Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yamraj coming in ayodhya now. yamraj comes inside the palace and says I have to tell lord ram that his time is over but laxman and hanuman should not be there near lord ram.
There lord ram says to hanuman that now they have to go to destroy the gandharv demons. Hanuman says yes and he bharat shatrugan and mama yudhjeet go out, hanuman says even luv and kush should be taken too as they will learn. Lord ram says yes. Luv and kush go with bharat shatrugan and yudhjeet in pushpak viman. Hanuman says he forgot something and heads back in the palace. There yamraj is going in the palace to meet lord ram alone and give him the message of brahma dev. Yamraj sees hanuman coming and he hides. Hanuman goes In and lord ram and laxman say hanuman what are you doing here?

you should have gone with them. Hanuman says lord ram I forgot to do something. Laxman says what happened hanuman? hanuman says I forgot to take the blessings of mata sita, hanuman takes blessings of the statue of sita and says mata always keep everyone happy and please bless me. Laxman says a mother’s blessings are always with his son. Laxman smiles. Hanuman says brother laxman you will stay with lord ram right? Like you always protected him during the exile or with me here, have you gotten use to your routine? Laxman smiles and says hanuman you can go freely, once a student learns something he never forgets it. hanuman smiles and takes blessings and goes. Yamraj sees and says so hanuman ji has gone now, yamraj turns into a rishi and says I have to wait sometime, what if hanuman comes back?
There in pushpak viman, everyone reach above the caves of gandharv. Bharat says why is there darkness here? mama says it is because the gandharv are present here. inside the cave, tamukh says that soldiers the raghuvanshi’s know how to defeat us because of hanuman so we have to be careful. Tamukh tells his soldiers to go and attack the pushpak viman. Bharat says we know how to defeat these demons, hanuman ji said to attack the soldiers and not the weapons or otherwise the weapons would turn back and come towards us with a greater force. Luv and kush say yes. The gandharv come on the clouds and then attack divya arrows on everyone. Luv says see the gandharv have attacked us, lets attack them and not the weapons. Before they can attack, the soldiers disappear. Bharat says the soldiers have disappeared but we cannot attack these flying arrows. Shatrugan says we have to do something to get those demons out. Luv and kush say first we shall take the pushpak down on the ground so that we are saved. The pushpak is taken down. Shatrugan says where is hanuman ji? He should have been here, he has more experience in fighting with the gandharv. Hanuman comes. Luv kush say see hanuman ji has come. Hanuman sees the arrows coming towards them and he becomes huge saying jai shree ram. Hanuman with his tail holds all the arrows and says these divya arrows are live so I will not leave any arrow to hurt anyone. Hanuman then says luv kush! You have to be smart here, you have to bring the demons out so think and use the right arrow. Luv and kush think which divya arrow should we use here? luv and kush then remove the agni astra and attack inside the cave. There is fire in the cave from which the soldiers come out. Shatrugana and bharat smile and say the soldiers are out now. all of them attack together and kill some soldiers.
There yamraj now comes in, laxman says pranam rishi. Yamraj says I have to meet shree ram. Laxman takes yamraj inside. Yamraj sits as welcomed by lord ram. Lord ram says rishivar what brought you here? how can I serve you? yamraj says I have a message for you lord ram but I can tell you that alone only, no one else should be its witness. Laxman is puzzled. Lord ram says but laxman is my brother. Yamraj says lord ram I can tell you the message alone only, you have to promise me that no one will disturb us and if anyone comes in then they will get a death sentence from you.

Precap: hanuman says where is the commander tamukh and pushkar? All the soldiers have come out leaving them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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