Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman tells his mother he distributed a lot many things amongst everyone. I felt happy to see them happy. Anjana says the one, who gets happy while giving happiness to everyone, gets to taste the real happiness of life. He nods. he feels hungry but wants to wait till his mother breaks her fast. He offers to help her. When will your fast complete? She replies that she will eat after seeing Chandra Dev. He looks out towards the sky but it is cloudy. I wonder when he will come out. Anjana says he will come as per time. Hanuman feels as if Chandra Dev is intentionally coming late today. She smiles. Freshen up and eat something. He declines. I want to see the puja, feed you first and then only will I eat anything. Nani asks Anjana to make puja thaal ready. Hanuman is happy to think

he will eat soon with his Ma.

Shani Dev decides to cast his spell completely on Chandra Dev now. He angrily looks at Chandra Loka. You are very proud to be Daksh’s SIL and be present on Mahadev’s forehead. See how I will break your arrogance now!

Anjana has set the puja thaal. Hanuman waits anxiously for Chandra Dev. Please come out soon. till when will my mother stay hungry?

Shani Dev says Chandra Dev will realise now what it means by Shani’s ill effect. Beware, I am coming! He approaches Chandra Loka.

Chandra Dev’s wife requests Chandra Dev to do something to stop Shani Dev. Chandra Dev does not care of anyone. One of his messengers appears there. Your FIL has sent a reply to your message. He has said that it is important for the world to end the war between you and Shani Dev. You should act calm and apologize to Shani Dev. Chandra Dev refuses to do so. Tell Prajapati Daksh that I don’t need his suggestion. The messenger disappears. Chitra reminds him that his calmness is his main quality. Rohini nods. it is also required to keep Amrit safely.

Marjarika is happy to see Anjana happy. Not just you but the entire palace has lit up with happiness since Hanuman has come back. Nani adds that Hanuman is such a flower which spreads its fragrance wherever he goes. Hanuman is getting tired waiting for Chandra Dev. Devrishi Narad appears there. Everyone greets him. Narad ji asks Anjana about the puja she is doing. She shares that she has kept a fast for Hanuman for 3 days. it will complete with Chandra Dev’s darshan on Maha Purnima night. Narad ji is happy to hear it. Such Maha Purnima is coming after 108 years. Whoever keeps a fast on this Maha Purnima will be relaly blessed. He goes quiet midsentence. Hanuman asks him if there is a problem. Narad ji tells him that Shani Dev is going to look at Chandra Dev because of which things will get nasty.

Chandra Dev is overconfident that no harm can befall on him. His wife points out at the consequences of Shani Dev’s glance on people and even Gods. Chandra Dev thinks to first see where Shani Dev is and what is he up to. He closes his eyes to concentrate. He sees Shani Dev approaching Chandra Loka only. His wives are tensed. Chandra Dev is still not bothered. I am not an ordinary God but Chandra Dev, the guardian of Amrit!

Hanuman wonders why two planets cum Gods will become a problem for one another. Narad ji reasons that Shani Dev treats everyone, even Tridev and other Gods, equally and treats everyone with what they deserve in return of their deeds. Even Mahadev could not avoid him. Hanuman is surprised. What happened? His friends come in just then. Narad ji asks everyone to sit down. Narad ji begins to share the story of Shani Dev’s effect on Mahadev with Hanuman and his friends. Long time ago, Shani Dev himself told me that he will cast his spell on Mahadev for 6 long days. I panicked thinking of the consequences. I rushed to meet Mahadev.

A flashback is shown. Narad ji greets Mahadev, Mata Parvati and Nandi in Kailash. He tells Mahadev about the impending danger. Mahadev says Shani Dev is my disciple. He will do no harm to his Guru. You are mistaken. Narad ji repeats that Shani Dev himself told him this. Mahadev replies that he will be able to do that only when he will be able to find me. mata Parvati understands the meaning of his words. Mahadev disappears. Narad ji gets confused. where will Mahadev go?

Hanuman is intrigued to know more. Narad ji says Mahadev did not inform anyone and disappeared. He went to a jungle.

Another flashback is shown. Mahadev reaches a dense forest. Shani Dev can still see me. He looks at the elephants passing by from there. He turns into an elephant so as to mislead Shani Dev.

The kids are surprised. Hanuman wants to know what happened next. Narad ji smiles. Shani Dev reached Kailash.

Flashback resumes. Shani Dev reaches Kailash and greets Mata Parvati and Nandi. He asks about Mahadev but she herself does not know. He dint inform me. Shani Dev says I will find him on my own. He excuses himself. Mata Parvati thinks what will happen if he finds Mahadev.

Narad ji tells the kids that Mahadev joined the elephants but he felt hungry after a while.

In his elephant avatar, Mahadev is very hungry. There is no tree with fruits. All the elephants are eating grass. It seems I too will have to eat it now. He too begins to eat grass. Shani Dev forced me to eat this. I have such a disciple!

Hanuman eagerly asks Narad ji did Shani Dev find Bhole Baba. Narad ji shares Mahadev’s worry. What if SHani Dev recognizes me in this avatar?

Mahadev sees a few hunters coming his way. He moves in his best possible speed but they chase him.

Narad ji says the hunters were not going to give up. They chased Mahadev. Hanuman requests him not to stop.

Precap: Hanuman says Bhole Baba did fall in a problem. A kid asks Narad ji if Shani Dev found Bhole Baba. Narad ji shares that Bhole Baba did not know he was running towards a ditch.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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