. Vali enjoys the mango. Maruti holds his hand again. why dint you go to school? Have you finished your studies? Vali is irked but then thinks of taking Maruti to Vrikshasur. He changes his tone. You talk so sweetly. Let’s go for a walk. Maruti readily agrees. Vali spits and throws the mango away. Maruti says we don’t spit on Bhu Devi. We pray to her. he touches Mother Earth and prays. Vali notices Kesari and his commander at the balcony of the palace. He doesn’t want anyone to see him. Maruti opens his eyes but Vali is gone by then.

Maruti finds a kid (Nal) writing something on the stone. He is curious about what he is doing. Who are you? Nal gives his intro. I wrote my wishes on this stone. I am sending it to God. Maruti shares his name. What will happen by putting this stone in water? How does it reach God? Nal says this stone will reach the river and then it will meet the ocean. God lives there only. He will certainly fulfil them. Maruti too wants to write it but he doesn’t know how to write. Will you do it for me? Nal says we must keep our wishes a secret. We must not share it with anyone. Then only God listens to us. Maruti thinks that Nal is very intelligent. I will ask him about the tail problem. Nal calls him his friend. Friends stay by you all the time, through thick and thin. They never leave your side come what may. Maruti shares about his tail problem. It never listens to me. Nal gives a solution. You will have to drink loads of milk to make your tail strong. The more you drink milk the stronger it becomes. Maruti thinks of the yesterday’s incident where Anjana was trying to make him finish a glass full of milk. He heads back home to drink milk. Vali has been watching them. no one will meet you once I meet you.

Maruti finishes all (pots and pots of milk) the milk in the palace. Anjana sends someone to bring more milk from the cow ranch. Maruti goes to meet Nal till then. Poor Anjana is surprised.

Maruti meets Nal. I had lots of milk. He orders his tail to pluck a mango for him. The tail obeys but instead of giving it to Maruti is playfully throws it at Nal. The other kids laugh at Nal. Nal sadly leaves from there. Maruti looks down.

Precap: Maruti tells his father that his tail disobeys him. Why is it so? Kesari explains that our tails are like our friends. One has to take care of them that ways. Maruti apologizes to his tail before the Shivlinga.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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