Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman fighting the form and sugreeva is sad as he sees the commanders in the dark well falling. Suddenly from behind another form comes and pushes sugreeva inside. Sugreeva says while falling save us brother hanuman. Hanuman angrily fights the form and attacks the rest of them. There shatanand laughs and father says so this was your plan to throw all hanuman’s friends in the well. There hanuman is about to enter the well but the well is closed by shatanand. Hanuman there walks over the closed well. He sees no entry and says he has to find an entry and save his friends. There sugreeva and the commanders are at the base of the well and four forms of shatanand come. They say lets poison them now with our mayavi powers. The 4 forms poison sugreeva and his

2 commanders. They all fall unconscious.
There shatanand tells father that mayasur you can go now and take your revenge from hanuman and then I will take the revenge from ram. Father goes to hanuman and there attacks him with dagger. But hanuman pushes father back on a pillar and the dagger bends. Father says this monkey bent my mayavi dagger. Father then screams and says let the dark come and attack you. suddenly hanuman prays and extreme light comes, the forms of shatanand underground in the dark well all die and disappear. Father says you have used this power but you cannot kill shatanand. Hanuman says mayasur I respect you as you are elder to me and you are intelligent so please come on the path of righteousness and help us defeat shatanand. Mayasur laughs and says shatanand will kill each one of you and take his revenge. Hanuman now gets angry and holds mayasur’s neck and says I will choke you to death and I gave you a chance as you are elder but you don’t understand and if you don’t tell me how to kill shatanand and first how to rescue my friends then I wont leave you. hanuman chokes mayasur. Father thinks even if I tell him the way to kill shatanand he wont be able to kill them so I will tell him but escape from him and then kill him. Mayasur says wait I will tell you and he tells hanuman how to go to his friends. Hanuman ties mayasur with his tail and takes him too as mayasur says only he can go underground. Mayasur and hanuman go and hanuman then sees sugreeva and the commanders unconscious. He takes them and comes up. Mayasur thinks if hanuman doesn’t leave me then the plan will be messed up. There shatanand says this dumb mayasur messed up everything, anyway he was of no use and I will kill everyone.
Hanuman takes sugreeva and commanders with him to lord ram and has mayasur tied with his long tail. Hanuman is sad and says lord ram I couldn’t protect my friends. Lord ram calls rishi satek and tells him to aid them. Rishi says they have been poisoned by the forms of shatanand but can be cured. Hanuman says but I will find the weapon needed to kill shatanand and mayasur will take me, I will go even if I have to cross the 7 worlds. Lord ram says I bless you hanuman.
Hanuman goes with mayasur. He crosses the world of shatanand and then reaches a world where the queen of beauty lives with her women servants and sisters. Hanuman enters their palace so that he can know how to go to the next world. The queen comes and has mesmerized beauty. Mayasur thinks I made this plan and now these beautiful women will trap hanuman and then hanuman will fail and shatanand will win. The queen says welcome hanuman. Hanuman then says to the 7 women that ladies I feel like I have met the mothers saraswati, parvati, sita and mata anjana. The women suddenly have tears in their eyes and say son hanuman you awakened the motherly love in our hearts and what do you want? Hanuman says I just want to know how to go to the next world? Mayasur is shocked and thinks I was impressed and thought these women would trap hanuman but hanuman awakened their motherly love. The women say we will give you the entrance to the other world but you have to give us something. Hanuman says I have something and its is the name of jai shree ram. The women say jai shree ram with hanuman and then show him the way to the next world. Hanuman says thank you and takes father with him and starts going to the other world from the way. Father says dumb monkey, that was atal lok but you cannot cross vitallok so easily.
There vibhishan says we have to do something lord ram. Lord ram says now soon the forms of shatanand will come back so we have to alert the army to fight them. Vibhishan says soldiers stay alert and the forms of shatanand may come back. On earth laxman is there and the forms reappear and laxman says he will attack them with his vayu astra and keep them away for sometime. Laxman attacks and the forms disappear.
There hanuman reaches the vital lok and father is shocked. Suddenly some soldiers stop hanuman and the king of vital lok comes. Father says hanuman cant cross this lok as this king is very greedy and he needs some gift from everyone and hanuman doesn’t have anything. The king says monkey you have to first give me a gift and then you can take how much ever gold you want. Hanuman says I don’t have anything and I don’t even need fold but I just need the way to the next world. King says that may be different, but I need something from you even if you want a way to the next world. Hanuman says I have something and it is valuable than anything and it is the name of lord ram and being his disciple. King says but there is nothing kept in praying in faith. Hanuman says yes there is, there is utmost happiness which you wont get with gold. Hanuman says look in your world king, the people look sad and they have gold but still everyone is sad because they don’t have real happiness in heart. Hanuman says just once hear the name of lord ram and take his name with entire faith then see. King says if this doesn’t come true you have to stay here and be my servant hanuman. Hanuman says I accept your deal. Hanuman then says jai shree ram and the vital lok is mesmerized by the name of lord ram.

Precap: shatanand says ram has brought the 9 gods light together but he cant defeat me and now I will go and fight. Father says dumb monkey don’t even think of going to sutal lok and they wont even allow to enter.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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