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Lord Shiva makes a light shine on Maruti. His tilak turns golden. Ma Parvati bows to Lord Shiva. Maruti gets up and thinks of the situation. It is time to do what father had asked me to do. He notices his hands empty. He dons his crown and the rest of the jewellery. He flies out of the castle.

The commander reaches the place where the villagers are staying. The head of Mridungpur shares that this is where we are safe from Chakrasur. We don’t have much resources also. Commander assures him that they will protect them all. He orders his soldiers to surround everyone in an enclosed place. The soldiers arranges iron door all around everyone. Commander says now it wont be easy for Chakrasur to break into this security. He will get busy in this and in that time, we will end his

story. The head replies that it wont happen the way he is thinking it will. That Asura is very strong and cruel too. His wife prays to God. Commander walks out of the enclosed space along with the soldiers.

A kid has fallen into a pit. He calls out for help. Atibal offers to help him so he can cut the little kid into pieces afterwards. The kid gets all the more scared. Maruti lands there. Atibal falls in the pit as well when the earth shakes because of Maruti. He hears the kid crying out for help. He looks down in the pit. There are not one but two kids inside. Go and help them Sakha. Sakha extends and brings out both the kid and Atibal safely. Atibal is surprised at Maruti (a vanar’s) strengths. Maruti tells the kid (calls him friend) not to worry. I am here to help you. no evil can befall you now. He wipes his tears. You don’t have to worry till Maruti is here. I am the prince of this state. Atibal is in thoughts. The kid tells Maurti about Chakrasur. He attacked on our town. All the villagers ran away. I ended up coming to this forest but hid in the pit. Chakrasur crossed from over it but I got saved somehow. Atibal is looking for Chakrasur only. Maruti thinks of Chakrasur. Maruti calls Atibal a kid. You still look scared. Did it happen with you too? Atibal says I am not a kid. I am not small. I am vaman. I was helping this kid. The kid declines. He was scaring me. Atibal tries to cover up the situation. He was scared because of Chakrasur so he must have misunderstood me. He would have thought of me to be Chakrasur’s friend. He thinks that he should not have said so. He hugs the kid next. I was only saving you. Maruti offers to drop the kid to his house but gets to know that Chakrasur destroyed everything. Maruti promises him that everything will get back to normal once again. Atibal is sure this kid is not like any other kid. Is it the same kid who killed Vrikhsasur? I will have to keep an eye on him. Maurti offers to take the kid to a safe place. You (Atibal) can also come along if you want to. Atibal recalls his master’s order of giving a message to Chakrasur. He says I can protect myself. You both should go. Maruti tells the kid to hold his hand tightly. They both fly away. Atibal turns himself into a rock so he can look for Chakrasur.

Chakrasur is busy destroying everything. Atibal comes back into his original form. He notices the storm in the sky. He calls out for Chakrasur loudly. Chakrasur holds him by his neck. How dare you call me like that!

Maruti notices the villagers inside the safety area where Sumeru’s commander had left them. He lands there with the kid. The villagers are surprised to see him here at this hour. The head says you should not have come here. Queen has sent the commanders and soldiers with us for our safety. Maruti too has some responsibility. I will punish that Chakrasur. The head points out that he is a little kid. That Asura is really dangerous. How do I explain it to him! Should I protect him now? No one else is here.

Atibal gives his intro to Chakrasur. The royal message falls from his hand. Chakrasur reads it excitedly as it is from Ravan. He finally lets go of Atibal. Ravan has appreciated Chakrasur for his evil acts. I want you to spread it all the more. Fill Lanka’s treasury. You have to help Atibal in every possible way. Chakrasur laughs evilly. I have created terror everywhere! Tell Lankesh (Ravan) that I will follow his command. Tell me how I can help you. Atibal tells him about the vanar kid who has killed Vrikshasur. Lankesh is sure that vanar kid is blessed by some God. We have to find out who that God is. It is only possible when you will get hold of that vanar kid. We are sure that God will come to rescue the kid then only. That is when we will find out about that particular God. Chakrasur gets excited. Where will I find that vanar kid? Atibal tells him about his meeting with Maruti. I have doubt that that kid is the same. He is headed to Mridungpur village. Chakrasur asks him to come with him. Atibal has a doubt. No one can find out where things disappear to when you envelop them in your storm. Chakrasur decides to give him a practical. Chakrasur takes him to his Chakranagar. The people have turned into stones. They aren’t dead. They are very much alive and under my control this way. I enjoy playing with them.

The head suggests Maruti to stay here only. Commander has gone to look for Chakrasur. We will take you back to the palace in the soldiers’ protection. Maruti tells him not to worry about him. If possible, take this kid to his parents. Maruti will return after killing Chakrasur. The head is concerned for him but Maruti tells him to take care of the kid and the other villagers till the time I or our commander returns. It is your prince’s order. The kid wonders what if Chakrasur comes here in his absence. Maruti points out at a Damru. Play it and I will come. Everyone is confused.

Atibal lies down under a tree to take a break. He turns himself into a stone yet again. Maruti comes there. Atibal has decided to find out everything about Maruti. Maruti keeps his foot on the stone. Atibal is in pain. Maruti looks up for Chakrasur. I see a storm building there. He must be there only. He flies away. Atibal returns to his original form but is in pain because of Maruti stepping onto him.

The commander along with his troop of soldiers comes face to face with Chakrasur. Maruti is on his way to that place. The soldiers throw their maces at Chakrasur but they get engulfed in his storm. They attack him arrows but in vain. The commander and soldiers are boggled while Chakrasur laughs evilly. No weapons affect Chakrasur. He blows stormy air at them. It is difficult for everyone to stick to their grounds but the commander is in no mood to back out. We will teach him a lesson or die. Chakrasur remarks that no one can escape from him. Maruti finally reaches there. He stands in front of the commander. Everyone is taken aback to see him there. Maruti stands there unfazed.

An informer tells Anjana that they have got no info about any of the person who had gone to help the villagers. Anjana is worried.

Maruti tells Chakrasur that he cannot continue it anymore. Maruti will kill you. Chakrasur laughs at him.

Anjana prays to Lord Shiva to save everyone. My Swami will not return soon. Please set things right somehow. She sits down and decides to do a paath of Shiv Raksha Storta till everyone returns safely.

Chakrasur tells the vanar kid to get out of his way. I will take you away in a second. I will enjoy playing with my small toy. Maruti tells him that it was he who had killed Vrikshasur. Atibal and Chakrasur are surprised.

Anjana starts the paath.

Chakrasur is happy that he has been looking for him only. Maruti replies that he helps all those who are in problems. Chakrasur is unaffected by his words. You cannot kill me. I am Chakrasur! The commander is concerned for Maruti’s safety.

ANjana continues praying to Lord Shiva.

Maruti flies to where Chakrasur is.

Precap: The villagers are worried as no one is around to help / save them. Chakrasur comes to where the villagers are. Maruti is following him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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